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Profile for: Asia Continental Airlines
1 company in genealogy tree - [ Generate Excel ]

Asia Continental AirlinesACA CIDKazakhstanAlmaty2002-2010
Added on EU ban list 14/7/09 and subsequent dates. AOC revoked on 18/10/10, again 8/10/13, again 2/10/18 !

Directory and Contact records for Asia Continental Airlines
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Asia Continental Airlines
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SubFleets for: Asia Continental Airlines
7 subfleets - [ Generate Excel ]

  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Asia Continental ALIl-76Il-76T     22- 
Asia Continental ALIl-76Il-76TD     1313-
Asia Continental ALYak-40Yak-40 ()  2 213-
Asia Continental ALB.737 NG/MAXB.737-800     11-
Asia Continental ALAn-12An-12BP  1 1 1-
Asia Continental ALAn-26An-26B     11-
Asia Continental ALAn-24An-24B     11-
 TOTAL:  3 31922-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Asia Continental Airlines
Airframes 1-22 of 22 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
UP-I7619Il‑76TD1033414480871015/03/1993UTTPAsia Continental AL  ex UN‑76024 @ Asia Continental AL-- Acquisition cancelled(n/a)Stored       
UN-76024Il‑76TD1033414480871015/03/1993UTTPAsia Continental AL ex EW‑242TH @ GomelaviaTo (Libyan Arab Air Cargo 5A-DNX)Stored      
UN-76025Il‑76TD1023412414860430/06/1992UTTPAsia Continental AL ex EW‑241TH @ GomelaviaTo (Asia Continental Airlines UP-I7620)Stored      
UP-I7620Il‑76TD1023412414860430/06/1992UTTPAsia Continental AL ex UN‑76025 @ Asia Continental ALTo (Continent RA-76403)Stored      
UP-I7639Il‑76TD102341034484061992UTTPAsia Continental AL ex EW‑244TH @ GomelaviaTo (Sky Georgia 4L-SKD)Stored      
UP-I7637Il‑76TD63470088530230/06/1986UTTPAsia Continental AL ex EW‑258TH @ GomelaviaTo (Rus Aviation EK-76485)Stored      
UP-I7640Il‑76TD53465956490904/12/1985UTTPAsia Continental AL ex EW‑240TH @ GomelaviaTo (ZetAvia UR-CID)Active      
UP-I7638Il‑76TD5346493449041985UTTPAsia Continental AL ex EW‑239TH @ GomelaviaTo (Sky Georgia 4L-SKY)Active     
UN-88195Yak‑40 ()9631548481520/08/1976RTWAsia Continental AL ex CCCP‑88195 @ AeroflotTo (Air Venezuela Linea A√©rea de Transporte YV-1052CP)Stored owner tbc    
UN-88189Yak‑40 ()9620948480903/08/1976RTWAsia Continental AL  ex CCCP‑88189 @ FlyLALStored ( at KZO)Stored at KZO Aeroflot c/s, no titles    
UN-87525Yak‑40 ()95207414107 RTWAsia Continental AL  ex CCCP‑87525 @ AeroflotStored ( at KZO)Stored at KZO Aeroflot c/s, no titles    
UN-76020Il‑76TD4345049338041984UTTPAsia Continental AL ex EW‑243TH @ GomelaviaDestroyed ( at KDH)Destroyed at KDH14/02/2008     
UN-76021Il‑76TD1343089023031981UTTPAsia Continental AL ex EX‑062 @ Reem AirTo (Asia Continental Airlines UP-I7617)Stored      
UP-I7617Il‑76TD1343089023031981UTTPAsia Continental AL ex UN‑76021 @ Asia Continental ALTo (Sky Georgia 4L-SKG)Stored      
UN-76022Il‑76TD13428831210829/04/1981UTTPAsia Continental AL ex EX‑046 @ Click AWTo (Asia Continental Airlines UP-I7618)Active converted Il-76T    
UP-I7618Il‑76TD13428831210829/04/1981UTTPAsia Continental AL ex UN‑76022 @ Asia Continental ALTo (Air Almaty Air Almaty)Active     
UP-I7627Il‑76T34236991805 1980UTTPAsia Continental AL ex ER‑IBV @ Jet Line Int'lTo (Sky Georgia 4L-SKL)Active no titles    
UN-76023Il‑76T834144321108 01/08/1978UTTPAsia Continental AL ex RA‑76510 @ Aviacon ZitotransTo (Air Almaty Air Almaty)Stored      
TC-APIB.737‑86N (w)32732105611/01/2002RNTAsia Continental ALleased from Pegasus AL(Leased & Returned)Active      
UP-An‑12PS6344608 1966 Asia Continental AL  ex EW‑245TI @ GomelaviaStored ( at SCO)Stored at SCO      
UN-47736An‑24B69901004 23/12/1966UKKTAsia Continental AL leased from Yuzhnaya AircompanyTo (Marsland Aviation ST-WAL)Destroyed02/06/2005     
UN-26507An‑26B6703 1978UKKTAsia Continental AL ex CCCP‑26507 @ AeroflotTo (Specavia RA-26507)Active      

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Current portfolios for Asia Continental Airlines
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Additional information on Asia Continental Airlines
New aircraft orders from Asia Continental Airlines
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Safety accidents and incidents events for Asia Continental Airlines
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