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Airframes Profile for: aircraft inactive at QRA
Airframes 1-17 of 17 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
ZS-SANB.747‑244B2023916024/08/1971PAESAA  Preserved ((SAA Museum, ferried from JNB 5/3/04) at QRA)Preserved at QRA24/11/2003   
ZS-SPCB.747SP‑4421134288 04/06/1976PAESAA ex N8297V Preserved ((SAA Museum, ferried 30/9/06) at QRA)Preserved at QRA28/03/2003  
ZS-SMDB.737‑21923472119420/01/1986RNTStar ACex N472BC @ Celtic CapitalPreserved ((SAA Museum) at QRA)Preserved at QRA14/09/2014no titles 
S9-DABDC‑9‑324731326820/02/1968LGBLinheas AĆ©reas Santomensesex LV‑YAB @ Austral Lineas AĆ©reasStored ( at QRA)Stored at QRA based Kinshasa joint op.with Hewa-Bora AW  
ZS-PAKDC‑9‑324736850520/05/1969LGBPhoebus Apollo Avn ex S9‑DAA @ Linheas AĆ©reas SantomensesStored (("Shed 39" c/s for motorshow 3/22) at QRA)Stored at QRA dba/opf Exclusive Alliance/ from 2008 
T-701An‑72V36572095907140809/1992UKHVForƧa AĆ©rea Nacional Angolana ex S9‑BOU @ ForƧa AĆ©rea Nacional AngolanaStored ( at QRA)Stored at QRA   
ZS-CMKCRJ 100ER7273 23/11/1998YULCemAir ex N739CA @ Comair / Delta ConnectionStored ( at QRA)Stored at QRA    
D2-ESNF.27‑500RF10610 17/02/1981AMSSJL Aeronautica ex PH‑FTY @ Fokker SvcsStored ( at QRA)Stored at QRA    
ZS-DVJL.1649A‑98‑171042   17/01/1958BURSAA  ex D‑ALOL @ LufthansaPreserved ((SAA Museum, in Trek AW c/s; formerly used as a restaurant at Warmbaths, now Bela-Bela, Limpopo Provinc, trucked to JNB 23/5/79; dismantled and trucked to Rand on 13/10/17; re-assembled 8/8/18) at QRA)Preserved at QRA later Trek AW c/s in 2/04  
ZS-PAJC‑54D‑DC (DC‑4)22192  21/09/1945MDWPhoebus Apollo Avn ex EL‑AWX @ Trans Lloyd ACPreserved ((SAA Museum Society) at QRA)Preserved at QRA    
9J-PAAATL‑98A (Carvair)27314   07/04/1945STNPhoebus Apollo Zambia ex N5459M @ Hawaii Pacific AirStored ( at QRA)Stored at QRA    
ZS-PAIC‑54M‑DO (DC‑4)27319 13/04/1945SMOPhoebus Apollo Avn ex N4989K @ IFL GroupStored ( at QRA)Stored at QRA    
ZS-AUADC‑4‑100942934 25/03/1946SMOSkyclass ex PH‑DDS @ DDA Classic ALPart-Out ((was to be fully refurbished in 2014) at QRA)Derelict at QRA    
ZS-AUBDC‑4‑100942984 10/05/1946SMOSkyclassex SAAF 6905 @ SAAFStored ( at QRA)Stored at QRA SAA c/s 
ZS-BMHDC‑4‑100943157 04/08/1947SMOSkyclassex SAAF 6904 @ SAAFStored ( at QRA)Stored at QRA SAA c/s 
ZS-PAADC‑3A‑1971984  21/10/1937SMOPhoebus Apollo Avn  ex C9‑ATG @ Interocean AWPart-Out ( at QRA)Derelict at QRA    
ZS-KEXDC‑3A‑197B2008  19/04/1938SMOSpringbok Classic Air  ex N8044 @ Private users in USAStored ((under slow restoration) at QRA)Stored at QRA    

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from Skyliner..
Modern Logistics has taken delivery of the first of initially two Boeing 737-800 freighters..

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