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Profile for: Tunisair Express
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Tunisair Express UGSEN;TUXTunisiaTunis-Carthage2011-
Started trading simply as Tunisair in 9/11. Suspended its own operations briefly in 9-10/13 due to maintenance issues, leasing aircraft from other carriers. Was to be merged into Tunisair as its LCC unit (announced 4/12/15 by the Ministy of Transport; eventually shelved in 5/16 and abandonned in 10/16). 
Sevenair UGTUI;SENTunisiaTunis-Carthage2007-2011
Renamed Tunisair Express in early 2011 following the demise of the Tunisian president who had accessed to power on 7/11/87 and was obsessed by the digit 7. 
Tuninter UGTUITunisiaTunis-Carthage1991-2007
Formed by Tunis Air (40%, later 96%). Announced plan in 12/06 to be rebranded and organized as a low-cost carrier, renamed Sevenair effective 7/7/07. 

Directory and Contact records for Tunisair Express
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Tunisair Express
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SubFleets for: Tunisair Express
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Tunisair ExpressA320A320ceo (CFM)     11- 
Tunisair ExpressB.737 ClassicB.737-200     33-
Tunisair ExpressB.737 ClassicB.737-300     11-
Tunisair ExpressB.737 ClassicB.737-5001   1 126.6 years
Tunisair ExpressDC-9DC-9-30     55-
Tunisair ExpressDC-9DC-9-80 (MD-80)     11-
Tunisair ExpressCRJ 900CRJ 900 (CL-600-2D24)2   2 212.6 years
Tunisair ExpressATR-72ATR-72-200  1 112-
Tunisair ExpressATR-72ATR-72-212A (ATR-72-500)2   2 211.6 years
Tunisair ExpressATR-42ATR-42-300  1 112-
 TOTAL:5 2 7132015.0 years
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Tunisair Express
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
SU-KHMRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers 
TS-IEBB.737‑3Y024905200111/02/1991RNTTunisair Expressex PH‑TSU @ Transavia ALTo (GECAS N905AF)Derelict14/12/2012  
ZS-TRJRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
TS-IEAB.737‑2H623320112023/05/1985RNTTunisair Expressex PK‑IJG @ Bouraq Indonesia ALTo (AerCap N9187D)Destroyed27/08/2008   
TS-IOFB.737‑2H32262577616/06/1981RNTTunisair Expressleased from Tunisair(Leased & Returned)Stored      
TS-IOEB.737‑2H32262475815/04/1981RNTTunisair Expressleased from Tunisair(Leased & Returned)Stored      
YU-AJMDC‑9‑324758270127/06/1973LGBTunisair Express leased from Air Serbia(Leased & Returned)Derelict10/2006     
YU-AJLDC‑9‑324757169519/04/1973LGBTunisair Express leased from Air Serbia(Leased & Returned)Derelict10/2006     
YU-AJKDC‑9‑324756868912/02/1973LGBTunisair Express   leased from Air Serbia(Leased & Returned)Scrapped12/2006     
YU-AJIDC‑9‑324756368719/01/1973LGBTunisair Express   leased from Air Serbia(Leased & Returned)Scrapped12/2006no titles    
YU-AJHDC‑9‑324756268520/12/1972LGBTunisair Express   leased from Air Serbia(Leased & Returned)Destroyed10/12/2005     
F-GHPIATR‑42‑300214 05/10/1990TLSTunisair Expressleased from Brit'Air(Leased & Returned)Active    
TS-LBAATR‑42‑300245 14/02/1992TLSTunisair Expressex F‑WWET Stored ( at TUN)Stored at TUN World Cup c/s 7/06 
TS-LBBATR‑72‑202258 12/03/1991TLSTunisair Express ex F‑WWLE Destroyed (off Capo Gallo (rear fuselage moved to Palermo-Boccadifalco) at PMO)Destroyed at PMO06/08/2005   
TS-LBCATR‑72‑202281 02/04/1992TLSTunisair Express ex F‑WWLK Stored ( at TUN)Stored at TUN     
EK-32001A320‑212397 21/12/1992TLSTunisair Expressleased from Armenian Int'l AW(Leased & Returned)Destroyed05/05/2006    
TS-ISBRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
TS-LBDATR‑72‑212A (ATR‑72‑500)756 03/07/2007TLSTunisair Express  ex F‑WWEQ (Current, Active)Active     
TS-ISARecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
TS-LBERecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers

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Current portfolios for Tunisair Express
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Additional information on Tunisair Express
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Safety accidents and incidents events for Tunisair Express
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