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Profile for: Volga-Dnepr Airlines
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Volga-Dnepr AirlinesRussian International Cargo AirlinesVIVDARussiaUlyanovsk1990-
Formed along with partnership with HeavyLift. 16% acquired by Kaskol Group in 2000. Severed links with HeavyLift in 2001. Launched scheduled services division with 2 747Fs based at Luxembourg in 2004 dba AirBridgeCargo (qv). IPO planned for 2005, later 2007. 11% sold early 2006 to state-owned Vneshekonombank. Formed joint marketing alliance Ruslan Int'l in 7/06 with Antonov Airlines (following the latter's lack of sales force after the withdrawal of HeavyLift Antonov). Planned to set up a domestic subsidiary using 7-10 737F (announced 5/11, expected start-up in 12/11), eventually purchased Atran (qv). Ended most international operations in 2/22 due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Ownership transferred to management in 8/22.

Directory and Contact records for Volga-Dnepr Airlines
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Volga-Dnepr Airlines
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SubFleets for: Volga-Dnepr Airlines
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Volga-Dnepr ALAn-124An-124 ()     44- 
Volga-Dnepr ALAn-124An-124-1001 10 1151622.7 years
Volga-Dnepr ALIl-96Il-96-400     44-
Volga-Dnepr ALIl-76Il-76MD     11-
Volga-Dnepr ALIl-76Il-76T     11-
Volga-Dnepr ALIl-76Il-76TD     2121-
Volga-Dnepr ALIl-76Il-76TD-904 1 5 512.7 years
Volga-Dnepr ALB.777B.777-F (B.777-200F) 1 5639-
Volga-Dnepr ALYak-40Yak-40 ()  1 11011-
Volga-Dnepr ALYak-40Yak-40K     11-
Volga-Dnepr ALYak-40Yak-40K(F)  1 112-
Volga-Dnepr ALTu-204Tu-204-100     11-
Volga-Dnepr ALAn-12An-12A     33-
Volga-Dnepr ALAn-12An-12B     11-
Volga-Dnepr ALAn-12An-12BP  1 11213-
Volga-Dnepr ALAn-8An-8 ()     22-
Volga-Dnepr ALAn-32An-32B     22-
 TOTAL:5114525729714.7 years
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All-times Fleets of Volga-Dnepr Airlines
Total number of aircraft: 97. Use link above to launch or links within above table for specific subfleets.

Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Volga-Dnepr Airlines (current & planned only)
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
RA-76511Il‑76TD‑90VD21234227529408 04/2012UTTPVolga-Dnepr AL   (Current, Active)Active originally ordered as Il-76TF  
RA-76503Recently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
RA-76952Il‑76TD‑90VD20934227439406 02/2010UTTPVolga-Dnepr AL   (Current, Active)Active originally ordered as Il-76TF; 20-year c/s 6/10 
RA-76951Recently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
RA-76950Il‑76TD‑90VD20534206979305 2005UTTPVolga-Dnepr AL   MRO/Conversion ( at ULY)MRO/Conversion at ULY originally ordered as Il-76TF  
RA-88243Yak‑40K(F)9641651511603/02/1977RTWVolga-Dnepr ALex CCCP‑88243 @ AeroflotStored ( at LPK)Stored at LPK   
RA-87944Yak‑40 ()95408454508 RTWVolga-Dnepr AL   ex CCCP‑87944 @ AeroflotStored ()Stored tail logo only  
RA-82081An‑124‑100M977305146216580316/03/2004ULYVolga-Dnepr AL  Stored ( at ULY)Stored at ULY was intended to be regd in the UK, temp.opf ICRC/International Red Cross 8/04; "An-124M-150" titles applied 8/05  
RA-82079An‑124‑100 (U)977305206215780106/2000ULYVolga-Dnepr AL   (Current, Active)Active 20-year c/s 6/10 
RA-82078An‑124‑100 (U)977305455915371019/09/1996ULYVolga-Dnepr AL  Stored ((impounded) at YYZ)Stored at YYZ   
RA-82077An‑124‑100 (U)977305445915170926/07/1995ULYVolga-Dnepr AL Stored ( at ULY)Stored at ULY Kiev court ordered arrest of aircraft on 28/5/19 
RA-82074An‑124‑100 (U)977305145914270710/1994ULYVolga-Dnepr AL  Stored ( at KZN)Stored at KZN    
RA-82068Recently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
RA-82047An‑124‑100 (U)977305325912170113/03/1993ULYVolga-Dnepr AL ex CCCP‑82068 @ AeroflotStored ( at ULY)Stored at ULY   
RA-82046An‑124‑100 (U)977305225511761010/07/1992ULYVolga-Dnepr AL ex CCCP‑82046 @ Volga-Dnepr ALStored ( at LEJ)Stored at LEJ converted An-124 in 1996; 20-year c/s 8/10; Kiev court ordered arrest of aircraft on 28/5/19 
RA-82045An‑124‑100 (U)977305225511360929/04/1992ULYVolga-Dnepr AL ex CCCP‑82045 @ AeroflotStored ( at LEJ)Stored at LEJ converted An-124 in 1996; Kiev court ordered arrest of aircraft on 28/5/19 
RA-82044An‑124‑100 (U)977305415510960810/02/1992ULYVolga-Dnepr AL ex CCCP‑82044 @ AeroflotStored ( at ULY)Stored at ULY converted An-124 
RA-82043An‑124‑100 (U)977305415510160731/10/1991ULYVolga-Dnepr AL ex CCCP‑82043 @ AeroflotStored ( at LEJ)Stored at LEJ converted An-124; 20-year c/s 7/10 
RA-11746An‑12BP7345007 1967 Volga-Dnepr ALex CCCP‑11746 @ AeroflotStored ( at URWH)Stored at URWH    

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Current portfolios for Volga-Dnepr Airlines
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Additional information on Volga-Dnepr Airlines
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Safety accidents and incidents events for Volga-Dnepr Airlines
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