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Profile for: Austral Lineas AĆ©reas
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Austral Lineas AĆ©reasALAAUAUTArgentinaBuenos Aires-Aeroparque1971-
Entered bankrupcy in 1980, being administrated by the state until 1985. Acquired by Cielos del Sur holding company. 70%stake taken 1991 by Iberia, to be reduced to zero in 1996 (then transferred to SEPI, the Spanish state holding company for public enterprises as a EU condition for Iberia subsidy). 9% stake acquired in 1998 by American. 90% acquired by AirComet (Grupo Marsans) in 2001. All aircraft painted with Aerolineas Argentinas titles on port side during 2003, until 2007 when Austral selected its own livery. Expropriated by Argentinian government from Marsans (along Aerolineas Argentinas; announced 18/11/08, decree 9/1/09).
AustralCompaƱia Argentina de Transportes AĆ©reos Comercial e Industrial  Argentina 1957-1971
Formed out of Aerovias Monder with Pan American's help (6.6%). Started trading as ALA/Austral from 1968 and took-over ALA on 16/12/70. Renamed on 23/6/71.

Directory and Contact records for Austral Lineas AĆ©reas
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Austral Lineas AĆ©reas
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SubFleets for: Austral Lineas AĆ©reas
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Austral Lineas AĆ©reasB.737 ClassicB.737-200     2121- 
Austral Lineas AĆ©reasDC-9DC-9-30     1313-
Austral Lineas AĆ©reasDC-9DC-9-50     22-
Austral Lineas AĆ©reasDC-9DC-9-80 (MD-80)  2 24446-
Austral Lineas AĆ©reasBAC 111BAC 111-400     1111-
Austral Lineas AĆ©reasBAC 111BAC 111-500     1717-
Austral Lineas AĆ©reasF.28F.28-1000     11-
Austral Lineas AĆ©reasERJ-190/195ERJ-19026   26 266.7 years
Austral Lineas AĆ©reasF.27F.27-100     44-
Austral Lineas AĆ©reasYS-11YS-11-100     22-
Austral Lineas AĆ©reasYS-11YS-11A-300     33-
Austral Lineas AĆ©reasDC-6DC-6 ()     2222-
Austral Lineas AĆ©reasDC-6DC-6A     33-
Austral Lineas AĆ©reasDC-6DC-6B     66-
Austral Lineas AĆ©reasDC-4DC-4 (civil C-54)     22-
Austral Lineas AĆ©reasC-46C-46A Series (CW-20)     55-
Austral Lineas AĆ©reasC-46C-46E Series (CW-20B-3)     22-
Austral Lineas AĆ©reasC-46C-46T     88-
Austral Lineas AĆ©reasC-46Super C-46     11-
 TOTAL:26 2 281671956.7 years
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All-times Fleets of Austral Lineas AĆ©reas
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Austral Lineas AĆ©reas (current & planned only)
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
LV-BOAMD‑8853174185406/04/1991LGBAustral Lineas AĆ©reasex N168PL @ AeroMĆ©xicoStored ( at GYR)Stored at GYR for Andes 5/12 ? 
LV-BGZDC‑9‑83 (MD‑83)49906178626/10/1990LGBAustral Lineas AĆ©reasex EC‑JZA @ IberiaStored ( at UAQ)Stored at UAQ  
LV-GAQERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000275 27/08/2009SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas ex N164HQ @ Republic AL(Current, Active)Active     
LV-GBKERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000291 23/09/2009SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas ex N165HQ @ Republic AL(Current, Active)Active     
LV-CDYERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000365 05/07/2010SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PT‑XNE (Current, Active)Active  
LV-CDZERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000377 03/08/2010SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PT‑XNN (Current, Active)Active  
LV-CETERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000383 27/08/2010SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PT‑XNR (Current, Active)Active  
LV-CEUERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000389 06/10/2010SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PT‑XNW (Current, Active)Active  
LV-CEVERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000390 07/10/2010SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PT‑XNX (Current, Active)Active  
LV-CHOERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000395 26/10/2010SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PT‑XUB (Current, Active)Active  
LV-CHQERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000397 08/11/2010SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PT‑XUC (Current, Active)Active  
LV-CHRERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000400 28/10/2010SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PT‑TYF (Current, Active)Active  
LV-CHSERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000402 20/11/2010SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PT‑TYV (Current, Active)Active  
LV-CIDERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000409 20/12/2010SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PT‑TBH (Current, Active)Active  
LV-CIEERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000414 21/01/2011SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PT‑TBL (Current, Active)Active  
LV-CIFERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000421 16/02/2011SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PT‑TBX (Current, Active)Active  
LV-CIHERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000428 23/03/2011SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PT‑TCO (Current, Active)Active  
LV-CIGERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000427 18/03/2011SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PT‑TCL (Current, Active)Active  
LV-CKZERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000439 29/04/2011SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PT‑TCY (Current, Active)Active  
LV-CMAERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000445 22/06/2011SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PT‑TJF (Current, Active)Active  
LV-CMBERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000448 01/07/2011SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PT‑TJH (Current, Active)Active  
LV-CPIERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000457 15/07/2011SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PT‑TNY (Current, Active)Active  
LV-CPJERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000463 18/08/2011SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PT‑TOG (Current, Active)Active  
LV-CPKERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000474 24/08/2011SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PT‑TOV (Current, Active)Active  
LV-FPSERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000639 06/09/2013SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PR‑ECH (Current, Active)Active SkyTeam c/s
LV-FPTERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000640 12/09/2013SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas  ex PR‑ECI (Current, Active)Active  
LV-GIKERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000715 18/06/2016SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas ex PR‑ETQ (Current, Active)Active     
LV-GIQERJ‑190AR (190‑100 IGW)19000716 20/07/2016SJKAustral Lineas AĆ©reas ex PR‑EUG (Current, Active)Active      

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