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Profile for: Romavia
1 company in genealogy tree - [ Generate Excel ]

Romavia VQ;WQRMVRomaniaBucharest-Otopeni/Baneasa1990-
Formed by Romanian govt. Ceased commercial operations in 10/10.

Directory and Contact records for Romavia
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Romavia
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SubFleets for: Romavia
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all times
Avg Age
RomaviaB.707B.707-320C     11- 
RomaviaBAe 146BAe 146-200     44-
RomaviaBAC 111RomBAC 111-500  2 246-
RomaviaIl-18Il-18GrM     22-
RomaviaAn-26An-26 ()     1313-
RomaviaAn-24An-24B  1 123-
RomaviaAn-24An-24RV  1 1 1-
 TOTAL:  4 42630-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Romavia
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
YR-BMEAn‑24RV57310310103101975UKKTRomavia   ex TC‑FBA @ Anadolu ALStored at BBUStored at BBU       
YR-IMMIl‑18GrM18700990499041967MKODNRomavia   To Yuzhnaya Aircompany UN-75001Active  converted Il-18D (no SCD)    
YR-IMZIl‑18GrM18700980298021967MKODNRomavia   To Fits Air 4R-EXDActive converted Il-18D (officially as Il-18GrM)    
YR-AMRAn‑24B7730330933091967UKKTRomavia   Destroyed Caluri (opf Banat AS) at VRNDestroyed at VRN13/12/1995     
YR-AMXAn‑24B5730210721071965UKKTRomavia    Preserved Craiova City (Facultat Electrotechnik, as YR-FEL) at CRAPreserved at CRA      
YR-AMZAn‑24B5730170217021965UKKTRomavia    Stored (as ST-AWS) at OTPStored at OTP      
YR-ABBB.707‑3K1C2080488316/05/1974RNTRomavia  To Omega Air N707GFStored  
YR-BEABAe 146‑200222722711/03/1994XXBRomaviaex G‑BVMS @ Trident Avn Leasing SvcsTo Trident Aviation Leasing Services G-BVMSActive      
YR-BEBBAe 146‑200222022002/02/1993XXBRomaviaex G‑BVMT @ Trident Avn Leasing SvcsDestroyed (wreck remains) at OTPDestroyed at OTP22/04/2008     
YR-BECBAe 146‑200A20626203/12/1986HTFRomaviaex G‑CEVF @ BAE SystemsTo BAE Systems G-CEVFScrapped07/2013     
YR-BECBAe 146‑200A20626203/12/1986HTFRomaviaex G‑CEVF @ BAE SystemsTo Triangle Regional Aircraft Leasing G-CEVFScrapped07/2013VIP    
YR-BRJRomBAC 111‑561RC410 BOHRomavia   cancelled, not builtOrder cancelledCancelled, not built uncompleted fuselage lied in a dump fill at Chiajna/Rudeni, W of Bucharest (at 44 28 49.4 N 25 58 59.8 E) from mid-2002until scrapped ~2011    
YR-BRKRomBAC 111‑561RC411 BOHRomavia   cancelled, not builtOrder cancelledCancelled, not built regn tbc    
YR-ADGAn‑26 ()12606 1982UKKTRomavia    To Fortele Aerienne Romane Romania 606Active      
YR-ADIAn‑26 ()13306 1983UKKTRomavia    To Pecotox-Air ER-AZVActive      
YR-ADKAn‑26 ()13405 20/01/1984UKKTRomavia   To ? Meridian UR-CGAActive later opf DHL   
YR-ADLAn‑26 ()13808 1984UKKTRomavia  To Fortele Aerienne Romane Romania 808Active      
YR-ADMAn‑26 ()13809 1984UKKTRomavia  To Fortele Aerienne Romane Romania 809Active      
YR-ADNAn‑26 ()13810 1984UKKTRomavia    To Fortele Aerienne Romane Romania 810Active      
YR-ADEAn‑26 ()2207 1974UKKTRomavia   ex Romania 207 @ Fortele Aerienne RomaneTo Fortele Aerienne Romane Romania 207Derelict      
YR-ADFAn‑26 ()2508 1974UKKTRomavia ex Romania 508 @ Fortele Aerienne RomaneTo Fortele Aerienne Romane Romania 508Destroyed09/1994     
YR-ADCAn‑26 ()2706 1974UKKTRomavia    To Fortele Aerienne Romane Romania 706Derelict08/10/2010     
YR-ADBAn‑26 ()2707 1974UKKTRomavia    To Fortele Aerienne Romane Romania 707Derelict      
YR-ADAAn‑26 ()2801 1975UKKTRomavia    To Fortele Aerienne Romane Romania 801Active      
YR-ADHAn‑26 ()12710 1983UKKTRomavia  To Fortele Aerienne Romane Romania 710Active      
YR-ADJAn‑26 ()13307 12/1983UKKTRomavia    To Fortele Aerienne Romane Romania 307Active later opf DHL    
YR-BRCRomBAC 111‑561RC403 26/04/1984BOHRomavia ex YU‑ANS @ Adria AWTo Skyway Cargo EX-103Scrapped06/2010     
YR-BRERomBAC 111‑561RC405 27/03/1986BOHRomavia   Stored at OTPStored at OTP     
YR-BRHRomBAC 111‑561RC408 12/1988BOHRomavia  Scrapped at OTPScrapped at OTP2008    
YR-BRIRomBAC 111‑561RC409 04/1989BOHRomavia  Stored at OTPStored at OTP     

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