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Profile for: Abakan Avia
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Abakan AviaAbakan-Avia ABG;NKPRussiaAbakan1992-
Became member of Sobol Trade Company in 1999. Reportedly to be merged in 2002 with Rus Air, cancelled. Formed subsidiary Royal Flight (qv) in 2013 for Moscow-Turkey traffic.

Directory and Contact records for Abakan Avia
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Abakan Avia
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SubFleets for: Abakan Avia
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Abakan AviaIl-76Il-76MD     11- 
Abakan AviaIl-76Il-76T11  25741.1 years
Abakan AviaIl-76Il-76TD3   3131631.3 years
Abakan AviaAn-30An-30 ()  1 1 1-
Abakan AviaAn-24An-24B     11-
 TOTAL:411 6202633.8 years
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Abakan Avia
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
RA-76402Il‑76TD102341343086081992UTTPAbakan Avia leased from Gazpromavia(Leased & Returned)Stored      
RA-76403Il‑76TD1023412414860430/06/1992UTTPAbakan Avialeased from Vladivostok Avia(Leased & Returned)Stored     
RA-76352Il‑76TD1023411378850524/12/1992UTTPAbakan Aviaex UK‑76352 @ Uzbekistan AWTo (Azee Air UP-I7646)Active no titles   
RA-76352Il‑76TD1023411378850524/12/1992UTTPAbakan Aviaex UK‑76352 @ Uzbekistan AWTo (Aviacon Zitotrans Aviacon Zitotrans)Active no titles   
RA-76350Il‑76TD102341034484061992UTTPAbakan Avia ex ST‑AIY @ Al FuzeihraTo (Gomelavia EW-244TH)Stored      
RA-76445Il‑76TD1023410330840311/11/1992UTTPAbakan Avia  ex EW‑448TH @ Ruby Star AW(Current, Active)Active     
RA-76445Il‑76TD1023410330840311/11/1992UTTPAbakan Avia ex EK‑76445 @ Dvin-AviaTo (Aviacon Zitotrans Aviacon Zitotrans)Active     
RA-76799Il‑76TD1003403075770931/07/1990UTTPAbakan Avia ex CCCP‑76799 @ AeroflotTo (Trans Avia Export Cargo Airlines EW-480TH)Active no titles   
RA-76834Il‑76TD9349998675071989UTTPAbakan Avia  ex EW‑78836 @ Ruby Star AW(Current, Active)Active     
RA-76822Il‑76TD9349998275061989UTTPAbakan Avialeased from Ilyushin Design Bureau(Leased & Returned)Active      
RA-76750Il‑76TD83485561650131/05/1988UTTPAbakan Avia ex CCCP‑76750 @ AeroflotTo (Trans Avia Export Cargo Airlines EW-510TH)Active no titles   
RA-76489Il‑76TD83485554640931/05/1988UTTPAbakan Avia ex EP‑RAM @ Aram AirTo (Aviacon Zitotrans Aviacon Zitotrans)Active     
UR-76687Il‑76MD6346905152031986UTTPAbakan Avialeased from Volare Aircompany(Leased & Returned)Derelict01/10/2008     
RA-76483Il‑76TD63468042520131/05/1986UTTPAbakan Avia ex CCCP‑76483 @ AeroflotTo (Aero Rent Aero Rent)Stored      
RA-76463Il‑76TD5346493449041985UTTPAbakan Avia  ex ER‑IAN @ Aerotrans Cargo(Current, Active)Active     
RA-76848Il‑76TD3344839035081983UTTPAbakan Avia ex Ukraine 76567 @ Ukraine AFTo (Atruvera Air Transportation Company Atruvera)Stored no titles    
RA-76368Il‑76TD3344736435011983UTTPAbakan Avia leased from Russ Air Transport Co(Leased & Returned)Stored no titles, tbc    
RA-76780Il‑76T134309012306 1981UTTPAbakan Avia  ex CCCP‑76780 @ Aeroflot(Current, Leased-out to United Nations Organisation UNO)Active     
RA-76524Il‑76T34257461907 30/09/1980UTTPAbakan Avia ex CCCP‑76524 @ AeroflotTo (Civil ER-IAT)Stored      
RA-76457Il‑76T934216211606 17/12/1979UTTPAbakan Avia  ex CCCP‑76457 @ Aeroflot(Current, Active)Active no titles   
RA-76516Il‑76T934185561409 06/07/1979UTTPAbakan Avia  leased from Kras Air(Leased & Returned)Stored no titles    
RA-76509Il‑76T834134151104 28/08/1978UTTPAbakan Avia ex CCCP‑76509 @ AeroflotTo ? (Civil UP-I7641)Stored     
RA-76505Il‑76T73411331903 25/11/1977UTTPAbakan Avia ex CCCP‑76505 @ AeroflotTo (Airline Transport Incorporation ER-IBH)Scrapped06/12/2010     
RA-76504Il‑76T73411328902 18/09/1977UTTPAbakan Avia ex CCCP‑76504 @ AeroflotScrapped ( at UUBW)Scrapped at UUBW2007     
RA-47168An‑24B89901710 28/09/1968UKKTAbakan Avia ex CCCP‑47168 @ AeroflotScrapped ? ( at ABA)Scrapped at ABA Aeroflot c/s    
RA-30001An‑30 ()1402 14/02/1978UKKTAbakan Avia ex EW‑281CN @ Grodno AviakompaniaStored ( at YKS)Stored at YKS     

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