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Airframes Profile for: aircraft terminated at TLS
Airframes 1-29 of 29 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
F-WWCJA340‑642X856 21/09/2007TLSAirbus  Destroyed ((wreck dismantled 8-12/08 by Europe Aviation; tail section exhibited on Champs ElysĂ©es, downtown Paris, with ecology stickers in 10/08; parts trucked to LDE 13/12/08 for scrap by Pamela) at TLS)Destroyed at TLS15/11/2007    
F-WWKHA330‑32142 14/10/1993TLSAirbus  Destroyed ( at TLS)Destroyed at TLS30/06/1994    
F-OCAZA300B11 28/10/1972TLSAirbus ex F‑WUAB @ AirbusScrapped ((fuselage slice and left wing to Deutsche Museum Von Meisterwerke, Munich; major components to MusĂ©e de l'Air et de l'Espace, Le Bourget) at TLS)Scrapped at TLS27/08/1974   
RP-C8881A300B4‑1039 26/12/1974TLSGrand Airex F‑GIJT @ Air Inter EuropeScrapped ( at TLS)Scrapped at TLS01/04/1997   
F-WQTBA310‑322404 29/10/1985TLSAirbusex F‑WIHT @ AirbusScrapped ((after use as anti-terrorist test platform; fuselage sections to Lourdes for break-up by Pamela) at TLS)Scrapped at TLS06/2003   
F-GGEFA320‑1114 08/07/1987TLSAir Franceex F‑WWDC @ AirbusScrapped ((fuselage shipped 10/10/08 by Beluga TLS-DRS for fatigue tests as "Freighter Conversion Mock-Up"; wings & tail exhibited 10/08 on Champs ElysĂ©es, Paris as "Green Airliners" then returned to TLS; later to Dresden then Hamburg-XFW) at TLS)Scrapped at TLS26/03/2008temp.Iran/Denmark football c/s  
F-GLXHB.737‑2D62054429019/11/1971RNTAerisex G‑BMMZ @ TUI AWDestroyed ((hit F-BMKS, Air Toulouse c/s, hulk remained then scrapped) at TLS)Destroyed at TLS09/03/2004   
F-WJALCaravelle 3384017/06/1960TLSAirbus Group  ex B‑1854 @ China ALScrapped ((to CEAT for fuselage tests, scrapped 4/04) at TLS)Scrapped at TLS      
F-WJAOCaravelle 10A6312531/08/1962TLSAirbus Group   ex F‑BJAO @ Airbus GroupScrapped ((nose to c/n 259) at TLS)Scrapped at TLS10/1967initially built as Caravelle 7A, completed as prototype Caravelle 10A    
F-BTONCaravelle 6R979304/11/1961TLSCatair ex OO‑CVA @ BIASScrapped ( at TLS)Scrapped at TLS13/01/1978     
F-WJANCaravelle 6N17417804/11/1964TLSAirbus Group  ex OD‑AEO @ MEAScrapped ((fatigue tests) at TLS)Scrapped at TLS      
F-BMKSCaravelle 10B18117111/07/1964TLSAerisex OH‑LSA @ FinnairScrapped ((hit F-GLXH during storm, to be scrapped 3/04 and cockpit preserved by Les Ailes Anciennes de Toulouse) at TLS)Scrapped at TLS11/03/2004     
F-GELPCaravelle 10B18717505/09/1964TLSAerisex I‑GISO @ AltairScrapped ((in Air Toulouse c/s) at TLS)Scrapped at TLS12/03/2004     
F-GEJFVanguard 953C715  22/09/1961EGLBICSex TR‑LZA @ Air GabonDestroyed ( at TLS)Destroyed at TLS29/01/1988     
F-GIPDF‑27A92 22/03/1962HGRUni-Air ex F‑OCVY @ Air TahitiScrapped ( at TLS)Scrapped at TLS1995     
EC-JCDATR‑72‑202452 05/04/1995TLSIslas AWex F‑WQND @ ATRScrapped ((fuselage sections to LycĂ©e Saint-ExupĂ©ry at 43 39 12 N 1 22 32 E) at TLS)Scrapped at TLS07/2014    
F-WEGAATR‑42‑1001 16/08/1984TLSATR  Destroyed ( at TLS)Destroyed at TLS17/06/1988     
F-WEGBATR‑42‑1002 31/10/1984TLSATR  Scrapped ((fuselage sections to LycĂ©e Saint-ExupĂ©ry at 43 39 12 N 1 22 32 E) at TLS)Scrapped at TLS2001     
F-GFJHATR‑42‑30049 15/05/1987TLSSEFA  Scrapped ((fuselage to LFBF) at TLS)Scrapped at TLS20/12/2016calibrator opf STNA/Service Technique de la Navigation AĂ©rienne, dba Aviation Civile later dba ContrĂ´le en Vol 
F-BHBDL.1049G‑82‑984623 01/09/1955BURAir France  Scrapped ( at TLS)Scrapped at TLS      
F-WAVASE.2010 Armagnac01 02/04/1949BODAirbus Group  Destroyed ( at TLS)Destroyed at TLS30/06/1950prototype   
F-SSFJL.749A‑79‑462514  09/05/1947BURSAR ex F‑BAZJ @ Air FranceScrapped ((fire trainer) at TLS)Scrapped at TLS07/01/1970    
F-BHKYC‑54A‑DO (DC‑4)3055  11/02/1943SMOAir France ex NC90406 @ American ALDestroyed ( at TLS)Destroyed at TLS02/11/1957     
F-BASVBreguet 763 Provence9 24/03/1954LFPVAir France  Scrapped ( at TLS)Scrapped at TLS converted to freighter 1965/1966    
F-AQBLDewoitine 33812 28/08/1938TLSAir France  Destroyed ((bombing raid) at TLS)Destroyed at TLS15/11/1942     
F-BCYXC‑47A‑DL10144   LGBNormandie Air Svcs ex 42‑24282 @ U S AFScrapped ((Ailes Anciennes de Toulouse) at TLS)Scrapped at TLS1985     
F-BEHFC‑47A‑DK12489   OKCUni-Air ex F‑OAIG @ Air AtlasScrapped ( at TLS)Scrapped at TLS09/09/1983     
F-BCYDC‑47A‑DL19075   LGBUni-Air ex 42‑100612 @ U S AFScrapped ( at TLS)Scrapped at TLS18/08/1994     
F-BAXRC‑47A‑DL20100   LGBUni-Air ex 43‑15634 @ U S AFScrapped ( at TLS)Scrapped at TLS24/09/1979     

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