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Profile for: Air Zimbabwe
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Air Zimbabwe WX;UMAZWZimbabweHarare-Int'l1980-
Suspended operations briefly on 22/11/2005 ownig to lack of fuel. Suspended operations again during 3 weeks in 9/10 after pilots when on strike due to unpaid wages and were laid off by the airline management. Suspended again due to strike 29/7/11-16/9/11. Entered administration in mid-1/12. Take-over talks with HNA Group (HNA Group) for a 65% stake broken down in 1/12. Entered judicial protection on 22/1/12, suspended all operations indefinitely on 24/2/12. Suspended from IATA in 5/12. Resumed limited domestic services on 20/9/12, international services on 4/11/12. Renewed its IATA membership in 6/13. Entire management fired in 2/14 by the minister of transport over charges of fraudulent insurance scams.
Air Zimbabwe Rhodesia RH ZimbabweSalisbury1978-1980
Renamed 14/4/80 to Air Zimbabwe.
Air Rhodesia RH ZimbabweSalisbury1967-1978

Directory and Contact records for Air Zimbabwe
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Air Zimbabwe
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SubFleets for: Air Zimbabwe
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all times
Avg Age
Air ZimbabweA340A340-500     44- 
Air ZimbabweB.767B.767-200(ER)1 1 21324.8 years
Air ZimbabweA310A310-200     11-
Air ZimbabweB.707B.707-320B     1212-
Air ZimbabweB.707B.707-320C     11-
Air ZimbabweB.720B.720-020     55-
Air ZimbabweBAe 146BAe 146-200  1 1 1-
Air ZimbabweA320A320-200  2 213-
Air ZimbabweB.737 ClassicB.737-2002 1 32527.5 years
Air ZimbabweB.737 ClassicB.737-300(QC)     11-
Air ZimbabweF.28F.28-4000     33-
Air ZimbabweERJ-135/145ERJ-145LR     11-
Air ZimbabweViscountViscount 742D     1717-
Air ZimbabweViscountViscount 810     44-
Air ZimbabweF.27F.27-050     22-
Air ZimbabweY7MA60 (Y7)  1 123-
Air ZimbabweDC-3C-47B     33-
 TOTAL:3 6 9606926.6 years
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All-times Fleets of Air Zimbabwe
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Air Zimbabwe (current & planned only)
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
Z-WPCB.737‑2N023679141502/07/87RNTAir Zimbabwe  Stored at HREStored at HRE   
Z-WPBRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
Z-WPAB.737‑2N023677131318/11/86RNTAir Zimbabwe   Current, ActiveActive  
Z-WPFB.767‑2N0(ER)2486733327/09/90PAEAir Zimbabwe  Stored at HREStored at HRE  
Z-WPEB.767‑2N0(ER)2471328725/10/89PAEAir Zimbabwe   Current, ActiveActive  
Z-WPDBAe 146‑20020656518/12/86HTFAir Zimbabwe ex G‑5‑056 Stored at HREStored at HRE   
Z-WPKMA60 (Y7)303  XIYAir Zimbabwe  Stored at HREStored at HRE     
Z-WPNA320‑2111973  03/03/03TLSAir Zimbabweex M‑YWAU @ Private users in UNITED KINGDOM Isle Of ManStored at JNBStored at JNB      
Z-WPMA320‑214630  09/01/97TLSAir Zimbabweex F‑WTBL @ AerCapStored at JNBStored at JNB     

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Current portfolios for Air Zimbabwe
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Additional information on Air Zimbabwe
New aircraft orders from Air Zimbabwe
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