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Profile for: Cielos del PerĂº
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Cielos del PerĂº A2CIUPeruLima1997-
Reorganized in 1998 as a subsidiary of STAF, taking assets from Export Air Cargo.
Export Air CargoExport Air del PeruELEXDPeruLima1992-1997
Acquired in 1998 by Cielos del Peru and renamed.

Directory and Contact records for Cielos del PerĂº
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Cielos del PerĂº
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SubFleets for: Cielos del PerĂº
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all times
Avg Age
Cielos del PerĂºMD-11MD-11F     11- 
Cielos del PerĂºDC-10DC-10 Series 10     11-
Cielos del PerĂºDC-10DC-10 Series 30     1111-
Cielos del PerĂºB.707B.707-320C     33-
Cielos del PerĂºDC-8DC-8-30     11-
 TOTAL:     1717-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Cielos del PerĂº
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
OB-1699B.707‑369C20084758 29/10/1968RNTCielos del PerĂºex N851JB @ Millon AirTo Sky Master Airlines PT-MTRDestroyed14/07/2006      
OB-1716B.707‑321C20017753 03/10/1968RNTCielos del PerĂºex N517MA @ Millon AirTo Sky Master Airlines PT-MTEScrapped23/06/2009   
N705GCMD‑11F4841245412/1990LGBCielos del PerĂºleased from Gemini ACLeased & ReturnedStored   
OB-1696B.707‑351C18711370 16/04/1964RNTCielos del PerĂºex PP‑PHB @ Phoenix ALTo Sky Master Airlines PT-MSTDestroyed07/03/2001     
N305FEDC‑10‑30AF4787033919/08/1980LGBCielos del PerĂº Stored at SFBStored at SFB  
N612GCDC‑10‑30(F)4784033701/08/1980LGBCielos del PerĂºex G‑BHDJ @ British AWTo Solar Cargo YV524TActive    
OB-DC‑10‑304783432411/04/1980LGBCielos del PerĂº ex N80946 @ WFBNWPart-Out at LIMDerelict at LIM      
OB-DC‑10‑30(F)4788829122/06/1979LGBCielos del PerĂº ex N900AR @ AAR A/c Sales & Engines Sales & Leasing-- Acquisition cancelledn/aStored19/08/2011     
OB-1812-TDC‑10‑30CF4697524823/11/1977LGBCielos del PerĂºex N1856U @ United ALStored (as N1856U) at MZJStored at MZJ      
N322FEDC‑10‑30CF4790821518/09/1975LGBCielos del PerĂºex N322FE @ FedExTo Master Top Linhas AĂ©reas PP-MTAStored   
N609GCDC‑10‑30(F)4693215820/05/1974LGBCielos del PerĂºex G‑NIUK @ British AWTo Master Top Linhas AĂ©reas PP-MTPStored  
N833LADC‑10‑30(F)4693715208/04/1974LGBCielos del PerĂºex N8228P @ Polaris A/c LeasingTo TAB CP-2555Active   
N831LADC‑10‑30(F)4693614704/03/1974LGBCielos del PerĂºex G‑BWIN @ Caledonian AWPart-Out at LIMDerelict at LIM12/2006  
N614GCDC‑10‑30(F)4693113712/12/1973LGBCielos del PerĂºex N832LA @ Laker AWStored at SFBStored at SFB  
OB-1749DC‑10‑30CF4689112725/09/1973LGBCielos del PerĂºex N105AM @ CIT AerospacePart-Out at LIMDerelict at LIM  
OB-1456DC‑8‑33(F)4527211817/11/1960LGBCielos del PerĂº ex HP‑1166TCA @ Tocumen AC Int'lDestroyed (wreck remains) at IQTDestroyed at IQT28/03/1992   
N68044DC‑10‑10(F)469034315/05/1972LGBCielos del PerĂº To Centurion Air Cargo Centurion ACActive in service 2/05 

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Current portfolios for Cielos del PerĂº
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Additional information on Cielos del PerĂº
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Safety accidents and incidents events for Cielos del PerĂº
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