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Profile for: Mid East Jet
2 companies in genealogy tree - [ Generate Excel ]

Mid East JetKalair XAHUSA.TexasHouston/Jeddah1995-
All aircraft operated in VIP/executive services.
Skyways InternationalSkyways Aircraft Leasing/Skyways Leasing Corporation  USA.TexasHouston1973-1995
Renamed 10/95.

Directory and Contact records for Mid East Jet
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Mid East Jet
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SubFleets for: Mid East Jet
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Mid East JetA330A330-200     11- 
Mid East JetB.777B.777-200(ER)1   1 119.3 years
Mid East JetB.787B.787-9  1 1 1-
Mid East JetB.767B.767-2001   1 121.5 years
Mid East JetB.767B.767-200(ER)1   1 135.1 years
Mid East JetB.767B.767-300(ER)1   1 124.4 years
Mid East JetB.707B.707-120B     11-
Mid East JetB.707B.707-138B     22-
Mid East JetB.707B.707-320(A)     11-
Mid East JetB.707B.707-320B     11-
Mid East JetB.707B.707-320C     22-
Mid East JetB.727B.727-100     22-
Mid East JetB.757B.757-2001   1 121.2 years
Mid East JetA318A318-100 (CFM)     22-
Mid East JetA319A319ceo (IAE)     11-
Mid East JetB.737 NG/MAXB.737 BBJ (B.737-700)2   22419.0 years
Mid East JetB.737 NG/MAXB.737 BBJ2 (B.737-800)1   1 114.8 years
Mid East JetB.737 NG/MAXB.737 BBJ3 (B.737-900)1   1 19.5 years
Mid East JetB.737 NG/MAXB.737-8001   1 17.6 years
 TOTAL:10 1 11152619.1 years
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Mid East Jet
Airframes 1-26 of 26 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
N737GGB.737‑8KT (w)40118336923/07/2010RNTMid East Jet ex N447BJ @ Boeing A/c Co(Current, Active)Active      
VP-CECB.737‑9HW(ER) (BBJ3)37546272512/08/2008RNTMid East Jet ex N375BJ @ Boeing A/c Co(Current, Active)Active    
N371BCB.737‑8EF (BBJ2) (w)3297199622/10/2001RNTMid East Jet ex N1786B (Current, Active)Active based Jeddah, opf Executive Jet Ltd   
N707KSB.707‑321B2002578017/01/1969RNTMid East Jetex N728Q @ Independent AirTo (Government of Angola D2-MAN)Stored VIP, opb Kalair USA/Makshaff Services, opf Sheikh Kahled bin Sultan  
N757MAB.757‑24Q2846373907/01/1997RNTMid East Jet  (Current, Active)Active opb Kalair USA/Makshaff Services, opf Sheikh Kahled bin Sultan
N707KVB.707‑351C1963264913/11/1967RNTMid East Jetex 8P‑CAD @ Caribbean ACTo (Trans Arabian Air Transport ST-ANP)Destroyed14/08/1999   
N767KSB.767‑24Q2827062920/09/1996PAEMid East Jet  (Current, Active)Active opb Kalair USA/Makshaff Services, opf Sheikh Kahled bin Sultan; converted from B.767-24Q(ER) on 18/11/08
N707DYB.707‑351C1941256307/03/1967RNTMid East Jetex 8P‑CAC @ Caribbean ACTo (Trans Arabian Air Transport ST-APY)Destroyed03/02/2000no titles    
VP-BKSB.767‑3P6(ER)2725452221/10/1993PAEMid East Jet ex A4O‑GW @ Gulf Air(Current, Active)Active based Riyadh, temp.opf Backstreet Boys
VR-BNAB.727‑211926242616/06/1967RNTMid East Jetex N199AM @ Private users in USATo (Mid East Jet VP-BNA)Scrapped02/09/2008based Jeddah  
VP-BNAB.727‑211926242616/06/1967RNTMid East Jetex VR‑BNA @ Mid East JetScrapped ((was planned for use as ground trainer by Air Atlanta Aero Engineering) at SNN)Scrapped at SNN02/09/2008based Jeddah  
VP-BDARecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
VP-CPAB.737‑7AW (BBJ) (w)3003125102/04/1999RNTMid East Jet ex N737KY @ Private users in USA(Current, Active)Active    
VP-CPAB.737‑7AW (BBJ) (w)3003125102/04/1999RNTMid East Jetex VP‑CEC @ Private users in UNITED KINGDOM Cayman IslandsTo (Civil N737KY)Active  
N737GGB.737‑74Q (BBJ) (w)2913622501/03/1999RNTMid East Jetex N1779B To (Government of Tchad TT-ABD)Active   
N737CCB.737‑74Q (BBJ) (w)2913520602/02/1999RNTMid East Jet ex N60436 (Current, Active)Active based Jeddah
N777ASB.777‑24Q(ER)2927117403/11/1998PAEMid East Jet  (Current, Active)Active opb Kalair USA/Makshaff Services, opf Sheikh Kahled bin Sultan, based Jeddah/Bournemouth; painted unofficially as D-ABBA 2/05 by LH Technik  
N99WTB.707‑3211760610722/02/1960RNTMid East Jet ex N11RV @ Private users in USATo (Pan Am N728PA)Scrapped Skyways Lsg Corp  
N707KSB.707‑138B177026408/09/1959RNTMid East Jetex N600JJ @ IASCOTo (Civil N707SK)Active opf Sheikh Bin Laden    
N707SKB.707‑138B177026408/09/1959RNTMid East Jetex N707KS @ Mid East JetTo (Government of Congo DRC 9Q-CLK)Active    
VP-CMEB.767‑231(ER)225673028/01/1983PAEMid East Jet ex VP‑CME @ Private users in Saudi Arabia(Current, Active)Active opf Sheikh M Edress  
N960CCB.707‑123B176341406/02/1959RNTMid East Jetex N707AR @ ARCO Flight OperationsScrapped ( at AMA)Scrapped at AMA1998  
VP-CIEA319‑133X (ACJ319)1589 02/10/2001XFWMid East Jetex D‑AVYF To (Civil T7-MAB)Active   
VP-CKSA318‑112 (Elite/ACJ318)3238 22/08/2007XFWMid East Jetex D‑AUAJ To (NasJet NasJet)Active    
VP-CACA330‑243 (ACJ330)1053 10/09/2009TLSMid East Jet ex F‑WWKR -- Acquisition cancelled(n/a)Cancelled opf Midroc/Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi
HZ-RCAA318‑112 (Elite/ACJ318)3932 12/06/2009XFWMid East Jetex CS‑TSR @ Elit├ívia PortugalTo (Comlux Aviation Malta Comlux Aviation Malta)Active opf Saudi Red Crescent Authority

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