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Profile for: Air Namibia
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Air NamibiaNamaqualand Airways/Namib AirSWNMBNamibiaWindhoek-Int'l/Eros1991-
Reorganized in 2002 with 40% acquired by SA Airlink and 25% kept by Namibian government. 
Namib Air SWNMBNamibiaWindhoek/Cape Town1978-1991
Formed by Suidwes Lugdiens. 
Suidwes LugdiensSouth West Airways  NamibiaWindhoek1959-1989
Renamed 1959 when merged with Oryx Aviation. Became Namibia's flag carrier in 1990. 
South West Air Transport   NamibiaWindhoek1947-1959
Formed in South Africa. 

Directory and Contact records for Air Namibia
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Air Namibia
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SubFleets for: Air Namibia
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all times
Avg Age
Air NamibiaB.747B.747-300     11- 
Air NamibiaB.747B.747-400     22-
Air NamibiaB.747B.747-400(SCD)     11-
Air NamibiaB.747B.747SP     44-
Air NamibiaA340A340-300  1 123-
Air NamibiaMD-11MD-11P     22-
Air NamibiaA330A330-2002   2 21.2 year
Air NamibiaB.767B.767-300(ER)     11-
Air NamibiaA319A319ceo (CFM)4   4154.3 years
Air NamibiaB.737 ClassicB.737-200     1212-
Air NamibiaB.737 ClassicB.737-200C     11-
Air NamibiaB.737 ClassicB.737-500     22-
Air NamibiaB.737 NGB.737-800     11-
Air NamibiaF.28F.28     11-
Air NamibiaF.28F.28-3000     22-
Air NamibiaF.28F.28-4000     22-
Air NamibiaDo328 JETDo328-310 JET     22-
Air NamibiaERJ-135/145ERJ-1354   4 414.3 years
Air NamibiaFH-227FH-227 ()     22-
Air NamibiaHS.748HS.748 Series 2A     11-
Air NamibiaDHC-8DHC-8 Series 300     11-
Air NamibiaDC-6DC-6B     11-
Air NamibiaDC-4C-54A (DC-4)     11-
Air NamibiaDC-4C-54B (DC-4)     11-
Air NamibiaDC-4DC-4-1009     11-
Air NamibiaCV-340/440CV-580 Series     33-
Air NamibiaDC-3C-47A     33-
Air NamibiaDC-3C-47B     11-
 TOTAL:10 1 1152637.7 years
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All-times Fleets of Air Namibia
Total number of aircraft: 63. Use link above to launch or links within above table for specific subfleets.

Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Air Namibia (current & planned only)
Airframes 1-13 of 13 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
V5-TNPB.737‑52825229218027/11/91RNTAir Namibiaex F‑GJND @ Air FranceStored at NOCStored at NOC28/03/13    
V5-ANHERJ‑135ER14534734719/12/00SJKAir Namibia ex F‑GOHF @ Regional ALCurrent, ActiveActive     
V5-ANGERJ‑135ER14533533530/10/00SJKAir Namibia ex F‑GOHE @ Regional ALCurrent, ActiveActive      
V5-ANIERJ‑135LR145252252 25/09/00SJKAir Namibia ex F‑GOHD @ Equaflight SvcCurrent, ActiveActive      
V5-ANFERJ‑135ER14524324328/04/00SJKAir Namibia ex F‑GOHC @ Regional ALCurrent, ActiveActive     
V5-ANLA319‑1123346  11/12/07XFWAir Namibia ex D‑ABGI @ Air-BerlinCurrent, ActiveActive     
V5-ANKA319‑1123586  02/07/08XFWAir Namibia ex D‑ABGL @ Air-BerlinCurrent, ActiveActive     
V5-ANNA319‑1125400 19/11/12XFWAir Namibia  ex D‑AVWK Current, ActiveActive     
V5-ANMA319‑1125366 03/01/13XFWAir Namibia  ex D‑AVWG Current, ActiveActive     
V5-ANOA330‑2431451 23/08/13TLSAir Namibia ex F‑WWYC Current, ActiveActive    
V5-ANPA330‑2431466 14/10/13TLSAir Namibia ex F‑WWCD Current, ActiveActive    
V5-NMFA340‑31247 09/02/94TLSAir Namibiaex D‑AIMF @ LufthansaStored at LDEStored at LDE  converted A340-311 in 9/06
V5-NMEA340‑31251 18/03/94TLSAir Namibiaex D‑AIMG @ LufthansaStored at LDEStored at LDE  converted A340-311 in 11/05

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Current portfolios for Air Namibia
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Additional information on Air Namibia
New aircraft orders from Air Namibia
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