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Airframes Profile for: aircraft inactive at KRT
Airframes 1-35 of 49 - [ Generate Excel ]

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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
ST-EWCIl‑76TD2343812929031982UTTPAir West ex EX‑86919 @ Botir-AviaStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT       
ST-AWRIl‑76TD3344736535021983UTTPNile Basin ex RDPL‑34138 @ Euro Asia AvnStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT     
ST-BDEIl‑76TD101340825282031991UTTPBadr ALex RA‑76809 @ AviastStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT    
1106Il‑76TD102340826582071992UTTPSudan AF ex ST‑AZZ @ Sudan AFStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT      
ST-ASSA300B4‑622R252 08/07/1983TLSSudan AWex F‑ODTK @ AirbusPart-Out ( at KRT)Derelict at KRT2007    
ST-ATBA300B4‑622R666 25/09/1992TLSSudan AWex TF‑ELB @ Air Atlanta IcelandicStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT  
ST-ATAA300B4‑622R775 28/10/1997TLSSudan AWex TF‑ELC @ Air Atlanta IcelandicStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT  
ST-ASTA310‑322437 28/11/1986TLSSudan AWex SU‑BOW @ AMC ALPart-Out ( at KRT)Derelict at KRT2010  
JY-JAHA310‑304481 03/06/1988TLSJordan Avnex VT‑EVH @ Air-IndiaPart-Out ( at KRT)Derelict at KRT18/10/2013opf ATE from 5/09
ST-AMFB.707‑321C19367637 18/10/1967RNTTrans Arabian Air Transportex VR‑HKL @ Air Hong KongStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT2003  
ST-AQWRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
ST-ARIRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
ST-AFAB.707‑3J8C20897885 05/06/1974RNTSudan AW  Stored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT08/2010  
ST-AFBB.707‑3J8C20898887 29/06/1974RNTSudan AW  Part-Out ((security trainer) at KRT)Derelict at KRT2003  
ST-OHOIl‑62M1052128520209/12/1989UWKGFourty Eight States Airline Sudan ex UP‑I6203 @ SkyjetStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT02/2011     
ST-TARYak‑42D452042330701771707/09/1993RTWTarco Avn ex UP‑Y4211 @ GST Aero AircompanyStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT      
9XR-SYYak‑40 ()9230524240516/11/1972RTWGovernment of Rwanda  ex UR‑87814 @ Aerolux Air CoStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT      
TL-ADUB.737‑24723518126508/08/1986RNTLobaye AWex ST‑SDC @ Air WestStored ((in basic Sun Air c/s) at KRT)Stored at KRT     
ST-TALB.737‑33225996248803/06/1993RNTTarco Avn ex C5‑AAL @ Tarco AvnStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT     
ST-MRAB.737‑5C926439244402/03/1993RNTAlfa AL Sudan ex 4L‑AJA @ Marsland AvnStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT     
C5-BDBRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
C5-BDAB.737‑55S28471288503/05/1997RNTFly Mid Africa ex EK‑73776 @ Badr ALStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT     
C5-BDDB.737‑55S28472300416/02/1998RNTFly Mid Africa ex EK‑73772 @ Badr ALStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT     
C5-BDCB.737‑55S28475309626/01/1999RNTFly Mid Africa ex EK‑73775 @ Badr ALStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT     
ST-TADB.737‑30628720295711/11/1997RNTTarco Avn ex C5‑MAD @ Tarco AvnStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT     
65039Tu‑134A49080370718/10/1976UKHVSTIGL ex CCCP‑65039 @ AeroflotPart-Out ((as 65039, possibly spares for Azza Transport) at KRT)Derelict at KRT      
ST-MRSTu‑134B‑363333580630/06/1980UKHVDoveAir ex UN‑65699 @ AqualineStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT      
ST-BDAAn‑74‑2003654709896818071997UKHVBadr ALex RA‑74014 @ BAL Bashkirskie avialiniiStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT no titles    
ER-AFZAn‑72 ()36572070698709 UKHVAerom ex ER‑72933 @ Government of MoldovaStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT no titles; opf Life Support for Civil War Victims NGO from 10/05    
N882SFRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
1104C‑130H4774 08/05/1978MGESudan AF  ex 78‑0749 @ U S AFPart-Out ( at KRT)Derelict at KRT      
1105C‑130H4775 16/05/1978MGESudan AF  ex 78‑0750 @ U S AFPart-Out ( at KRT)Derelict at KRT      
ST-ARZF.27‑05020134 22/10/1988AMSMid ALex LN‑BBC @ NorwegianStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT      
ST-ASFF.27‑05020155 25/04/1989AMSSudan AW ex PH‑PRG @ Denim AirStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT      
ST-ASIF.27‑05020247 11/03/1992AMSSudan AW ex G‑UKTB @ KLM Cityhopper UKStored ( at KRT)Stored at KRT      

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