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Profile for: Guest Aerovias México
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Guest Aerovias MéxicoMexicana Guest Airways  Mexico 1946-1964
Formed by Winston Guest.

Directory and Contact records for Guest Aerovias México
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Guest Aerovias México
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SubFleets for: Guest Aerovias México
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Guest AV MéxicoCometComet 4C     33- 
Guest AV MéxicoL.1049L.1049G     33-
Guest AV MéxicoDC-6DC-6 ()     33-
Guest AV MéxicoL.649/749 ConstellationL.749     11-
Guest AV MéxicoL.649/749 ConstellationL.749A     22-
Guest AV MéxicoDC-4C-54A (DC-4)     66-
Guest AV MéxicoDC-4C-54B (DC-4)     55-
Guest AV MéxicoDC-4DC-4 (civil C-54)     11-
 TOTAL:     2424-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Guest Aerovias México
Airframes 1-24 of 24 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
XA-MUKDC‑6 ()43121118  19/05/1948LGBGuest AV México ex OY‑KLY @ SASTo (Mexicana Mexicana)Scrapped08/1978      
XA-MUMDC‑6 ()43134117  28/05/1948LGBGuest AV México ex LN‑LAG @ SASTo (Mexicana Mexicana)Scrapped      
XA-MUBDC‑6 ()43129106  24/04/1948LGBGuest AV México ex SE‑BDL @ SASTo (Mexicana Mexicana)Destroyed06/12/1978     
XA-NADL.1049G‑824677  BURGuest AV México   ex HS‑TCB @ Thai AW Int'lTo (TAP Air Portugal CS-TLE)Scrapped31/01/2013     
XA-NAFL.1049G‑03‑1244678  BURGuest AV México   ex HS‑TCC @ Thai AW Int'lTo (Iberia EC-ARN)Destroyed30/03/1968     
XA-HENC‑54A‑DO (DC‑4)3110  30/10/1943SMOGuest AV México   ex NC79975 @ United States Overseas ALTo (Curtiss Reid Flying Service CF-EDM)Scrapped      
XA-HEGC‑54A‑DC (DC‑4)10324  15/06/1944MDWGuest AV México  ex NC49524 @ Pacific Overseas ALDestroyed (Puerto Somoza,Nicaragua in [ NI ])Destroyed in [ NI ]15/11/1956     
XA-GUUC‑54A‑DC (DC‑4)10390  28/08/1944MDWGuest AV México  ex NC66777 @ Matson LinesDestroyed ( at SMA)Destroyed at SMA22/09/1948     
XA-GUOC‑54A‑DC (DC‑4)10393  01/09/1944MDWGuest AV México  ex 50845 @ U S NavyTo (Peruvian International Airways OB-SAE-174)Destroyed24/03/1976     
XA-GUTC‑54A‑DC (DC‑4)10394  01/09/1944MDWGuest AV México ex N49528 @ Northwest ALTo (Mexicana Mexicana)Scrapped1967     
XA-GUPC‑54A‑DC (DC‑4)10397  05/09/1944MDWGuest AV México   ex N88756 @ Alaska ALTo (Transocean Air Lines N88756)Destroyed28/06/1969     
XA-HACC‑54B‑DO (DC‑4)27234  13/12/1944SMOGuest AV México   ex PP‑CCS @ CruzeiroTo (Civil NC93005)Scrapped owner tbc    
XA-GUPC‑54B‑DC (DC‑4)10498  18/12/1944MDWGuest AV México   ex ZS‑BXS @ Mercury Avn SvcsTo (Matson Lines N66756)Destroyed06/11/1952     
XA-HOAC‑54B‑DO (DC‑4)27243  22/12/1944SMOGuest AV México  ex NC90430 @ American ALTo (Pacific Northern Airlines N3934C)Scrapped28/02/1972     
XA-HIZC‑54B‑DC (DC‑4)10511  09/01/1945MDWGuest AV México   ex NC90429 @ American ALTo (N86578)Scrapped      
XA-MAADC‑4 (civil C‑54)27249  11/01/1945SMOGuest AV México   ex N88816 @ Western ALTo (APASA HP-256)Stored      
XA-HERC‑54B‑DC (DC‑4)10518  15/01/1945MDWGuest AV México   ex To (Modern Air N1695M)Destroyed13/11/1950     
XA-GOQL.749‑79‑222503   06/06/1947BURGuest AV Méxicoex NC86520 @ Pan AmTo (Lockheed Martin NC86520)Preserved16/07/1975    
XA-LIOL.749A‑79‑312572   11/10/1947BURGuest AV México ex VH‑EAC @ QantasScrapped ( at BUR)Scrapped at BUR07/1963     
XA-LIPL.749A‑79‑312573   18/10/1947BURGuest AV México ex VH‑EAD @ QantasTo (Gulfstream American N9733Z)Scrapped1964     
XA-NACL.1049G‑03‑1244672 23/07/1957BURGuest AV México   ex HS‑TCA @ Thai AW Int'lTo (TAP Air Portugal CS-TLF)Scrapped      
XA-NASComet 4C6425 03/12/1959HTFGuest AV México wet-leased/franchised from Mexicana(Leased & Returned)Scrapped1993     
XA-NARComet 4C6424 31/10/1959HTFGuest AV México leased from Mexicana(Leased & Returned)Scrapped07/1979     
XA-NATComet 4C6443 07/10/1960HTFGuest AV México wet-leased/franchised from Mexicana(Leased & Returned)Scrapped1979     

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