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Profile for: Astrakhan Airlines
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Astrakhan AirlinesAST-Astrakhanskie AvialiniiOBASZRussiaAstrakhan1994-2005
Originally formed in 1954 as Aeroflot's Astrakhan division. Partially purchased by Gazprom (25%, through Concrete Structures Plant). Merged 8/05 into Karat.

Directory and Contact records for Astrakhan Airlines
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Astrakhan Airlines
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SubFleets for: Astrakhan Airlines
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Astrakhan ALYak-42Yak-42D     66- 
Astrakhan ALTu-134Tu-134A     55-
Astrakhan ALAn-24An-24B     66-
Astrakhan ALAn-24An-24RV     33-
 TOTAL:     2020-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Astrakhan Airlines
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config Builtat1stFlight1stDelOperatorRegdDelParkedDeregdOwnersOpfOriginBecameStatusLast fltCanceledDestroyedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
RA-46687An‑24RV4730980498041974-09-19UKKT 1974-11-10Astrakhan AL    ex CCCP‑46687 @ AeroflotTo (Pecotox-Air ER-AZX)Stored       
RA-47260An‑24RV2730780278021972-05-22UKKT 1972-06-16Astrakhan AL    ex CCCP‑47260 @ AeroflotTo (Polar Airlines Polyarnya)Active      
RA-46834An‑24RV1730680168011971-03-16UKKT 1971-03-26Astrakhan AL    ex CCCP‑46834 @ AeroflotTo (Polar Airlines Polyarnya)Damaged      
RA-46308An‑24B9730520852081969-04-30UKKT 1969-07-16Astrakhan AL    ex CCCP‑46308 @ AeroflotScrapped ( in [ RU ])Scrapped in [ RU ]   Aeroflot c/s, no titles  
RA-65102Tu‑134A‑36026744081978-02-28UKHV 1978-03-29Astrakhan AL    ex CCCP‑65102 @ AeroflotTo (Karat Karat)Scrapped2015-09-2018-08-2018  
RA-65080Tu‑134A‑36006542071977-07-19UKHV 1977-11-17Astrakhan AL    ex CCCP‑65080 @ AeroflotTo (MetroJet Kolavia)Destroyed  2004-08-24converted Tu-134A  
RA-65055Tu‑134A‑34985639061977-04-15UKHV 1977-05-23Astrakhan AL     ex CCCP‑65055 @ AeroflotTo (Karat Karat)Scrapped  2014-07-  
RA-46402An‑24B7730390539051967-11-30UKKT 1968-01-17Astrakhan AL    ex CCCP‑46402 @ AeroflotPart-Out ( at ASF)Derelict at ASF   Aeroflot c/s, no titles  
RA-46294An‑24B7730380638061967UKKT 1967-12-23Astrakhan AL    ex CCCP‑46294 @ AeroflotUnknown ()Ultimate fate obscure   Aeroflot c/s, no titles  
RA-46258An‑24B7730340934091967UKKT 1967-07-17Astrakhan AL    ex CCCP‑46258 @ AeroflotScrapped ( in [ RU ])Scrapped in [ RU ]   Aeroflot c/s, no titles  
RA-46225An‑24B7730310531051967-05-30UKKT 1967-06-Astrakhan AL    ex CCCP‑46225 @ AeroflotUnknown ()Ultimate fate obscure   Aeroflot c/s  
RA-46208An‑24B6730300330031966-12-30UKKT 1967-03-22Astrakhan AL    ex? CCCP‑46208 @ Astrakhan ALUnknown ()Ultimate fate obscure   Aeroflot c/s, no titles  
RA-65828Tu‑134A‑31208624071974-06-29UKHV 1974-07-18Astrakhan AL     ex CCCP‑65828 @ AeroflotScrapped ( at MHP)Scrapped at MHP  2006   
RA-65825Tu‑134A‑3907824041974-06-12UKHV 1974-07-29Astrakhan AL     ex CCCP‑65825 @ AeroflotTo (Karat Karat)Scrapped  2007-11-08   
RA-42417Yak‑42D45204232191109151992-09-23RTW 1992-09-27Astrakhan AL      To (Tulpar Air Tulpar)Scrapped2010 2013Aeroflot c/s, no titles  
RA-42415Yak‑42D45204222190897151992-07-10RTW 1992-07-21Astrakhan AL    ex CCCP‑42415 @ DonaviaTo (Tulpar Air Tulpar Air)Stored   Aeroflot c/s, no titles 
RA-42406Yak‑42D45204241166837141991-12-28RTW 1992-01-17Astrakhan AL     leased from AirVolga(Leased & Returned)Stored   Aeroflot c/s 
RA-42384Yak‑42D45204230162304121990-07-25RTW 1990-07-31Astrakhan AL     ex CCCP‑42384 @ AeroflotTo (AirVolga Volga Aviaexpress)Active   Aeroflot c/s  
RA-42382Yak‑42D45204220161962121990-06-RTW 1990-07-05Astrakhan AL     ex CCCP‑42382 @ AeroflotTo (AirVolga Volga AL)Stored   Aeroflot c/s  
RA-42373Yak‑42D45204239143231111989-10-12RTW 1989-11-16Astrakhan AL    leased from AirVolga(Leased & Returned)Active   Aeroflot c/s  

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