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Profile for: Somali Airlines
1 company in genealogy tree - [ Generate Excel ]

Somali Airlines HHSOMSomaliaMogadishu1964-1991
Formed 5/3/64 with help from Alitalia (49%). Nationalized in 1977. Ceased operations in 1991 at the beginning of the civil war. 

Directory and Contact records for Somali Airlines
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Somali Airlines
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SubFleets for: Somali Airlines
12 subfleets - [ Generate Excel ]

  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Somali ALA310A310-200     11- 
Somali ALA310A310-300     11-
Somali ALB.707B.707-120B     11-
Somali ALB.707B.707-320(A)     11-
Somali ALB.707B.707-320B     22-
Somali ALB.707B.707-320C     22-
Somali ALB.720B.720-020B     33-
Somali ALB.727B.727-200     11-
Somali ALViscountViscount 742D     55-
Somali ALF.27F.27-200     22-
Somali ALF.27F.27-600     22-
Somali ALDC-3C-47A     88-
 TOTAL:     2929-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Somali Airlines
Airframes 1-29 of 29 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
6O-SCGB.727‑28222430171530/01/1981RNTSomali ALex CS‑TBY @ TAP Air PortugalTo (Carnival Airlines N6167D)Active     
6O-SBTB.707‑330B1931654720/01/1967RNTSomali AL ex D‑ABUM @ LufthansaDestroyed ( at NBO)Destroyed at NBO17/05/1989   
6O-SBSB.707‑330B1931554516/12/1966RNTSomali AL ex D‑ABUL @ LufthansaTo (Omega Air EL-AJU)Scrapped27/03/2013   
6O-SBNB.707‑338C18954458 09/12/1965RNTSomali AL ex 9M‑MCR @ Malaysia ALTo (Omega Air N320MH)Scrapped25/11/1985   
6O-SBMB.707‑338C18953443 07/09/1965RNTSomali AL ex 9M‑MCQ @ Malaysia ALTo (Omega Air N342A)Scrapped02/04/1986   
6O-SAXB.720‑023B1803119829/03/1961RNTSomali AL ex N7545A @ American ALScrapped ( at MGQ)Scrapped at MGQ1985   
6O-SAWB.720‑023B1801514919/07/1960RNTSomali AL ex N7529A @ American ALScrapped ( at MGQ)Scrapped at MGQ    
6O-SAUB.720‑023B1801312013/04/1960RNTSomali ALex G‑BCBB @ Invicta Int'l ALTo (LAM Mozambique C9-ARG)Preserved    
9G-ACDB.707‑321176038425/11/1959RNTSomali ALleased from Tempair Int'l AL(Leased & Returned)Scrapped01/1984     
N7522AB.707‑123B176496612/09/1959RNTSomali ALleased from AeroAmerica(Leased & Returned)Scrapped11/1981     
F-BVTAF.27‑20010227 22/05/1963AMSSomali AL   leased from TAT European AL(Leased & Returned)Derelict      
F-BVTEF.27‑20010230 05/07/1963AMSSomali AL   leased from TAT European AL(Leased & Returned)Derelict      
6O-SAHC‑47A‑DK13111   OKCSomali AL   ex 6OS‑AAH @ Somali ALTo (Somalian Aeronautical Corps Somali AF AS6)Ultimate fate obscure      
6OS-AAHC‑47A‑DK13111   OKCSomali AL   ex N416 @ U S Department of StateTo (Somali Airlines 6O-SAH)Ultimate fate obscure      
6OS-AAAC‑47A‑DL19754   LGBSomali AL   ex N161 @ FAATo (Somali Airlines 6O-SAA)Stored      
6O-SAAC‑47A‑DL19754   LGBSomali AL   ex 6OS‑AAA @ Somali ALTo (Pyramid Airlines Charter Services N920)Stored      
6O-SABC‑47A‑DL20016   LGBSomali AL   ex 6OS‑AAB @ Somali ALTo (Pyramid Airlines Charter Services N925)Scrapped      
6OS-AABC‑47A‑DL20016   LGBSomali AL  ex N162 @ FAATo (Somali Airlines 6O-SAB)Scrapped      
6O-SACVC‑47A20424    Somali AL  ex 6OS‑AAC @ Somali ALDestroyed ( at BSA)Destroyed at BSA16/08/1975     
6OS-AACVC‑47A20424    Somali AL   ex N160 @ FAATo (Somali Airlines 6O-SAC)Destroyed16/08/1975     
6OS-AANViscount 745D114 10/03/1956EGLBSomali AL ex I‑LIRC @ AlitaliaTo (Somali Airlines 6O-SAN)Derelict      
6O-SANViscount 745D114 10/03/1956EGLBSomali AL ex 6OS‑AAN @ Somali ALPart-Out ( at MGQ)Derelict at MGQ     
6O-SAKViscount 785D325 12/03/1957BOHSomali AL ex 6OS‑AAK @ Somali ALScrapped ( at HGA)Scrapped at HGA      
6OS-AAKViscount 785D325 12/03/1957BOHSomali AL ex I‑LIFE @ AlitaliaTo (Somali Airlines 6O-SAK)Scrapped      
6OS-AAJViscount 785D379 23/04/1958BOHSomali AL ex I‑LIRP @ AlitaliaDestroyed ( at MGQ)Destroyed at MGQ06/05/1970   
6O-SAYF.27‑600RF10557 27/05/1977AMSSomali AL ex PH‑FTA @ Fokker SvcsDestroyed (nr Balad at MGQ)Destroyed at MGQ20/07/1981     
6O-SAZF.27‑600RF10559 21/07/1977AMSSomali AL ex PH‑FTB @ Fokker SvcsDestroyed (nr Borama in [ SO ])Destroyed in [ SO ]28/06/1989     
OO-SCBA310‑222313 23/02/1984TLSSomali ALleased from SABENA(Leased & Returned)Scrapped05/2009     
F-ODSVA310‑304473 05/01/1989TLSSomali ALleased from Airbus(Leased & Returned)Derelict 6O-SHH ntu  

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Current portfolios for Somali Airlines
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Additional information on Somali Airlines
New aircraft orders from Somali Airlines
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Safety accidents and incidents events for Somali Airlines
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