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Profile for: Aerolift
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Aerolift  LFTSierra LeoneBeni-Wageni2002-2009
Formed in 1996 by Russian interests, starting its own operations in 2002. Ceased operations early 2005 (but still reported in use in 2006 in UNO reports about Somalia). Listed on EU ban list 22/3/06. Associated with Aerolift Services Pty Ltd (South Africa), Aerolift Congo SPRL, Aerolift British Virgin Islands, Aerolift Gibraltar. Reorganized as a freight forwarding company named Soviet Air Charter Pty Ltd, South Africa.

Directory and Contact records for Aerolift
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Aerolift
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SubFleets for: Aerolift
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
AeroliftIl-76Il-76T     11- 
AeroliftIl-76Il-76TD     33-
AeroliftL.1011L-1011 (Classic)     11-
AeroliftYak-42Yak-42D     33-
AeroliftAn-12An-12A     11-
AeroliftAn-12An-12B     11-
AeroliftAn-12An-12BP     22-
AeroliftAn-32An-32A     33-
 TOTAL:     1515-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Aerolift
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
9L-LCYIl‑76TD100349999475091990UTTPAerolift ex RA‑76796 @ AviastTo (GST Aero Aircompany UN-76009)Destroyed30/06/2008no titles     
9L-LCXIl‑76TD43453575400406/07/1984UTTPAerolift ex EP‑ALE @ Atlas AirTo (Trans-Attico ST-AQR)Derelict no titles, based Sharjah, opf Aero Lift Co.    
9L-LCWIl‑76TD3344840436011983UTTPAerolift ex EP‑ALG @ Atlas AirTo (Trans-Attico ST-AQY)Stored no titles    
9L-LDTYak‑42D4520424210018101820/11/2002RTWAerolift  ex RA‑42440 @ Gazpromavia-- Acquisition cancelled(n/a)Cancelled      
S9-SABIl‑76T73410301806 1977UTTPAerolift ex E3‑AAF @ Government of EritreaDestroyed (Lake Victoria at EBB)Destroyed at EBB09/03/2009     
9L-LDPYak‑42D45204242070187182003RTWAeroliftex? To (Pecotox-Air ER-YCE)Active no titles    
9L-LDSYak‑42D4520423403019  RTWAerolift ex? UN‑42443 @ Private users in QazaqstanTo (Pecotox-Air ER-YCF)Stored no titles    
9Q-CERAn‑12A2340805 30/11/1962 Aerolift ex 9L‑LDW @ Showa ALDestroyed ((lst Service Air) at MJM)Destroyed at MJM24/01/2006     
9L-LECAn‑12BP4341803 02/1964 Aerolift ex UN‑11003 @ Avia-PuskTo (Uhuru Airlines 9Q-CIH)Destroyed08/01/2005no report, CofA expired 2/99    
9L-LEAAn‑12BP5343408 30/09/1965 Aerolift ex UN‑11001 @ Avia-PuskTo (GST Aero Aircompany UN-11009)Scrapped2014operator tbc, CofA expired 22/12/96    
S9-SVNAn‑12B6344310 31/08/1966 Aerolift ex ER‑AXI @ Aeriantur-M ALDestroyed ( at LXR)Destroyed at LXR20/02/2009     
9Q-CVNL.1011‑2001201 29/11/1980PMDAerolift ex 3D‑AAB @ Westair Cargo ALTo (Almiron Aviation 5X-AAL)Scrapped07/2012no titles, also dba Aerolift Congo    
D2-FEDAn‑32A1408 16/11/1987UKKTAerolift  ex RA‑69356 @ SibaviatransTo (Goliaf Air S9-BOH)Stored no titles    
9Q-CIPAn‑32A2206 22/12/1989UKKTAerolift ex 9Q‑CLS @ ATO AirTo (Imtrec Aviation Cambodia RDPL-34159)Destroyed08/10/2009     
9L-LDOAn‑32A2206 22/12/1989UKKTAerolift  ex RA‑48117 @ Private users in USATo (ATO Air 9Q-CLS)Destroyed08/10/2009no titles, CofA expired 22/6/03    

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