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Airframes Profile for: aircraft terminated at XXB
Airframes 1-26 of 26 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
XV147Nimrod MR.16476 25/10/1965XXBQinetiQ ex G‑5‑1 Scrapped ((tail removed; fuselage & wings trucked to Warton and eventually scrapped) at XXB)Scrapped at XXB1973prototype Nimrod (f/f 31/7/67 after conversion at Woodford)   
ZJ521Nimrod MRA.48002 1969XXBRAF  ex XV227 @ RAFScrapped ( at XXB)Scrapped at XXB01/07/2005converted Nimrod MR.2P (# PA-8)  
XV228Nimrod MR.2P8003 1969XXBRAF   Scrapped ((MRA.4 conversion abandonned) at XXB)Scrapped at XXB03/11/2005   
ZJ520Nimrod MRA.48008 1970XXBRAF  ex XV233 @ RAFScrapped ( at XXB)Scrapped at XXB2011converted Nimrod MR.2P (# PA-7), to be completed ?  
ZJ518Nimrod MRA.48009 1970XXBRAF  ex XV234 @ RAFScrapped ( at XXB)Scrapped at XXB05/03/2010converted Nimrod MR.2P (# PA-2, f/f 15/12/04) 
ZJ517Nimrod MRA.48017 1971XXBRAF  ex XV242 @ RAFScrapped ( at XXB)Scrapped at XXB2009converted Nimrod MR.2P (# PA-3, f/f 29/8/05; later re-allocated conversion code # PA-13 ?)  
XV243Nimrod MR.2P8018 1971XXBRAF  Scrapped ((MRA.4 conversion abandonned) at XXB)Scrapped at XXB27/04/2006converted Nimrod MR.1 at Woodford, Nimrod MR.2 at Bournemouth in 1984  
ZJ522Nimrod MRA.48020 1971XXBRAF  ex XV245 @ RAFScrapped ( at XXB)Scrapped at XXB03/02/2011converted Nimrod MR.2P (# PA-9)  
XV246Nimrod MR.2P8021 1971XXBRAF  Scrapped ( at XXB)Scrapped at XXB12/01/2006converted Nimrod MR.1 at Woodford, Nimrod MR.2 at Bournemouth; airlifted from Waddington to Woodford 19/12/07 by An-124UR-82007  
ZJ516Nimrod MRA.48022 1971XXBRAF  ex XV247 @ RAFScrapped ( at XXB)Scrapped at XXB09/03/2010converted Nimrod MR.2P (# PA-1, f/f 26/8/04) 
XV253Nimrod MR.2P8028 1972XXBRAF  Scrapped ((planned for MRA.4 program ?) at XXB)Scrapped at XXB1993converted Nimrod MR.1 at Woodford, Nimrod MR.2 at Bournemouth, retired 1993 at Kinloss (as 9118M instructional frame), moved to Woodvale 10/01, airlifted 20/10/01 to Woodford by An-124 RA-82045  
XV257Nimrod MR.28032 1972XXBRAF  Destroyed ((wreck scrapped 24/3/93) at XXB)Destroyed at XXB03/06/1984converted Nimrod MR.1 at Woodford  
ZJ515Nimrod MRA.48033 1972XXBRAF  ex XV258 @ RAFScrapped ( at XXB)Scrapped at XXB19/10/2010converted Nimrod MR.2P (# PA-5, f/f 8/3/10)  
ZJ519Nimrod MRA.480464603/04/1979XXBRAF  ex XZ284 @ RAFScrapped ( at XXB)Scrapped at XXB07/02/2011converted Nimrod MR.2P (# PA-6), to be completed ?  
G-ORJXBAe RJX852376376  28/04/2001XXBBAE Systems  Scrapped ((ground trainer for Oxford Aviation Academy; dismantled 6/11 and moved to Prestwick for use by Systems Engineers Ltd) at XXB)Scrapped at XXB2002prototype RJX-85  
B-1775BAe 146‑300316116128/02/1990HTFUni Air ex G‑BSOC @ BAE SystemsScrapped ((wreck moved to Valley Nurseries, Alton, temp.used at Ealing for film with Mr Bean) at XXB)Scrapped at XXB21/05/1999   
G-PLXIBAe ATP ()2001 15/01/1986XXBBAE Systemsex G‑MATP @ BAE SystemsScrapped ( at XXB)Scrapped at XXB09/06/2009Jetstream 61 demonstrator, available for museum 05Q1  
G-BUWMBAe ATP ()2009 11/1988XXBBAE Systemsex CS‑TGB @ EuroairScrapped ((in SATA A├žores c/s) at XXB)Scrapped at XXB2008   
G-BTZGBAe ATP ()2046 02/1992XXBTrident Avn Leasing Svcs ex PK‑MTV @ Merpati Nusantara ALScrapped ((in Merpati c/s) at XXB)Scrapped at XXB09/2008   
G-BTZHBAe ATP ()2047 13/03/1992XXBTrident Avn Leasing Svcs ex PK‑MTW @ Merpati Nusantara ALScrapped ((in Merpati c/s) at XXB)Scrapped at XXB09/2008   
G-BTZKBAe ATP ()2050 28/05/1992XXBTrident Avn Leasing Svcs ex PK‑MTZ @ Merpati Nusantara ALScrapped ((in Merpati c/s) at XXB)Scrapped at XXB09/2008   
G-BEKCHS.748‑1051541 02/04/1962XXBDan-Air London ex LV‑HHC @ AL ArgentinasScrapped ((exported to USA) at XXB)Scrapped at XXB1989exported in USA  
VX192Avro Tudor I1234  14/06/1945MANMinistry of Supply ex G‑AGPF @ Ministry of SupplyScrapped ( at XXB)Scrapped at XXB12/1950   
G-AGSUAvro Tudor II1235 10/03/1946MANMinistry of Supply  Destroyed (Shirfold Farm at XXB)Destroyed at XXB23/08/1947prototype Tudor II  
G-AGRCAvro Tudor IVC1251  12/01/1946XXBMinistry of Supply  Scrapped ( at XXB)Scrapped at XXB12/1948converted Tudor I  
G-AGRDAvro Tudor IVC1252  1946XXBMinistry of Supply  Scrapped ( at XXB)Scrapped at XXB03/1949converted Tudor I  

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