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Profile for: Surinam Airways
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Surinam AirwaysSurinamse Luchtvracht MaatschappijPYSLMSurinameParamaribo1975-
SLMSurinamse Luchtvracht MaatschappijPYSLMSurinameParamaribo1962-1975
Surinam Airways   SurinameParamaribo1954-1962

Directory and Contact records for Surinam Airways
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Surinam Airways
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SubFleets for: Surinam Airways
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all times
Avg Age
Surinam AWB.747B.747-200B(SUD)     11- 
Surinam AWB.747B.747-300(SCD)  1 112-
Surinam AWA340A340-3001   1 120.9 years
Surinam AWB.707B.707-320C     22-
Surinam AWDC-8DC-8-50     11-
Surinam AWDC-8DC-8-60     55-
Surinam AWB.737 ClassicB.737-200     11-
Surinam AWB.737 ClassicB.737-3003   3 318.9 years
Surinam AWDC-9DC-9-50     11-
Surinam AWDC-9DC-9-80 (MD-80)     22-
Surinam AWDHC-8DHC-8 Series 300     11-
Surinam AWDC-6DC-6A     22-
Surinam AWDC-6DC-6B     11-
Surinam AWDC-3C-47A     33-
Surinam AWDC-3C-47B     11-
 TOTAL:4 1 5222719.4 years
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Surinam Airways
Airframes 1-27 of 27 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
PZ-TCOB.737‑36N28669289709/06/1997RNTSurinam AW ex N669AN @ Pegasus AvnCurrent, ActiveActive     
PZ-TCNB.737‑36N28668289016/05/1997RNTSurinam AW ex N668AN @ Pegasus AvnCurrent, ActiveActive    
PZ-TCQB.737‑3Q826295255723/11/1993RNTSurinam AW ex PR‑WJO @ WebJet Linhas A√©reasCurrent, ActiveActive      
PZ-TCGDC‑9‑87 (MD‑87)49671146319/03/1988LGBSurinam AWex N107PY @ ILFCTo AeroM√©xico XA-TPMStored    
PZ-TCLDC‑9‑82 (MD‑82)49444132309/10/1986LGBSurinam AWex N98876 @ Continental ALTo Pegasus Aviation N571SHScrapped2012  
PZ-TCKDC‑9‑514765576310/12/1974LGBSurinam AWex N54642 @ Amtec CorpScrapped at LCQScrapped at LCQ2004   
OY-APRB.737‑2L92240769803/09/1980RNTSurinam AWleased from Maersk AirLeased & ReturnedPreserved04/2011   
TF-AECB.707‑338C19622660 28/12/1967RNTSurinam AWleased from Air Arctic IcelandLeased & ReturnedActive      
PZ-TCMB.747‑306(SCD)2350865720/09/1986PAESurinam AWex PH‑BUW @ KLM Royal Dutch ALStored at MZJStored at MZJ  
PZ-B.747‑306(SCD)2305658715/09/1983PAESurinam AW  ex PH‑BUU @ KLM Royal Dutch AL-- Acquisition cancelledn/aDestroyed17/07/2010     
N3493FDC‑6A44630567 30/03/1955LGBSurinam AWex 53‑3259 @ U S AFDestroyed at PBMDestroyed at PBM05/05/1978no titles    
PH-DEMDC‑8‑634614153320/05/1970LGBSurinam AW leased from KLM Royal Dutch ALLeased & ReturnedScrapped07/03/2006   
N1809EDC‑8‑624610749803/10/1969LGBSurinam AW  Destroyed nr Coia Creek at PBMDestroyed at PBM07/06/1989   
PZ-B.747‑206B(SUD)22379491 06/11/1980PAESurinam AW  ex PH‑BUR @ KLM Royal Dutch AL-- Acquisition cancelledn/aScrapped2011     
PZ-CLGDC‑6A44259475 19/05/1954LGBSurinam AWex PJ‑CLG @ Air CaribbeanTo Air Caribbean PJ-CLGUltimate fate obscure opb CLTM    
PH-DEFDC‑8‑634608046606/05/1969LGBSurinam AW   wet-leased/franchised from KLM Royal Dutch ALLeased & ReturnedScrapped19/07/2011     
N4935CDC‑8‑634593139105/08/1968LGBSurinam AW leased from IALLeased & ReturnedScrapped    
TF-AEAB.707‑321C18714362 10/02/1964RNTSurinam AWleased from Air Arctic IcelandLeased & ReturnedDestroyed12/2000     
N1806DC‑8‑624591131809/10/1967LGBSurinam AWleased from IALLeased & ReturnedDerelict19/11/2013   
N47058DC‑6B/F4384231217/01/1953LGBSurinam AWex F‑BHMR @ Air DjiboutiTo Copa Airlines HP-936Destroyed02/1994     
PH-DCWDC‑8F‑554576223220/07/1965LGBSurinam AW   leased from KLM Royal Dutch ALLeased & ReturnedScrapped03/2002     
N106AVDHC‑8‑311332 02/06/1992YZDSurinam AW leased from Avline TradingLeased & ReturnedActive    
PZ-TAXC‑47A‑DK13114   OKCSurinam AW   ex 9Y‑TCR @ BWIA West Indies AWTo Cambodia Air Service N88750Ultimate fate obscure      
PZ-TAYC‑47A‑DK13173   OKCSurinam AW   ex 9Y‑TBW @ BWIA West Indies AWUnknown Ultimate fate obscure      
PZ-TAMC‑47A‑DL19247   LGBSurinam AW ex PJ‑ALE @ Dutch Caribbean ALScrapped at PBMScrapped at PBM2005     
PZ-TAWC‑47B‑DK33189   OKCSurinam AW ex 9Y‑TBJ @ BWIA West Indies AWScrapped Scrapped05/1975     
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Current portfolios for Surinam Airways
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Additional information on Surinam Airways
New aircraft orders from Surinam Airways
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Safety accidents and incidents events for Surinam Airways
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