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Profile for: Air Mali
1 company in genealogy tree - [ Generate Excel ]

Air Mali MYAIMMaliBamako1960-1985
Formed with donated ex-BEA DC-3s and Soviet assistance. 

Directory and Contact records for Air Mali
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Air Mali
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SubFleets for: Air Mali
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all times
Avg Age
Air MaliA300A300B4     11- 
Air MaliB.707B.707-320C     22-
Air MaliB.727B.727-100C     33-
Air MaliB.737 ClassicB.737-200     11-
Air MaliCaravelleCaravelle 10B     11-
Air MaliCaravelleCaravelle 3     11-
Air MaliIl-18Il-18D     11-
Air MaliIl-18Il-18V     33-
Air MaliAn-24An-24B     22-
Air MaliAn-24An-24RV     11-
Air MaliIl-14Il-14 ()     22-
Air MaliIl-14Il-14P     11-
Air MaliDC-3C-47A     33-
 TOTAL:     2222-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Air Mali
Airframes 1-22 of 22 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
TZ-ADFIl‑18D18701030110301 1967MKODNAir Mali ex CCCP‑75459 @ AeroflotTo Aeroflot CCCP‑75459Destroyed15/11/92      
TZ-AJLAn‑24RV373088078807 1973UKKTAir Mali   ex CCCP‑46628 @ AeroflotTo Mali govt Derelict      
TZ-ABYIl‑18V1820045054505 1962MKODNAir Mali  UnknownUltimate fate obscure converted Il-18B    
TZ-ACKAn‑24B873042024202 1968UKKTAir Mali    Preserved at YEGORPreserved at YEGOR      
TZ-ACTAn‑24B873041044104 1968UKKTAir Mali   Destroyed at TOMDestroyed at TOM22/02/85     
TZ-ABEIl‑18V1810033043304 1961MKODNAir Maliex CCCP‑75763 @ AeroflotDestroyed in [ BF ]Destroyed in [ BF ]11/08/74     
TZ-ABDIl‑18V1810033023302 1961MKODNAir Mali ex CCCP‑75762 @ AeroflotTo Aeroflot CCCP‑75762Ultimate fate obscure      
YU-AGGB.707‑340C19285524 30/09/66RNTAir Malileased from JATLeased & ReturnedScrapped30/04/85     
YU-AGIB.707‑351C19210515 05/08/66RNTAir Maliwet-leased/franchised from JATLeased & ReturnedUltimate fate obscure      
N725ALB.727‑172C19665476 06/10/67RNTAir Malileased from AirliftLeased & ReturnedScrapped10/09     
N695WAB.727‑173C19509459 06/09/67RNTAir Malileased from World AWLeased & ReturnedPreserved16/08/04   
TZ-ADRB.727‑173C19509459 06/09/67RNTAir Mali ex N695WA (+) @ World AWTo FedEx N199FEPreserved16/08/04   
TZ-ADLB.737‑2D620544290 19/11/71RNTAir Mali ex 7T‑VEC @ Air AlgérieTo Thomson AW G‑BMMZDestroyed09/03/04   
F-BRUJCaravelle 3209198 06/12/65TLSAir Mali  leased from Trans-UnionLeased & ReturnedScrapped      
TZ-ADSCaravelle 10B184194 12/10/65TLSAir Mali   ex YK‑AFA @ SyrianairTo EAS Europe AL F‑GEPCDestroyed04/11/95     
TZ-ABBC‑47A‑DK12096   OKCAir Mali  ex G‑AGIU @ BEAUnknownUltimate fate obscure CT-AAB ntu    
TZ-ABCC‑47A‑DK12208   OKCAir Mali  ex G‑AJIA @ BEAUnknownUltimate fate obscure CT-AAC ntu    
TZ-ABAC‑47A‑DK12222   OKCAir Mali  ex G‑AGZC @ BEAUnknownUltimate fate obscure CT-AAA ntu    
TZ-ABHIl‑14 ()7342501   UTTPAir Mali  Destroyed in [ FR ]Destroyed in [ FR ]05/11/66     
TZ-ABGIl‑14 ()146001050   MKODNAir Mali    UnknownUltimate fate obscure      
TZ-ABFIl‑14P147001310   MKODNAir Mali    UnknownUltimate fate obscure      
TU-TAOA300B4‑203137  20/02/81TLSAir Maliwet-leased/franchised from Air AfriqueLeased & ReturnedScrapped02/07     

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Current portfolios for Air Mali
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Additional information on Air Mali
New aircraft orders from Air Mali
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