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Profile for: Jet Line International
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Jet Line International  MJLMoldovaChisinau; Ivano/Odessa2000-2007
Possibly associated with Jetine International (qv). AOC revoked 21/6/07. 

Directory and Contact records for Jet Line International
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Jet Line International
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SubFleets for: Jet Line International
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Jet Line Int'lIl-76Il-76T     44- 
Jet Line Int'lIl-76Il-76TD     11-
Jet Line Int'lAn-12An-12BP     44-
Jet Line Int'lAn-26An-26 ()     22-
Jet Line Int'lAn-26An-26B     44-
Jet Line Int'lAn-24An-24RV     22-
 TOTAL:     1717-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Jet Line International
Airframes 1-17 of 17 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
ER-AFBAn‑24RV87310810.21081223/12/1978UKKTJet Line Int'lex UK‑08823 @ TAPO-AviaTo (Pamir Airways YA-CAJ)Stored c/n 87310810b, opf KBR     
ER-AWRAn‑24RV37308605860511/05/1973UKKTJet Line Int'lex UR‑46608 @ State Flight Academy of UkraineTo (Pamir Airways YA-CAH)Stored no titles, opf KBR based Kuwait  
ER-IBEIl‑76TD4345461541041984UTTPJet Line Int'l ex CU‑C1419 @ CubanaTo ? (Gira Globo Aeronautica D2-FCO)Scrapped2014no titles    
ER-IBVIl‑76T34236991805 1980UTTPJet Line Int'lex RA‑76521 @ Ilavia ALTo (Asia Continental Airlines UP-I7627)Stored no titles    
ER-IBPIl‑76T934185561409 06/07/1979UTTPJet Line Int'l ex RA‑76516 @ Atruvera Air Transportation CoTo (Airline Transport Incorporation Airline Transport)Stored no titles    
ER-IBGIl‑76T934185481407 20/07/1979UTTPJet Line Int'lex RA‑76492 @ Tesis Avn EnterpriseTo (Tiramavia Tiramavia)Stored no titles    
ER-IBFIl‑76T73410300805 1977UTTPJet Line Int'l ex HA‑TCI @ HUK Hungarian-Ukrainian ALTo (Heavylift Congo TN-AHT)Destroyed      
ER-AZRAn‑26 ()8205 1979UKKTJet Line Int'l ex UR‑BWY @ ARP 410 ALTo (Budapest Aircraft Service HA-TCY)Active      
ER-AFNAn‑26B12602 1982UKKTJet Line Int'l ex TL‑ACZ @ Centrafrican ALTo (Budapest Aircraft Service HA-TCW)Active no titles    
ER-ADQAn‑12BP402410 13/11/1964 Jet Line Int'lex LZ‑VEE @ Cargo AirTo (Ruby Star Airways EW-265TI)Stored    
ER-ACIAn‑12BP6343707 30/01/1966 Jet Line Int'l ex UR‑PWH @ ICAR ALTo (Aeronord-Group Aeronord-Group)Stored no titles    
ER-AXZAn‑12BK8346106   Jet Line Int'l ex Ukraine 03 @ Ukraine AFTo (Meridian UR-CAJ)Active no titles    
ER-AXYAn‑12BK9346904 25/12/1969 Jet Line Int'l ex LZ‑SFT @ Air SofiaTo (Aeronord-Group Aeronord-Group)Destroyed09/08/2013no titles    
ER-AZFAn‑26 ()9510 29/04/1980UKKTJet Line Int'l ex UR‑KRB @ Kroonk ALTo (Budapest Aircraft Service HA-TCX)Damaged no titles    
ER-AFEAn‑26B10905 1981UKKTJet Line Int'lex RA‑26050 @ UTair ExpressTo (Air Armenia EK-26050)Stored no titles  
ER-AFLAn‑26B11705 27/11/1981UKKTJet Line Int'l ex RA‑26082 @ KurskaviaTo (South Airlines EK-26443)Destroyed03/01/2015     
ER-AFQAn‑26B12503 28/09/1982UKKTJet Line Int'lex UR‑26124 @ Air UrgaTo (Air Armenia EK-26124)Stored no titles  

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Current portfolios for Jet Line International
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Additional information on Jet Line International
New aircraft orders from Jet Line International
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Safety accidents and incidents events for Jet Line International
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