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Profile for: Samara Airlines
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Samara AirlinesAviakompanija SamaraE5BRZRussiaSamara-Kurumoch1993-2008
Originally formed as Aeroflot's Kuybyshev division. 46.49% share kept by Russian government. Expected to be partially acquired by Aeroflot Russian Airlines in 2004. Formed AirBridge alliance team in late 2004 with KrasAir, Sibaviatrans, Omskavia and Domodevo AL. Alliance renamed Air Union in 2005, expected to become a formal single-airline entity (decree signed 2/5/07). To be purchased by new holding company set up by Sergei Chemezov (close associate of Vladimir Putin) taking over all carriers of AiRUnion (announced 5/9/08, to be completed mid-2009). AOC suspended with route network and most fleet assets transferred to Atlant-Soyuz (announced 8/9/08, effective 30/9/08).

Directory and Contact records for Samara Airlines
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Samara Airlines
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SubFleets for: Samara Airlines
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Samara ALIl-76Il-76MD     11- 
Samara ALIl-76Il-76TD     88-
Samara ALTu-154Tu-154B  1 11112-
Samara ALTu-154Tu-154M  1 11415-
Samara ALYak-42Yak-42 ()     11-
Samara ALYak-42Yak-42D     55-
Samara ALYak-40Yak-40 ()  1 156-
Samara ALYak-40Yak-40K     11-
Samara ALYak-40Yak-40K(F)     11-
Samara ALTu-134Tu-134A  7 7815-
Samara ALAn-12An-12B     33-
Samara ALAn-12An-12BP     22-
Samara ALAn-140An-140 (S)     22-
 TOTAL:  10 106272-
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All-times Fleets of Samara Airlines
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Samara Airlines (current & planned only)
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
RA-65797Tu‑134A‑363173561019/03/1980UKHVSamara AL ex CCCP‑65797 @ AeroflotStored ()Stored       
RA-65792Tu‑134A‑363121560327/02/2000UKHVSamara AL ex CCCP‑65792 @ AeroflotStored ( at KUF)Stored at KUF      
RA-65758Tu‑134A‑362230510929/04/1979UKHVSamara AL ex CCCP‑65758 @ AeroflotStored ( at KUF)Stored at KUF      
RA-65753Tu‑134A‑361099500902/03/1979UKHVSamara AL ex CCCP‑65753 @ AeroflotStored ()Stored      
RA-65122Tu‑134A‑360518470230/06/1978UKHVSamara AL ex CCCP‑65122 @ AeroflotStored ()Stored      
RA-65105Tu‑134A‑360308450220/03/1978UKHVSamara AL ex LY‑ABH @ FlyLALStored ()Stored converted Tu-134A in 2002    
RA-87444Yak‑40 ()9430136360128/08/1974RTWSamara AL ex CCCP‑87444 @ AeroflotStored ( at LPK)Stored at LPK   
RA-65800Tu‑134A3352009200922/02/1974UKHVSamara AL ex CCCP‑65800 @ AeroflotStored ( at KUF)Stored at KUF      
RA-85500Tu‑154B‑2500 18/07/1981UWWGSamara AL ex CCCP‑85500 @ AeroflotStored ( at KUF)Stored at KUF      
RA-85731Tu‑154M913 27/05/1992UWWGSamara AL ex CCCP‑85731 @ AeroflotStored ( at DME)Stored at DME dba AiRUnion from 12/05    

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Current portfolios for Samara Airlines
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Additional information on Samara Airlines
New aircraft orders from Samara Airlines
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Safety accidents and incidents events for Samara Airlines
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