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Profile for: African Safari Airways
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African Safari AirwaysASAQSQSCKenyaMombasa/Basle1967-2008
Formed by Switzerland's Globe Air staff. Suspended temporarily operations in 1971. Reorganized in 2000 as a member of African Safari Club, AG. Ceased operations on 25/3/08.

Directory and Contact records for African Safari Airways
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Traffic and Financial data overview for African Safari Airways
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SubFleets for: African Safari Airways
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
African Safari AWDC-10DC-10 Series 30     22- 
African Safari AWA310A310-300     22-
African Safari AWDC-8DC-8-30     11-
African Safari AWDC-8DC-8-50     11-
African Safari AWDC-8DC-8-60     33-
African Safari AWBritannia (Bristol 175)Britannia 300     66-
African Safari AWBritannia (Bristol 175)Britannia 300F     22-
 TOTAL:     1717-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of African Safari Airways
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
S7-SISDC‑8‑634614153320/05/1970LGBAfrican Safari AW leased from Air Seychelles(Leased & Returned)Scrapped07/03/2006    
HB-IBFDC‑8‑634614153320/05/1970LGBAfrican Safari AW ex S7‑SIS @ African Safari AWTo (Air Starline Air Starline)Scrapped07/03/2006   
5Y-ZEBDC‑8‑634612250612/11/1969LGBAfrican Safari AW ex PH‑DEL @ KLM Royal Dutch ALTo (ABX Air N823AX)Scrapped07/03/20065Y-BAT ntu  
5Y-MBADC‑10‑304695218503/12/1974LGBAfrican Safari AW ex PH‑DTL @ KLM Royal Dutch ALTo (Africa One 5X-ONE)Scrapped11/01/2004  
5Y-BASDC‑8‑534562915820/12/1961LGBAfrican Safari AW  ex PH‑DCN @ KLM Royal Dutch ALTo (Air Seychelles S7-SIA)Scrapped1984   
5Y-ASADC‑8‑33453797507/04/1960LGBAfrican Safari AW ex PH‑DCD @ Martinair HollandTo (Transmeridian Air Cargo G-BETJ)Scrapped05/1977   
PH-DTADC‑10‑30465504615/03/1974LGBAfrican Safari AW   wet-leased/franchised from KLM Royal Dutch AL(Leased & Returned)Scrapped03/05/2001   
G-AOVFBritannia 312F13237 18/12/1957FZOAfrican Safari AW leased from IAS Cargo AL(Leased & Returned)Preserved    
5Y-ALPBritannia 31413393 11/01/1958FZOAfrican Safari AW ex 5X‑UVT @ African Safari AWScrapped ( at BQH)Scrapped at BQH12/1971   
5X-UVTBritannia 31413393 11/01/1958FZOAfrican Safari AW   ex G‑ATGD @ Transglobe AWTo (African Safari Airways 5Y-ALP)Scrapped12/1971   
5Y-ANSBritannia 31413428 19/06/1958FZOAfrican Safari AW ex CF‑CZX @ Canadian AL Int'l / Lignes A√©riennes Canadien Int'lTo (British Caledonian Airways G-ATMA)Scrapped01/06/1973   
5X-UVHBritannia 31313431 21/02/1959FZOAfrican Safari AW ex HB‑ITC @ Globe AirTo (African Safari Airways 5Y-ALT)Scrapped05/1975   
5Y-ALTBritannia 31313431 21/02/1959FZOAfrican Safari AW  ex 5X‑UVH @ African Safari AWTo (African Cargo Airways African Cargo)Scrapped05/1975   
5Y-AYRBritannia 307F12920 01/06/1957FZOAfrican Safari AW   ex G‑ANCD @ IAS Cargo ALScrapped ((in Gaylan Air Cargo c/s; cockpit to Silver Scouters collection at Burnham-on-Sea) at BOH)Scrapped at BOH    
G-AOVNBritannia 31213422 16/05/1958FZOAfrican Safari AW leased from Monarch AL(Leased & Returned)Scrapped02/1974no titles  
D-AHLAA310‑304520 05/07/1989TLSAfrican Safari AWleased from Hapag-Lloyd Fluggesellschaft(Leased & Returned)Derelict12/12/2013   
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Current portfolios for African Safari Airways
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Safety accidents and incidents events for African Safari Airways
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