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Profile for: Aéro-Service
2 companies in genealogy tree - [ Generate Excel ]

Aéro-Service BFRSRCongo (Brazzaville)Brazzaville/Pointe Noire????-2012
Added on EU ban list 26/11/09 and subsequent dates.
Aéro Service Africo   Congo (Brazzaville)Brazzaville/Pointe Noire1967-????

Directory and Contact records for Aéro-Service
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Aéro-Service
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SubFleets for: Aéro-Service
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Aéro-SvcIl-76Il-76T     11- 
Aéro-SvcYak-42Yak-42D     11-
Aéro-SvcB.737 ClassicB.737-200     11-
Aéro-SvcCL-44CL-44-D4     11-
Aéro-SvcAn-12An-12B     11-
Aéro-SvcAn-12An-12BP     44-
Aéro-SvcATR-42ATR-42-300     11-
Aéro-SvcAn-26An-26 ()     11-
Aéro-SvcAn-24An-24RV     1111-
Aéro-SvcDC-4ATL-98A (Carvair)     11-
Aéro-SvcDC-4C-54B (DC-4)     11-
Aéro-SvcDC-4C-54D (DC-4)     11-
Aéro-SvcDC-4DC-4-1009     11-
 TOTAL:     2626-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Aéro-Service
Airframes 1-26 of 26 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config Builtat1stFlight1stDelOperatorRegdDelParkedDeregdOwnersOpfOriginBecameStatusLast fltCanceledDestroyedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
ER-AZXAn‑24RV4730980498041974-09-19UKKT 1974-11-10Aéro-Svc     leased from Pecotox-Air(Leased & Returned)Stored   white tiger c/s   
ER-AZXAn‑24RV4730980498041974-09-19UKKT 1974-11-10Aéro-Svc     leased from Pecotox-Air(Leased & Returned)Stored      
ER-AZLAn‑24RV4730940694061974-07-10UKKT 1974-08-Aéro-Svc    leased from Pecotox-Air(Leased & Returned)Destroyed  2009-01-13pink c/s  
EK-46656An‑24RV4730930293021974-02-27UKKT 1974-04-18Aéro-Svc     leased from Phoenix Avia(Leased & Returned)Active      
ER-AZMAn‑24RV2730800780071972-09-13UKKT 1972-11-22Aéro-Svc     leased from Pecotox-Air(Leased & Returned)Active   lion c/s  
RA-46479An‑24RV2730800780071972-09-13UKKT 1972-11-22Aéro-Svc    ex CCCP‑46479 @ AeroflotTo (Pecotox-Air ER-AZM)Active      
ER-AZMAn‑24RV2730800780071972-09-13UKKT 1972-11-22Aéro-Svc     leased from Pecotox-Air(Leased & Returned)Active      
ER-AZMAn‑24RV2730800780071972-09-13UKKT 1972-11-22Aéro-Svc     leased from Pecotox-Air(Leased & Returned)Active   red c/s then lion c/s  
ER-AZBAn‑24RV2730750775071972-01-26UKKT 1972-02-10Aéro-Svc     leased from Pecotox-Air(Leased & Returned)Stored   blue dolphin c/s  
ER-AZBAn‑24RV2730750775071972-01-26UKKT 1972-02-10Aéro-Svc     leased from Pecotox-Air(Leased & Returned)Stored   red c/s  
ER-AZPAn‑24RV1730700270021971-05-31UKKT 1971-08-12Aéro-Svc     leased from Pecotox-Air(Leased & Returned)Stored   blue/red c/s  
EK-42342Yak‑42D452042170630210071987-03-13RTW 1987-04-28Aéro-Svc    ex UN‑42342 @ Irtysh AviaTo (Astair RA-42342)Scrapped  2017   
EK-76300Il‑76T73410300805 1977UTTP 1977-09-27Aéro-Svc    leased from Air HighnessesDestroyed ( at BZV)Destroyed at BZV   HeavyLift titles  
9Q-CKZB.737‑2931930947 BFI1968-07-131968-07-31Aéro-Svc     leased from Fly Congo(Leased & Returned)Scrapped2007-02- 2007-06-   
TN-ADXATL‑98A (Carvair)10382    STN 1944-08-24Aéro-Svc     ex TR‑LUP @ SOACOTo (ECLAir 9Q-CTI)Scrapped1995-07- 1995-09-   
TN-ABSC‑54B‑DO (DC‑4)27233   SMO 1944-12-12Aéro-Svc     ex D‑ABAG @ TransportflugScrapped ( at BZV)Scrapped at BZV      
TN-ABCC‑54D‑DC (DC‑4)10640   MDW 1945-03-26Aéro-Svc     ex G‑ASZT @ Invicta Int'l ALTo (Lina Congo Lina Congo)Destroyed  1987-01-07   
TN-ADKDC‑4‑100942938  SMO 1946-05-23Aéro-Svc     ex TJ‑CCB @ Cameroon ALTo (Sotexki Aviation 9Q-CQT)Scrapped1985     
TN-AFPCL‑44‑D4‑225  YCV1961-07-111961-07-23Aéro-Svc     ex EL‑WLL @ Trans Lloyd ACTo (City Connexion Airlines 9U-BHI)Destroyed  2002-02-17no titles  
TN-AHGAn‑12BK401912 1964-07-14  1964-07-Aéro-Svc     ex 3X‑GDM @ Aéro-SvcTo (Reem Air EX-098)Scrapped2010 2017no titles, CofA expired 6/7/05  
EK-11660An‑12BP5343209    1965Aéro-Svc     leased from Miapet AviaDestroyed ((hit 727 9L-LEF, wreck remains) at PNR)Destroyed at PNR  2008-01-25   
EK-11028An‑12BK7345310 1967-12-25  1967Aéro-Svc     leased from Veteran Airline(Leased & Returned)Destroyed   no titles  
TN-An‑12B2348106 1972-02-24  1972-03-18Aéro-Svc     ex UR‑CCY @ Veteran AL-- Acquisition cancelled(n/a)Derelict 2010-10-08    
EK-11007An‑12BP5343506    1975-07-11Aéro-Svc    leased from Phoenix Avia(Leased & Returned)Scrapped 2009-08-18    
ER-AZVAn‑26 ()13306 1983-11-30UKKT 1983-12-Aéro-Svc    leased from Pecotox-Air(Leased & Returned)Active      
F-OICGATR‑42‑3003  TLS1985-04-301986-01-03Aéro-Svc    leased from ATR(Leased & Returned)Preserved2014-09-2022-05-    

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