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Profile for: APSA
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APSAAerolineas PeruanasEP PeruLima1956-1971
Formed 16/9/56 by local civil and military investors, with assistance from TAN, Honduras.

Directory and Contact records for APSA
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Traffic and Financial data overview for APSA
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SubFleets for: APSA
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
APSADC-8DC-8-50     22- 
APSACV-990CV-990 Series     44-
APSADC-7DC-7B     11-
APSADC-6DC-6 ()     55-
APSADC-6DC-6A     11-
APSAC-46C-46A Series (CW-20)     33-
 TOTAL:     1616-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of APSA
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
OB-WBG-496DC‑6A45480980 08/05/1958LGBAPSA ex N6579C @ Transamerica ALTo (Transamerica Airlines N6579C)Destroyed10/05/1965      
OB-R-784DC‑7B44870605 17/08/1955LGBAPSA ex N776U @ Gulfstream AmericanScrapped ( at MIA)Scrapped at MIA      
EC-ASNDC‑8‑524565917105/09/1962LGBAPSA   leased from Iberia(Leased & Returned)Scrapped12/1987     
OB-R-931DC‑8‑524561914202/05/1961LGBAPSA ex EC‑ARC @ IberiaTo (Iberia EC-ARC)Scrapped13/04/2017   
OB-OAE-583DC‑6 ()4289149  28/06/1947LGBAPSAex N90724 @ American ALTo (American Airlines N90724)Scrapped19/11/2012     
OB-R-583DC‑6 ()4289149  28/06/1947LGBAPSAex OB‑OAE‑583 @ APSATo (FB Ayer N90724)Scrapped19/11/2012     
OB-OAD-545DC‑6 ()4286525  30/04/1947LGBAPSA ex N90712 @ American ALTo (American Airlines N90712)Scrapped      
OB-OAF-611DC‑6 ()4285913  31/03/1947LGBAPSAex HP‑285 @ APASATo (APSA OB-R-611)Scrapped      
OB-R-611DC‑6 ()4285913  31/03/1947LGBAPSAex OB‑OAF‑611 @ APSATo (American Airlines N90706)Scrapped      
OB-R-829C‑46A‑CU30452  18/09/1944BUFAPSA   ex HR‑TND @ TAN HondurasTo (Inair Panama HP-483)Scrapped      
OB-OAB-471C‑46A‑CK218  23/01/1945LOUAPSA   ex To (TAN Honduras HR-TNA)Derelict      
OB-OAA-470C‑46A‑CK412  18/05/1945LOUAPSA   ex Unknown ()Ultimate fate obscure      
OB-R-925CV‑990A‑30‑524 03/1962SANAPSAex N5612 @ American ALTo (FB Ayer N6846)Scrapped22/07/2010     
OB-R-728CV‑990A‑30‑65 07/1961SANAPSA ex OB‑OAG @ APSATo (FB Ayer N990AC)Scrapped01/1997     
OB-OAGCV‑990A‑30‑65 07/1961SANAPSA ex N8484H @ General DynamicsTo (APSA OB-R-728)Scrapped01/1997     
OB-R-765CV‑990A‑30‑52 30/01/1961SANAPSAex N5602G @ General DynamicsTo (FB Ayer N990AB)Preserved16/05/2011     

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