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Profile for: Air Sénégal International
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Air Sénégal InternationalASIV7SNGSenegalDakar2001-2009
Started services on 23/2/01 under the management leadership of Royal Air Maroc. Was to be fully nationalized again in 10/07 due to ongoing financial losses, plan lapsed. Ceased operations on 24/4/09 over the ongoing dispute between RAM and the Senegal government. Planned for relaunch mid-2009 with Senegal-only ownership following agreement on 29/5/09 with RAM, abandonned. New carrier Senegal Airlines being formed in 10/09 as replacement. 
Air SénégalSonatra/Société Nationale de Transport Aériens du SénégalDSDSBSenegalDakar1971-2000
Reorganized in 1997. Entered bankrupcy on 1/2/2000; 51% share sold to Royal Air Maroc and renamed. 
Air Sénégal-CSTACompagnie Sénégalaise de Transports Aériens  SenegalDakar1962-1971
Formed by Air Afrique (40%). 

Directory and Contact records for Air Sénégal International
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Air Sénégal International
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SubFleets for: Air Sénégal International
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Air Sénégal Int'lB.747B.747-300     22- 
Air Sénégal Int'lB.747B.747-400     11-
Air Sénégal Int'lDC-10DC-10 Series 10     22-
Air Sénégal Int'lB.767B.767-300(ER)     11-
Air Sénégal Int'lB.737 ClassicB.737-200  1 1 1-
Air Sénégal Int'lB.737 ClassicB.737-500     22-
Air Sénégal Int'lB.737 NGB.737-700     55-
Air Sénégal Int'lF.27F.27-050     33-
Air Sénégal Int'lF.27F.27-100     11-
Air Sénégal Int'lF.27F.27-200     22-
Air Sénégal Int'lHS.748HS.748 Series 2     11-
Air Sénégal Int'lHS.748HS.748 Series 2A     22-
Air Sénégal Int'lDHC-8DHC-8 Series 100     22-
Air Sénégal Int'lDHC-8DHC-8 Series 300     11-
Air Sénégal Int'lDC-3C-47 (DC-3)     33-
Air Sénégal Int'lDC-3C-47A     55-
Air Sénégal Int'lDC-3C-47B     33-
Air Sénégal Int'lDC-3DC-3D     11-
 TOTAL:  1 13738-
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All-times Fleets of Air Sénégal International
Total number of aircraft: 38. Use link above to launch or links within above table for specific subfleets.

Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Air Sénégal International (current & planned only)
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
6V-AHKB.737‑2B62276785103/03/1982RNTAir Sénégal Int'lex CN‑RML @ Royal Air MarocStored ( at CMN)Stored at CMN       

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Airframe History of: B.737 Classic msn 22767
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 Reg'nTypeMSNOperatorConfig OwnersOriginInOutBecameRemarksSelcalHexTTTCStatus/Fate
CN-RMLB.737‑2B622767Royal Air Maroc   to 6V-AHK @ Air Sénégal Int'l  Stored 
6V-AHKB.737‑2B622767Air Sénégal Int'lex CN‑RML @ Royal Air MarocStored at CMN      

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Significant Safety incidents & accidents

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Selection of recent pictures of  CN-RML,6V-AHK

CN-RML [ More Pictures ]
MLA Malta [Luqa], Malta

Photo: Ivan Azzopardi
Sat 11 Jul 1992
Source: PlanePictures
TLS Toulouse [Blagnac], France

Photo: Eric Pajaud
Source: PlanePictures
BRU Brussels (Bruxelles) [National/Zaventem], Belgium

Photo: Jean-Marie Hanon
Source: PlanePictures
6V-AHK [ More Pictures ]
OUA Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Photo: Paul Morley
Sat 9 Mar 2002
Source: PlanePictures
OUA Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso

Photo: Paul Morley
Wed 11 Jun 1997
Source: PlanePictures

Official Register look-up for CN-RML,6V-AHK

CN-RMLNo online register available
6V-AHKNo online register available

Current portfolios for Air Sénégal International
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Additional information on Air Sénégal International
New aircraft orders from Air Sénégal International
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Safety accidents and incidents events for Air Sénégal International
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