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Airframes Profile for: aircraft terminated at KRT
Airframes 1-33 of 33 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
ST-EWBIl‑76TD2343812229011982UTTPAir West ex EX‑86917 @ Botir-AviaDestroyed (nr at KRT)Destroyed at KRT03/02/2005      
ST-AQBIl‑76TD5346079545091985UTTPAzza Transport Co ex EP‑ALA @ Atlas AirScrapped ( at KRT)Scrapped at KRT07/2013     
ST-ASXIl‑76TD7347939260081987UTTPKush Air ex 5A‑DMQ @ Buraq Air TransportScrapped ( at KRT)Scrapped at KRT03/2015no titles    
ST-WTBIl‑76TD100349999475091990UTTPAbabeel Avn ex UN‑76009 @ GST Aero AircompanyDestroyed ( at KRT)Destroyed at KRT30/06/2008no titles    
ST-ATNA310‑324548 23/08/1990TLSSudan AWex VT‑EVF @ Air-IndiaDestroyed ( at KRT)Destroyed at KRT10/06/2008  
ST-NSRB.707‑330B1893148218/03/1966RNTSudan AW ex A6‑UAE @ Government of United Arab EmiratesScrapped ( at KRT)Scrapped at KRT01/1995  
ST-JCCRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
ST-ALKB.707‑349C18976449 01/10/1965RNTTrans Arabian Air Transport ex 9J‑ADY @ National Air ChartersDestroyed ( at KRT)Destroyed at KRT14/07/1990     
ST-AIMB.707‑348C19410599 27/06/1967RNTSudan AW ex EI‑APG @ Aer LingusDestroyed (Nile river at KRT)Destroyed at KRT10/09/1982     
ST-AIXB.707‑369C20086764 19/11/1968RNTSudan AW ex 9K‑ACL @ Kuwait AWScrapped ( at KRT)Scrapped at KRT1985    
ST-TACYak‑42D4520423304016416 RTWTarco Avn ex UR‑42426 @ DniproaviaScrapped ( at KRT)Scrapped at KRT08/10/2010     
ST-AFLB.737‑2J8C2117043011/09/1975RNTSudan AW  Destroyed ( at KRT)Destroyed at KRT19/07/1998  
ST-APJAn‑12B2400701 1962 El Magal Avn Svcs ex RA‑11308 @ Private users in RussiaScrapped ( at KRT)Scrapped at KRT06/2016     
ST-JUAAn‑12TB3341110 1963 Juba AC ex EK‑11010 @ Juba ACDestroyed ( at KRT)Destroyed at KRT08/11/2007    
ST-ARVAn‑12BP7345310 1967 Kush Air ex EK‑11028 @ Aéro-SvcDestroyed (nr Omdurman at KRT)Destroyed at KRT      
ST-ALVAn‑12BP8345909   Azza Transport Co   ex YI‑AEP @ Iraqi AWScrapped ( at KRT)Scrapped at KRT2007     
G-ANBCBritannia 10212904 29/06/1955FZOBOAC  Destroyed ((lst Ghana AW) at KRT)Destroyed at KRT11/11/1960     
G-ANBCRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
ST-AAAF.27‑20010192 02/01/1962AMSSudan AW ex PH‑FDG @ Fokker SvcsDestroyed ( at KRT)Destroyed at KRT25/03/1991     
ST-SSDF.27‑60010563 23/09/1977AMSSudan AW  ex ZS‑EDY @ Rossair ContractsDestroyed ( at KRT)Destroyed at KRT11/06/2002     
ST-ALNF.27‑05020157 16/05/1989AMSSudan AW ex PH‑EXA Scrapped ( at KRT)Scrapped at KRT10/2002     
ST-ASDF.27‑05020201 07/11/1990AMSSudan AW ex PH‑PRI @ A/c Financing & TradingDestroyed ((wreck remains) at KRT)Destroyed at KRT02/10/2011     
EL-AIHHS.748‑3291755 30/01/1978XXBAir Liberia  Destroyed (nr at KRT)Destroyed at KRT16/04/1983     
EY-322An‑26 ()5407 1977UKKTAsia AW ex 4L‑IKE @ Bravo AirDestroyed (nr at KRT)Destroyed at KRT22/04/2019    
7706An‑26T10404 1980UKKTSudan AF ex ST‑ZZZ @ Sudan AFDestroyed ( at KRT)Destroyed at KRT      
ST-FAGAn‑24RV2730790979091972UKKTFederal AL  ex LY‑AAG @ FlyLALDestroyed (nr Shigla at KRT)Destroyed at KRT04/05/1996     
ST-WALAn‑24B69901004 23/12/1966UKKTMarsland Avnex UN‑47736 @ Yuzhnaya AircompanyDestroyed ( at KRT)Destroyed at KRT02/06/2005CofA expired 21/11/05    
N7524DC‑7C/F4509678215/03/1957LGBFast Wings Air Freight Co ex N752PA @ Pan AmScrapped ( at KRT)Scrapped at KRT1974     
ET-T-35L.749A‑79‑362608   08/03/1949BUREthiopian AL ex 48‑0616 @ U S AFDestroyed (Northern Gezira at KRT)Destroyed at KRT10/07/1957    
NC21750DC‑3‑2702126 03/05/1939SMOPan Am  Destroyed ( at KRT)Destroyed at KRT10/03/1942opb PAA-Africa    
N480FC‑47A‑DL9719   LGBPyramid AL Charter Svcs ex N9319R @ Private users in USADestroyed (nr at KRT)Destroyed at KRT19/07/1983     
N9986QC‑47B‑DK25810   OKCVisionairex F‑OCKU @ Air DjiboutiScrapped ( at KRT)Scrapped at KRT movie use only ("A Bridge Too Far")    
ST-AAMC‑47B‑DK26969   OKCSudan AW  ex KK193 @ RAFDestroyed ( at KRT)Destroyed at KRT21/02/1967     

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