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Profile for: TAT European Airlines
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TAT European AirlinesTransport Aérien TransrégionalIJTATFranceTours/Paris-Orly/Dinard1993-1997
49.9% stake taken 1992 by British AW, increased to 100% in 1996. Operations and marketing merged into Air Liberté on 26/10/97 but Groupe TAT remained as a separate distinct legal entity (mostly with maintenance facilities at Dinard and Tours) and asset management services through Aircraft Int'l Renting (qv).
TATTransport Aérien TransrégionalIJ;IOTAT;TADFranceTours/Paris-Orly/Dinard1984-1993
35% stake acquired 1989 by Air France, resold 1990 under EEC pressure. Renamed TAT European Airlines on 5/1/1993.
TATTouraine Air TransportIJ;IO FranceTours/Paris-Orly/Dinard1968-1984
Formed by Michel Marchais. Took-over Rousseau Aviation, TAF, Air Paris, Air Alpes, Air Languedoc (1976) & Air Alsace.

Directory and Contact records for TAT European Airlines
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Traffic and Financial data overview for TAT European Airlines
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SubFleets for: TAT European Airlines
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
TAT European ALB.737 ClassicB.737-200C     55- 
TAT European ALB.737 ClassicB.737-300     22-
TAT European ALDC-9DC-9-10     11-
TAT European ALDC-9DC-9-20     22-
TAT European ALDC-9DC-9-40     22-
TAT European ALBAC 111BAC 111-400     22-
TAT European ALF.28F.28-0100 (F.100)     3434-
TAT European ALF.28F.28-1000     2121-
TAT European ALF.28F.28-2000     55-
TAT European ALF.28F.28-4000     77-
TAT European ALVFW 614VFW-614     77-
TAT European ALVanguardVanguard 950(F)     11-
TAT European ALDHC-7DHC-7-100     22-
TAT European ALF-27F-27 ()     55-
TAT European ALF.27F.27-050     22-
TAT European ALF.27F.27-100     22-
TAT European ALF.27F.27-200     1212-
TAT European ALF.27F.27-400     11-
TAT European ALF.27F.27-600     33-
TAT European ALFH-227FH-227 ()     1919-
TAT European ALHS.748HS.748 Series 2A     22-
TAT European ALATR-72ATR-72-200     1818-
TAT European ALATR-42ATR-42-300     1515-
TAT European ALHeraldHerald series 100     11-
TAT European ALHeraldHerald series 400     11-
TAT European ALN.262N.262A     66-
TAT European ALN.262N.262B     22-
TAT European ALDC-3C-47A     11-
 TOTAL:     181181-
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All-times Fleets of TAT European Airlines
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Current portfolios for TAT European Airlines
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Additional information on TAT European Airlines
New aircraft orders from TAT European Airlines
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Safety accidents and incidents events for TAT European Airlines
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