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Airframes Profile for: aircraft terminated at MKODN
Airframes 1-12 of 12 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
CCCP-86712Il‑76 (prototype)130010110123/03/1971MKODNAeroflot  Scrapped ((fuselage remains) at MKODN)Scrapped at MKODN l/n 01-01, prototype, opb MAP   
CCCP-1974Yak‑42 ()1001 06/03/1975MKODNYakovlev Design Bureau  Scrapped ( at MKODN)Scrapped at MKODN19771st prototype (also referred as Yak-42M), c/n 01001 (or c/n 01 ?), Aeroflot c/s  
.An‑12 ()7900101 07/11/1957 Antonov Design Bureau  Destroyed ( at MKODN)Destroyed at MKODN26/06/1958prototype An-12  
CCCP-58648Il‑14P4340105 07/06/1954MKODNAeroflot ex Soviet AF @ Russian AFScrapped (? at MKODN)Scrapped at MKODN11/03/1986opb MAP Moscow MZA, then opb MAP Sukhoi MSZ  
CCCP-93933Il‑14T147001727 30/11/1957MKODNAeroflot ex Soviet AF @ Russian AFScrapped ( at MKODN)Scrapped at MKODN03/11/1987opb MAP MSZ Sukhoi  
CCCP-66750Il‑14 ()147001736 11/1957MKODNAeroflot  ex? Soviet AF @ Russian AFScrapped (? at MKODN)Scrapped at MKODN opb MAP Znamya Truda  
CCCP-06144Il‑14 ()147001742 1957MKODNAeroflot ex? Soviet AF @ Russian AFScrapped (? at MKODN)Scrapped at MKODN30/01/1989   
08Il‑14M148001908  MKODNRussian AF    Scrapped ((Central Air and Space Museum; destroyed 20/8/09 by arson, wreck remains) at MKODN)Scrapped at MKODN20/08/2009Red, VIP c/s  
CCCP-L1731Il‑12P83012908  20/12/1948MKODNAeroflot  Destroyed (nr (on delivery) at MKODN)Destroyed at MKODN23/12/1948   
CCCP-L3440Li‑2 (PS‑84)7519   25/01/1941UTTPAeroflot  Destroyed (nr at MKODN)Destroyed at MKODN27/03/1943   
CCCP-L4030Li‑2 ()1845809   15/05/1943UTTPAeroflot  Destroyed ( at MKODN)Destroyed at MKODN25/06/1944opb Soviet AF (GVF)  
CCCP-N20ANT‑20 ()1 31/03/1934MKODNAeroflot ex CCCP‑L759 @ AeroflotDestroyed (Sokol at MKODN)Destroyed at MKODN18/05/1935no c/n, opb Agit-Eskadrilya (propaganda squadron)  

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from Skyliner..
TAAG Angola Airlines is to takes over both Boeing 737-700 of FlyEgypt.

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