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Profile for: SAN Ecuador
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SAN EcuadorServicios Aéreos NacionalesWBSANEcuadorCuenca; Guayaquil1964-1999

Directory and Contact records for SAN Ecuador
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Traffic and Financial data overview for SAN Ecuador
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SubFleets for: SAN Ecuador
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all times
Avg Age
SAN EcuadorB.727B.727-100     22- 
SAN EcuadorCaravelleCaravelle 6R     55-
SAN EcuadorViscountViscount 742D     44-
SAN EcuadorViscountViscount 810     22-
SAN EcuadorDC-3C-47A     22-
 TOTAL:     1515-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of SAN Ecuador
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
HC-BIBB.727‑172051386108/04/1971RNTSAN Ecuadorex XA‑GUV @ MexicanaTo Jetlease Finance N327JLScrapped     
HC-BICB.727‑172032880608/04/1970RNTSAN Ecuadorex XA‑GUU @ MexicanaTo G-BKCGPreserved    
HC-BFNCaravelle 6R16616620/03/1964TLSSAN Ecuador  ex LX‑LGF @ LuxairScrapped ? at BOGScrapped at BOG or w/o 12/9/79 in Ecuador ?    
HC-BFMCaravelle 6R15615020/05/1963TLSSAN Ecuador   ex LX‑LGG @ LuxairScrapped Scrapped      
HC-Caravelle 6R13712919/11/1962TLSSAN Ecuador  ex CS‑TCC @ TAP PortugalScrapped at SEQUScrapped at SEQU      
HC-BATCaravelle 6R12512620/07/1962TLSSAN Ecuador ex CS‑TCB @ TAP PortugalDestroyed at GYEDestroyed at GYE29/04/1983     
HC-BAJCaravelle 6R11712409/07/1962TLSSAN Ecuador  ex CS‑TCA @ TAP PortugalScrapped at GYEScrapped at GYE      
HC-SJIC‑47ATBD    SAN Ecuador ex? 45‑1124 @ U S AFTo Civil TI-AONUltimate fate obscure later used as drug runner and forced-landed at El Tamarindo, nr Puerto La Union, El Salvador (MRTA or MRTM ?) 23/6/79    
N7428Viscount 745D126 12/06/1956EGTWSAN Ecuador   leased from Airworld Travel ClubLeased & ReturnedScrapped      
HC-BEMViscount 764D183 02/10/1956EGTWSAN Ecuador  ex N905G @ Jadepoint USADestroyed nr at CUEDestroyed at CUE29/12/1977     
HC-BCLViscount 764D185 30/11/1956EGTWSAN Ecuador  ex HC‑BCL @ SAN EcuadorDestroyed nr at CUEDestroyed at CUE04/09/1977     
HC-BDLViscount 786D334 19/01/1958EGTWSAN Ecuador   ex N200Q @ Private users in USATo Aerolineas Republica XA-MOSScrapped03/1994     
HC-ASPViscount 828457 18/09/1962EGTWSAN Ecuador   ex JA8208 @ ANATo Aerocesar HK-2404Derelict      
HC-ATVViscount 828458 22/10/1962EGTWSAN Ecuadorex JA8209 @ ANADestroyed at CUEDestroyed at CUE08/10/1982   
HC-ALDC‑47A‑DL19046  04/11/1943LGBSAN Ecuador ex AN‑AOK @ LanicaTo Aerolineas Condor AL CondorDerelict      

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Current portfolios for SAN Ecuador
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Additional information on SAN Ecuador
New aircraft orders from SAN Ecuador
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Safety accidents and incidents events for SAN Ecuador
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