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Airframes Profile for: aircraft inactive at FJR
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config Builtat1stFlight1stDelOperatorRegdDelParkedDeregdOwnersOpfOriginBecameStatusLast fltCanceledDestroyedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
XT-DMTB.747‑238B21054260 PAE1975-04-211975-05-30Kallat Elsaker Air    ex J2‑LBB @ Quest ALPart-Out ((to be auctioned 14/6/15) at FJR)Derelict at FJR2009-11-11      
TF-AABB.747‑236F(SCD)22304502 PAE1981-01-241982-03-14Air Atlanta Icelandic   ex N362FC @ Focus AirPart-Out ( at FJR)Derelict at FJR2013-03-082017-05-  
N691SRRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
UP-B4701B.747‑281F(SCD)24399750 PAE1989-07-261989-08-10Azee Air    ex 4L‑GNK @ Air GeorgiaStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR2020-01-21    
5A-DQBIl‑86 ()5148320706970 UUOD 1989-01-26Global Avn    ex UN‑86101 @ Kazakstan ALStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR2009-03-     
UP-I7621Il‑76TD1343401826051981-11-23UTTP 1981-11-23East Wing    ex UN‑76006 @ East WingStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR     
EX-86916Il‑76TD2343812028101982UTTP 1982-07-13Botir-Avia     ex UR‑86916 @ Liana Air CoPart-Out ( at FJR)Derelict at FJR   converted Il-76MD  
UP-I7624Il‑76TD2344221831051982-12-30UTTP 1982-12-30East Wing    ex UN‑76002 @ East WingStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR      
UR-EAAIl‑76TD3344635034081983-07-30UTTP 1983-07-30Europe Air   ex UP‑I7625 @ Air Trust AircompanyStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR     
UP-I7644Il‑76TD3344840436011983UTTP 1983-10-31Air Trust Aircompany     ex UP‑I7623 @ BeibarsStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR   no titles  
3X-GGTIl‑76TD434020391101974UTTP 1974-08-31GR Avia     ex S9‑DBX @ Private users in Sao Tome E PrincipeStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR      
ST-AQRIl‑76TD4345357540041984-07-06UTTP 1984-07-26Alfa AL Sudan     ex 9L‑LCX @ AeroliftPart-Out ((for auction 14/6/15) at FJR)Derelict at FJR   Trans-Attico c/s  
UR-CIUIl‑76TD5345874144061985-02-28UTTP 1985-02-28ZetAvia    ex RA‑76628 @ Polyot Rossiskaya aviakompaniaStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR     
ER-IAVIl‑76TD6347115054081986UTTP 1986-10-17Aerotranscargo     ex 3X‑GFR @ GR AviaStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR 2008-12-31 no titles 
UP-I7641Il‑76T834134151104 1978-08-28UTTP 1978-08-28Private users in Qazaqstan    ex RA‑76509 @ Abakan AirStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR      
ER-IBZIl‑76T834144321108 1978-08-01UTTP 1978-08-25Aerotranscargo    ex EK‑76603 @ Ark AWStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR      
RDPL-34157Il‑76T934185561409 1979-07-06UTTP 1979-07-06Imtrec Avn Cambodia    ex ER‑IBP @ Jet Stream ALStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR      
EK-76155Il‑76T934216371610 1980-03-10UTTP 1980-03-14Rus Avn    ex EK‑76754 @ Ayk AviaStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR   no titles  
UP-I7636Il‑76TD9349692374011989-11-17UTTP 1989-11-17Air Trust Aircompany     ex RA‑76786 @ Russian Sky ALStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR   no titles  
RA-76817Il‑76TD102341238785071992-05-21UTTP 1992-05-21Moscow Airline     ex CCCP‑76817 @ Liana Air CoPart-Out ((in UN c/s) at FJR)Derelict at FJR      
N855VVDC‑10‑40(F)478553491980-12-09LGB 1981-03-26Omega Air   ex UP‑DC101 @ Deta AirPart-Out ( at FJR)Derelict at FJR2013-04-2015-06-16   
TT-DWEL.1011‑1001093  PMD1974-10-141974-11-08AMW Tchad   ex A8‑AAB @ Int'l Air SvcsPreserved ((trucked 24/1/09 across desert to Emirates National Auto Museum, SW of Abu Dhabi) at FJR)Preserved at FJR2007-06-  Caledonian c/s, no titles 
4L-GASB.707‑379C19821718  RNT1968-05-291968-06-27Transaviaservice   ex EX‑120 @ Trade Aero Space TechnologiesPart-Out ( at FJR)Derelict at FJR 2010-12- no titles 
RA-86586Il‑62M335794757041999-06-11UWKG 1999-08-Private users in Russia    ex UP‑I6205 @ Aria ALStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR2009-08-     
5X-PSTB.727‑171C19859559 RNT1968-04-031968-04-16Transafrik Uganda    ex S9‑PST @ TransafrikStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR   based Entebbe  
N727KAB.727‑223215191459 RNT1979-03-071979-03-23Ibrahim Mohammad Ghouli    ex TL‑AEB @ Centrafrique Air ExpressPart-Out ((as TL-AEB; exported to Senegal; for auction 14/6/15) at FJR)Derelict at FJR     
UP-B2703B.727‑232215841478 RNT1979-04-261979-05-10Mega AL    ex UN‑B2703 @ Mega ALStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR   c/n tbc  
UP-B2702B.727‑225(F)218611554 RNT1979-11-211979-12-07Mega AL    ex UN‑B2702 @ Mega ALStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR      
UP-B2704B.727‑232220461604 RNT1980-04-031980-04-16Mega AL    ex A6‑RSA @ Red Star AvnStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR   no titles, operator tbc  
UN-87537Yak‑40 ()95202424202 RTW 1975-08-08GST Aero Aircompany     ex CCCP‑87537 @ AeroflotStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR      
M-AZIZB.737‑505246492225 RNT1992-02-101992-02-21Azizi Group Ltd    ex N55AZ @ Private users in USAPreserved ((moved 1/17 to Doha KidZania) at FJR)Preserved at FJR2011-04-2016-09-21 opf Mirwais Azizi, based Dubai/Afghanistan 
5X-TUBL.100‑304300  MGE 1968-10-Transafrik Uganda    ex S9‑CAW @ TransafrikStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR      
5X-TUAL.100‑304301  MGE 1968-10-Transafrik Uganda    ex S9‑CAV @ TransafrikStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR   no titles  
5X-TUFL.100‑304383  MGE 1970-06-Transafrik Uganda     ex S9‑DBE @ TransafrikStored ( at FJR)Stored at FJR      
EX-152An‑12TB401801 1963-08-28  1963-10-05S Group Int'l     ex YU‑UIE @ UIAPart-Out ( at FJR)Derelict at FJR      

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from Skyliner..
This Brussels Airlines A320neo, delivered five momths in an all-white scheme ago, has been given the new “Toorrowland” livery at East Midlands.

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