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Airframes Profile for: aircraft inactive at BFI
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
N7470B.747‑12120235130/09/1968PAEBoeing A/c Co  Preserved ((Museum of Flight Foundation) at BFI)Preserved at BFI28/03/1990P&W JT9D then PW4084 engines, later RR Trent 884 engine on #2 position   
N787BXB.787‑8 (RR)40692306/09/2009PAEBoeing A/c Co  Preserved ((Museum of Flight; donated 12/9/14, presented 8/11/14) at BFI)Preserved at BFI26/09/20143nd prototype 787, Boeing c/s   
N462KCRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
G-BOAGConcorde 102214 21/04/1978FZOBritish AW ex G‑BFKW Preserved ((Museum of Flight) at BFI)Preserved at BFI05/11/2003 
58-6970VC‑137B (B.707‑153B)179253304/04/1959RNTU S AF  Preserved ((Museum of Flight) at BFI)Preserved at BFI05/01/1996converted VC-137A (B.707-153) in 2/63  
N7001UB.727‑2218293109/02/1963RNTUnited AL  Preserved ((Museum of Flight; ferried 2/3/16 from PAE after restoration) at BFI)Preserved at BFI02/03/2016  
N515NAB.737‑13019437109/04/1967BFINASA ex N73700 @ Boeing A/c CoPreserved ((Museum of Flight) at BFI)Preserved at BFI21/09/2003opb OAST Langley, dual cockpit  
N8703JB.737 MAX 842556572814/04/2016RNTBoeing A/c Co  Stored ( at BFI)Stored at BFI 3rd prototype 737 MAX   
N7379EB.737 MAX 942987625007/03/2017RNTBoeing A/c Co ex N1786B Parked (. For Thai Lion Air HS-LSJ at BFI)Parked at BFI prototype 737 MAX 9  
N247BEB.737 MAX 860939808202/01/2022RNTBoeing A/c Co  Parked (. For Air China Air China at BFI)Parked at BFI     
N981BARecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
N982BAB.737 MAX 864609734511/01/2019RNTBoeing A/c Co ex N1780B Stored ( at BFI)Stored at BFI     
N965BARecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
CF-RNRL.1049G/02‑824544 10/05/1954BURWorld Wide AW ex N8742R @ Private users in USAPreserved (Museum of Flight (trucked 24/8/09-4/9/09 to Boeing Field for exhibit; trucked 7/6/07 to RME and re-assembly completed on 12/11/08; purchased 10/05 by Museum of Flight, Seattle but export to USA denied by Canadian Customs on 26/5/06, eventually granted on 8/3/07; trucked 6-9/6/96 by Philip Yull to YYZ and used as a conference facility and cocktail lounge by Regal Constellation Hotel from 22/8/96; repainted in TCA c/s in 10/92; trucked 2-4/7/85 by Bertrand Camirand to ST.Jean Port Joli, PQ and exhibited at Mus√©e Les Retrouvailles from 6/87; trucked 12/68 by M.Ferrand to St.Marc des Carrie√®res, PQ from YYZ for a planned restaurant) at BFI)Preserved at BFI08/1965     
NC91008DC‑3‑277C2245  SMOAlaska AL   ex N138D @ Nevada ALPreserved ((Museum of Flight Foundation, indoor) at BFI)Preserved at BFI preservation use only (complete aircraft inside, see c/n 6337)    
N13711DC‑2‑118B1368 16/03/1935SMOMuseum of Flight Foundation ex N1934D @ McDonnell DouglasPreserved ( at BFI)Preserved at BFI operated as NC13711   

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