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Profile for: LANSA
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LANSALineas A√©reas Nacionales SA  PeruLima1963-1971
AOC revoked 24/12/71 over safety issues, including fasification of maintenance records.

Directory and Contact records for LANSA
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Traffic and Financial data overview for LANSA
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SubFleets for: LANSA
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all times
Avg Age
LANSAL.188L.188A     44- 
LANSAYS-11YS-11-100     44-
LANSAL.1049L.1049E     11-
LANSAL.1049L.1049G     11-
LANSAL.649/749 ConstellationL.749A     99-
 TOTAL:     1919-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of LANSA
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
OB-R-893YS‑11‑1092026 14/07/1966NKMLANSA   ex JA8665 @ JAL DomesticTo JAL Domestic JA8665Scrapped       
OB-R-857YS‑11‑1202035 17/02/1967NKMLANSA   ex JA8676 @ JAL DomesticTo JAL Domestic JA8676Preserved      
OB-R-895YS‑11‑1202040 26/05/1967NKMLANSA    To Piedmont Airlines N264PScrapped      
OB-R-907YS‑11‑1262046 06/09/1967NKMLANSA   ex To Piedmont Airlines N265PScrapped      
OB-WAB-733L.749A2518    BURLANSA   ex N101A @ Standard AWTo LANSA OB-R-733Scrapped      
OB-R-733L.749A2518    BURLANSA   ex OB‑WAB‑733 @ LANSAScrapped at LIMScrapped at LIM      
OB-R-785L.749A2519    BURLANSA   ex N102A @ Trans California ALScrapped at LIMScrapped at LIM      
OB-R-771L.749A2521    BURLANSA  ex N104A @ Trans California ALDestroyed nr Hampara in [ PE ]Destroyed in [ PE ]27/04/1966     
OB-R-740L.749A‑79‑122534    BURLANSA   ex OB‑WAC @ LANSAScrapped at LIMScrapped at LIM      
OB-WACL.749A‑79‑122534    BURLANSA   ex N113A @ Standard AWTo LANSA OB-R-740Scrapped      
OB-R-743L.749A2535    BURLANSA   ex N114A @ Standard AWScrapped at LIMScrapped at LIM      
OB-WAA-732L.749A‑79‑122614    BURLANSA   ex N117A @ Standard AWTo LANSA OB-R-732Scrapped      
OB-R-732L.749A‑79‑122614    BURLANSA   ex OB‑WAA‑732 @ LANSAScrapped at LIMScrapped at LIM      
OB-R-742L.1049E/01‑554546   BURLANSA   ex N9717C @ American Flyers Airline-- Acquisition cancelledn/aScrapped1971     
OB-R-741L.1049G/02‑824574  BURLANSA   ex N9719C @ American Flyers Airline-- Acquisition cancelledn/aDestroyed20/09/1965     
OB-R-941L.188A1086 22/08/1959BURLANSAex N9704C @ BraniffDestroyed nr at SPTIDestroyed at SPTI24/12/1971     
OB-R-945L.188A1095 23/09/1959BURLANSAex N9706C @ BraniffScrapped at LIMScrapped at LIM      
OB-R-939L.188A1106 12/11/1959BURLANSAex N9708C @ BraniffDestroyed at CUZDestroyed at CUZ09/08/1970     
OB-R-946L.188A1114 31/12/1959BURLANSAex N9709C @ BraniffTo Boeing Aircraft Company N9709CScrapped1997     

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Current portfolios for LANSA
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Additional information on LANSA
New aircraft orders from LANSA
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Safety accidents and incidents events for LANSA
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