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Airframes Profile for: aircraft terminated at FJR
Airframes 1-15 of 15 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config Builtat1stFlight1stDelOperatorRegdDelParkedDeregdOwnersOpfOriginBecameStatusLast fltCanceledDestroyedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
ST-CACIl‑76TD2343707627091982UTTP 1982-04-22Trans-Attico    ex T9‑CAC @ Bio Air CoScrapped ( at FJR)Scrapped at FJR  2008no titles   
UN-76499Il‑76TD2344118630071982UTTP 1982-11-05Jupiter Jet     ex RA‑76499 @ Kosmos ALScrapped ((auctioned 14/6/15) at FJR)Scrapped at FJR2008 2018-01-Euro-Asia c/s, "Cargo" titles only  
ER-IAXIl‑76TD6347008853021986-06-30UTTP 1986-06-30Oscar Jet    ex ER‑IAR @ Buraq Air TransportScrapped ( at FJR)Scrapped at FJR2017 2020  
Z-WTVIl‑76T734102797101977UTTP 1977-07-23Avient Avn    ex 3C‑QQD @ Express Int'l Cargo CorpScrapped ( at FJR)Scrapped at FJR  2010   
EX-049Il‑76T834154531204 1978UTTP 1978-11-30Reem Air     ex RA‑76514 @ Tyumen ALScrapped ( at FJR)Scrapped at FJR  2010-10-   
S9-DAEIl‑76MD8348351363091988UTTP 1988-03-05Goliaf Air   ex HA‑TCH @ Atlant-Hungary ALScrapped ((parts remain) at FJR)Scrapped at FJR  2009-03-no titles, based Luanda  
VP-CGFRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
EK-85536Tu‑154B‑2536 1982-04-22UWWG1982-05-1982-05-10South AL     ex CCCP‑85536 @ AeroflotScrapped ( at FJR)Scrapped at FJR  2010-02-   
EK-85566Tu‑154B‑2566 1982-12-UWWG1983-01-1983-01-14South AL     ex CCCP‑85566 @ AeroflotScrapped ? ( at FJR)Scrapped at FJR  2010-02-no titles  
UN-87282Yak‑40 ()932172727171973-05-RTW 1973-06-11Taraz Wings Aircompany     ex CCCP‑87282 @ AeroflotScrapped ( at FJR)Scrapped at FJR2002 2007-01-   
UR-CFRIl‑18Gr18200550155011962-11-28MKODN 1962-12-04Fits Air     ex UR‑CEY @ Sevastopol-AviaScrapped ( at FJR)Scrapped at FJR 2010-02-032009-04-   
3X-GEZIl‑18V1830059055905 1963MKODN  GR Avia     ex EX‑75427 @ Intal AirScrapped ( at FJR)Scrapped at FJR  2010-01-no titles  
3C-DDAAn‑8 ()23430203  UTTP 1960Airmark Indonesia Avn    ex 4R‑SKJ @ Sky CabsScrapped ( at FJR)Scrapped at FJR   c/n 0B3430  
3C-KKZAn‑8 ()183460806 1961-02-28UTTP 1961Airmark Indonesia Avn    ex 4R‑EXB @ Fits AirScrapped ( at FJR)Scrapped at FJR  2008c/n 1Z3460  
EX-171An‑24T9911102 1969-06-07UKKT 1969-06-ASA Avn     ex EK‑49275 @ Phoenix AviaScrapped ((for auction 14/6/15) at FJR)Scrapped at FJR2009-02- 2018-10-   

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