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Profile for: Maldives Airways
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Maldives Airways MQ;PN MaldivesMal√©1984-1987 

Directory and Contact records for Maldives Airways
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Maldives Airways
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SubFleets for: Maldives Airways
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all times
Avg Age
Maldives AWDC-8DC-8-50     55- 
Maldives AWF.27F.27-100     44-
 TOTAL:     99-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Maldives Airways
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
8Q-PNCDC‑8‑514580824302/11/1965LGBMaldives AW   ex 8Q‑CA004 @ Maldives AWTo Kitty Hawk International N806CKScrapped18/08/1989      
8Q-CA004DC‑8‑514580824302/11/1965LGBMaldives AW   ex N818E @ Delta ALTo Maldives Airways 8Q-PNCScrapped18/08/1989     
8Q-CA005DC‑8‑51(F)4568921223/09/1964LGBMaldives AW   ex N815E @ Delta ALTo Kitty Hawk International N804CKScrapped03/07/2013     
8Q-CA003DC‑8‑514564917023/05/1962LGBMaldives AW   ex N809E @ Delta ALTo Maldives Airways 8Q-PNBScrapped1999     
8Q-PNBDC‑8‑514564917023/05/1962LGBMaldives AW   ex 8Q‑CA003 @ Maldives AWTo N805CKScrapped1999     
8Q-CA006F.27‑10010110 14/01/1959AMSMaldives AW   ex TS‑LVA @ Tunisavia-- Acquisition cancelledTo Yemen Arab Republic Air Force Yemen 206Scrapped2005     
8Q-CA002F.27‑10010118 09/04/1959AMSMaldives AW   ex TS‑LVB @ TunisaviaTo Yemen Arab Republic Air Force Yemen AFDestroyed20/04/1985opf PLO    
8Q-CA007F.27‑10010119 20/04/1959AMSMaldives AW   ex TS‑LVC @ TunisaviaTo Maldives Airways 8Q-PNADestroyed15/08/1991     
8Q-PNAF.27‑10010119 20/04/1959AMSMaldives AW   ex 8Q‑CA007 @ Maldives AWTo Yemen Arab Republic Air Force Yemen 202Destroyed15/08/1991     

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Current portfolios for Maldives Airways
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Additional information on Maldives Airways
New aircraft orders from Maldives Airways
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Safety accidents and incidents events for Maldives Airways
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