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Profile for: Aviatrans K
1 company in genealogy tree - [ Generate Excel ]

Aviatrans KAvia Trans K KCAUkraineKyiv????-2013
Originally formed as a storage/MRO and leasing company. Ceased operations in 11/13, operations transferred to Dart Airlines (qv).

Directory and Contact records for Aviatrans K
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Aviatrans K
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SubFleets for: Aviatrans K
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Aviatrans KBAe 146BAe RJ85     11- 
Aviatrans KA320A320ceo (CFM)     22-
Aviatrans KA320A320ceo (IAE)     44-
Aviatrans KDC-9DC-9-80 (MD-80)     44-
Aviatrans KAn-12An-12BP     11-
Aviatrans KAn-32An-32B     44-
 TOTAL:     1616-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Aviatrans K
Airframes 1-16 of 16 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
UR-CJRDC‑9‑82 (MD‑82)53232210803/1995LGBAviatrans K ex SX‑BTL @ Skywings ALTo (Iran Air Tour EP-MDG)Active no titles  
UR-CJUDC‑9‑83 (MD‑83)49631159604/05/1989LGBAviatrans Kleased from Khors Aircompany(Leased & Returned)Stored no titles 
UR-CHLDC‑9‑83 (MD‑83)49395128605/05/1986LGBAviatrans Kleased from Khors Aircompany(Leased & Returned)Scrapped06/2018  
UR-CELDC‑9‑83 (MD‑83)49390126913/03/1986LGBAviatrans Kleased from Dart AL(Leased & Returned)Derelict11/10/2015  
UR-CKHBAe RJ85228928919/06/1996XXBAviatrans Kex G‑CHDO @ Trident Avn Leasing SvcsTo (Dart Airlines Dart AL)Stored no titles 
UR-TSIAn‑12BP6344701 1966 Aviatrans K ex UR‑UAA @ Antonov AirtrackTo (Africa West Air S9-PSA)Scrapped2013   
CCCP-48080An‑32B3008 20/04/1992UKKTAviatrans K  To (Nikolaev Avia Nikolaev Avia)Scrapped2013   
UR-48053An‑32B2803 21/05/1992UKKTAviatrans K ex CCCP‑48053 @ AeroflotTo (Goliaf Air S9-PSE)Stored Avia Trans titles; temp.opf Avia Trano 5/02  
UR-48054An‑32B2804 27/05/1992UKKTAviatrans K ex CCCP‑48054 @ AeroflotDestroyed (Lima-25 airstrip, Kauda, southern Sudan (forward wreck scrapped in 2012) in [ SD ])Destroyed in [ SD ]07/06/2000   
UR-48055An‑32B2805 29/05/1992UKKTAviatrans K ex CCCP‑48055 @ AeroflotTo (Trans-Kiev Airlines Trans-Kiev AL)Stored    
UR-CKAA320‑231393 09/12/1992TLSAviatrans Kex EI‑EEX @ AWASTo (Khors Aircompany UR-MUS)Stored no titles, joint.ops with Khors Air 
UR-CKRA320‑212407 04/02/1993TLSAviatrans Kex N407BV @ AerCapTo (Zagros Airlines EP-ZAJ)Stored no titles
UR-CKBA320‑231414 03/03/1993TLSAviatrans Kex EI‑EEY @ AWASTo (Khors Aircompany UR-REZ)Stored no titles, joint.ops with Khors Air
XU-ZABA320‑231476 05/04/1994TLSAviatrans Kleased from Sky Angkor AL(Leased & Returned)Stored   
UR-CKSA320‑231376 13/10/1992TLSAviatrans Kex SX‑BTP @ Skywings ALTo (Zagros Airlines EP-ZAI)Stored   
UR-DAKA320‑211662 07/02/1997TLSAviatrans Kex F‑WTAU @ AAR A/c Sales & Engines Sales & LeasingTo (AAR Aircraft Sales & Engines Sales & Leasing N662WF)Scrapped21/03/2019no titles

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Current portfolios for Aviatrans K
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