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Profile for: Azza Transport Company
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Azza Transport Company  AZZSudanKhartoum1993-2013
Added on EU ban list 31/3/10 and subsequent dates until 5/12/13.

Directory and Contact records for Azza Transport Company
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Azza Transport Company
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SubFleets for: Azza Transport Company
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Azza Transport CoIl-76Il-76TD     44- 
Azza Transport CoB.707B.707-320C     33-
Azza Transport CoTu-134Tu-134A     22-
Azza Transport CoAn-12An-12B     11-
Azza Transport CoAn-12An-12BP     88-
Azza Transport CoAn-32An-32B  1 1 1-
Azza Transport CoAn-26An-26B     11-
 TOTAL:  1 11920-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Azza Transport Company
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
ST-APSIl‑76TD102340931683091992UTTPAzza Transport Co ex EW‑76837 @ Bel-Air Belarussian ALTo (Kush Air Kush Air)Active       
XT-AZZIl‑76TD102340826582071992UTTPAzza Transport Co ex XT‑FCB @ Faso AWTo (Azza Transport Company ST-AZZ)Stored      
ST-AZZIl‑76TD102340826582071992UTTPAzza Transport Co ex XT‑AZZ @ Azza Transport CoTo (Sudan Air Force Sudan 1106)Stored     
ST-AQBIl‑76TD5346079545091985UTTPAzza Transport Co ex EP‑ALA @ Atlas AirScrapped ( at KRT)Scrapped at KRT07/2013     
ST-MGCTu‑134A‑328305290315/04/1975UKHVAzza Transport Co ex RA‑65868 @ Azza Transport CoUnknown ()Ultimate fate obscure c/n tbc    
RA-65868Tu‑134A‑328305290315/04/1975UKHVAzza Transport Coex STIGL 65868 @ STIGLTo ? (Azza Transport Company ST-MGC)Ultimate fate obscure      
ST-DRSB.707‑368C21104906 04/11/1975RNTAzza Transport Coex HZ‑ACH @ SaudiaTo (Comtran International P4-DRS)Scrapped2001     
ST-AKWB.707‑330C20123788 17/02/1969RNTAzza Transport Co ex A6‑DPA @ Government of United Arab EmiratesDestroyed ((opf Sudan AW) at SHJ)Destroyed at SHJ21/10/2009  
ST-JCCB.707‑384C1894849505/05/1966RNTAzza Transport Coex P4‑JCC @ Air LeoneScrapped ( at KRT)Scrapped at KRT1999  
ST-AQGAn‑12BP401907   Azza Transport Co  ex RA‑11234 @ Yakutia ALUnknown ()Ultimate fate obscure      
ST-ASAAn‑12BP402010   Azza Transport Co ex RA‑11374 @ Vega M NPPTo (Sudan Air Force Sudan AF)Active      
ST-DASAn‑12BK7345209   Azza Transport Co  ex ER‑AXC @ Valan Air CoUnknown ()Ultimate fate obscure      
ST-ALVAn‑12BP8345909   Azza Transport Co   ex YI‑AEP @ Iraqi AWScrapped ( at KRT)Scrapped at KRT2007     
ST-AZNAn‑12BK9346808   Azza Transport Co ex UR‑CFC @ Aerovis ALTo (Sudan Air Force Sudan 956)Active      
ST-AZNAn‑12BK9346808   Azza Transport Co ex Sudan 956 @ Sudan AFTo (Sudan Air Force Sudan 955)Active      
ST-ARVAn‑12BP7345310 1967 Azza Transport Co ex EK‑11028 @ Aéro-SvcTo (Sudan Air Force Sudan AF)Destroyed CofA expired 30/3/06    
4R-EXCAn‑12B8345507 19/04/1968 Azza Transport Coleased from Fits Air(Leased & Returned)Scrapped      
ST-AZHAn‑12BK347007 1970 Azza Transport Co ex RA‑11379 @ Private users in RussiaTo (Kush Air ST-KNR)Active      
ST-JACAn‑26B‑10010203 25/09/1980UKKTAzza Transport Co ex EX‑003 @ AeroVista ALTo (Sudan Air Force Sudan 7718)Active      
ST-APVAn‑32B2303 08/02/1990UKKTAzza Transport Co ex RA‑26224 @ Aerolit AviakompaniaStored ()Stored no titles    

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Current portfolios for Azza Transport Company
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Additional information on Azza Transport Company
New aircraft orders from Azza Transport Company
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Safety accidents and incidents events for Azza Transport Company
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