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Profile for: Britavia
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BritaviaBritish Aviation Services  United Kingdom 1945-1959
Formed in 11/45 as a consultany company for the aviation insurers, initially operating ferry flights. Reorganized and renamed in 1949, becoming the parent company of Silver City AW. Majority purchased in 1954 by P&O Shipping Group. Merged into Silver City AW on 15/6/59.

Directory and Contact records for Britavia
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SubFleets for: Britavia
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
BritaviaHermesHermes 4     77- 
BritaviaDC-3C-47A     44-
BritaviaDC-3C-47B     22-
BritaviaDC-3Dakota C.3     11-
 TOTAL:     1414-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Britavia
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
G-AIRHC‑47A‑DK12445   OKCBritavia   ex KG410 @ RAFTo (Silver City Airways Silver City AW)Scrapped2008      
G-AJRYC‑47A‑DK13366   OKCBritavia ex KG607 @ RAFTo (MSA VR-SCO)Active      
G-AJPFC‑47A‑DK13456   OKCBritavia   ex KG644 @ RAFTo (Civil CF-IOC)Destroyed22/05/1989     
G-AJRWC‑47A‑DL19569   LGBBritavia   ex TS426 @ RAFTo (MSA VR-SCM)Scrapped      
G-AKARC‑47B‑DK26889   OKCBritavia ex KK191 @ RAFTo (VARIG PP-VBV)Destroyed01/07/1963     
G-AGNGC‑47B‑DK26997   OKCBritavia   ex EI‑ADY @ Aer LingusTo (Gulf Aviation CF-GVZ)Destroyed17/01/1956     
G-AKPWDakota C.313729  28/06/1944 Britavia ex KG728 @ RAFTo (MSA VR-SCQ)Destroyed02/10/1972     
G-ALDIHermes 4A10  23/02/1950EGTLBritavia To (Silver City Airways Silver City AW)Scrapped10/1962converted Hermes 4 in 9/54    
G-ALDJHermes 4A11  07/03/1950EGTLBritavia Destroyed (nr at BBS)Destroyed at BBS06/11/1956converted Hermes 4 in 6/55    
G-ALDKHermes 4A12  17/03/1950EGTLBritavia  Destroyed ( at OPSF)Destroyed at OPSF05/08/1956converted Hermes 4 in 9/54    
G-ALDMHermes 4A14  11/04/1950EGTLBritavialeased from Air Safaris(Leased & Returned)Scrapped08/1962     
G-ALDPHermes 417  17/05/1950EGTLBritavia  To (Silver City Airways Silver City AW)Scrapped10/1962temp.converted to Hermes 4A 11/55-11/57    
G-ALDUHermes 421  04/10/1950EGTLBritavia  To (Silver City Airways Silver City AW)Scrapped11/1962converted Hermes 4A    
G-ALDXHermes 424  04/12/1950EGTLBritavia  To (Silver City Airways Silver City AW)Scrapped11/1959converted Hermes 4A    

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