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Airframes Profile for: aircraft terminated at STN
Airframes 1-35 of 55 - [ Generate Excel ]

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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
HL7451B.747‑2B5F(SCD)2248044830/04/1980PAEKorean Air  Destroyed (Hatfield Forest,Great Hallingbury at STN)Destroyed at STN22/12/1999   
G-IOIIL.1011‑1001118 13/07/1975PMDClassic AWex N556WP @ World PacificScrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN01/10/1998   
G-IOITL.1011‑501145 15/11/1976PMDClassic AWex G‑CEAP @ Caledonian AWScrapped ((tug trainer) at STN)Scrapped at STN13/04/1998   
N716HHB.707‑321175945810/08/1959RNTQuisqueyanaex YU‑AGH @ Air SerbiaScrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN31/01/1975   
N763ABB.707‑331176767905/11/1959RNTAir-Berlinex N763TW @ Trans World ALScrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN12/1980   
N702PTB.707‑331176778010/11/1959RNTPerfect Tours ex N702TA @ Trans Atlantic AWScrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN01/1976   
N767ABB.707‑3311768210411/02/1960RNTAir-Berlinex N767TW @ Trans World ALScrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN18/12/1980initially painted N7667AB in error  
G-APFGB.707‑4361770812809/05/1960RNTCaledonian AW ex N5094K Scrapped ((maintenance trainer; cut 2/89 and moved 9/4/89 to Cardington for water mist fire suppression tests by Building Research Establishment; nose section moved 4/00 to Bruntingthorpe, later to Pershore, moved 4/19 to St.Athan for the South Wales Aviation Museum) at STN)Scrapped at STN24/04/1984   
N425PAB.707‑321B1927860521/07/1967RNTPan Am  Scrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN10/1980   
N427PAB.707‑321B1936262001/09/1967RNTPan Am  Scrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN05/1980   
N433PAB.707‑321B1936462818/09/1967RNTPan Am  Scrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN26/04/1980   
N434PAB.707‑321B1936563128/09/1967RNTPan Am  Scrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN26/04/1980   
N884PAB.707‑321B2002377502/01/1969RNTPan Am  Scrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN12/1980   
TF-VLCB.720‑047B1882040113/01/1965RNTAer Lingus ex N93153 @ Western ALScrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN01/1980no titles  
G-BETJDC‑8‑33453797507/04/1960LGBTransmeridian AC ex 5Y‑ASA @ African Safari AWScrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN05/1977   
5N-AVYDC‑8‑514568820523/04/1964LGBIntercontinental AL ex RP‑C830 @ Philippine ALScrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN1984   
5N-AVSDC‑8‑524575623028/06/1965LGBIntercontinental AL ex N8065U @ United ALScrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN27/09/1984   
5N-AVRDC‑8‑524575822702/06/1965LGBIntercontinental AL ex N8063U @ United ALScrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN1984   
XM829Comet 1XB6021 22/05/1953HTFA&AEE ex G‑AOJU @ Ministry of SupplyScrapped ((fire trainer) at STN)Scrapped at STN20/02/1964Decca/Dectra navigation trials  
G-Comet 46418 09/07/1959CEGChannel AW ex XA‑NAP @ MexicanaScrapped ((fire trainer) at STN)Scrapped at STN06/1971   
G-AWZUTrident 3B (HS.121‑3B)2321 28/06/1972HTFBritish AW  Scrapped ((CAA fire trainer; scrapped 9/9/03; nose section preserved at Booker, moved 11/13 to Staverton Jet Age Museum) at STN)Scrapped at STN09/09/2003   
G-AOVCBritannia 31213231 22/10/1957FZODonaldson Int'l AW  Scrapped ((fire trainer) at STN)Scrapped at STN1973   
OO-YCABritannia 253F13397 29/12/1959FZOYoung Cargo ex XL635 @ RAFScrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN07/1977   
G-AOVJBritannia 31213418 27/02/1958FZODonaldson Int'l AW   Scrapped ((fire trainer) at STN)Scrapped at STN    
5Y-ALTBritannia 31313431 21/02/1959FZOAfrican Cargo AW ex 5X‑UVH @ African Safari AWScrapped ((fire trainer) at STN)Scrapped at STN05/1975   
OO-YCFBritannia 253F13509 17/11/1960FZOYoung Cargo ex XM497 @ RAFScrapped ((fuselage remains burnt out 5/81 by Stansted Fire School) at STN)Scrapped at STN07/1977   
G-AMAVViscount 7003 19/06/1950EGLBBritish A/c Corp  Scrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN11/10/1960   
G-CSZAViscount 807282 17/01/1959EGLBSouthern Int'l Air Transport ex VP‑LKA @ Pearl AirScrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN09/1982   
G-ATVRViscount 812365 06/12/1958EGLBChannel AW ex N253V @ Continental ALScrapped ((Stansted Fire School) at STN)Scrapped at STN14/03/1977   
G-OJEMHS.748‑3781791 01/04/1982XXBEmerald AW ex ZK‑MCH @ Mount Cook ALDestroyed ( at STN)Destroyed at STN31/03/1998   
PH-DSLDC‑7C45180789 07/04/1957LGBMartinair Holland ex PH‑DSA @ KLM Royal Dutch ALScrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN07/1981   
PH-DSODC‑7C455471036 28/10/1958LGBMartinair Holland  Scrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN1980   
G-ANUBB.377‑10‑34159696009/12/1949RNTBOAC ex N31229 @ United ALScrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN06/01/1960   
G-ANUCB.377‑10‑34159716430/12/1949RNTBOAC ex N31231 @ United ALScrapped ( at STN)Scrapped at STN07/01/1960   
G-ALHIC‑4 Argonaut (CL‑4/DC‑4)155 21/07/1949YCVTransglobe AW ex Rhodesia 603‑P @ AF of ZimbabweScrapped ((fire trainer) at STN)Scrapped at STN20/01/1966   

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