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Profile for: Belavia Belarusian Airlines
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Belavia Belarusian AirlinesAir BelorussiaB2BRUBelarusMinsk-1 & 21992-
Formed from Aeroflot's Belarus directorate. Reorganized 5/3/96 as the national carrier of Belarus. Planned during late 1990's to gradually merge with Aeroflot-RIA as cooperation strengthens between Russia and Belarus, cancelled. Became a joint stock company in 1/14.

Directory and Contact records for Belavia Belarusian Airlines
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Belavia Belarusian Airlines
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SubFleets for: Belavia Belarusian Airlines
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Belavia Belarusian ALIl-86Il-86 ()     11- 
Belavia Belarusian ALIl-76Il-76TD     11-
Belavia Belarusian ALTu-154Tu-154B     1818-
Belavia Belarusian ALTu-154Tu-154M  3 358-
Belavia Belarusian ALYak-40Yak-40 ()  1 189-
Belavia Belarusian ALB.737 NG/MAXB.737 MAX 81   1453.3 years
Belavia Belarusian ALB.737 ClassicB.737-3002 1 36928.7 years
Belavia Belarusian ALB.737 ClassicB.737-500  2 246-
Belavia Belarusian ALB.737 NG/MAXB.737-8005   54910.6 years
Belavia Belarusian ALTu-134Tu-134 ()     11-
Belavia Belarusian ALTu-134Tu-134A  4 41620-
Belavia Belarusian ALERJ-190/195E195-E2 (ERJ-190-400)     33-
Belavia Belarusian ALERJ-190/195ERJ-195 (ERJ-190-200)4   4378.2 years
Belavia Belarusian ALERJ-170/175ERJ-175 (ERJ-170-200)1   1676.2 years
Belavia Belarusian ALCRJ 100/200CRJ 100 (CL-600-2B19)  1 112-
Belavia Belarusian ALCRJ 100/200CRJ 200 (CL-600-2B19)  2 224-
Belavia Belarusian ALAn-26An-26 ()     44-
Belavia Belarusian ALAn-26An-26B     33-
Belavia Belarusian ALAn-24An-24B  2 268-
Belavia Belarusian ALAn-24An-24RV  1 11112-
 TOTAL:13 17 3010713711.7 years
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All-times Fleets of Belavia Belarusian Airlines
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Belavia Belarusian Airlines (current & planned only)
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config Builtat1stFlight1stDelOperatorRegdDelParkedDeregdOwnersOpfOriginBecameStatusLast fltCanceledDestroyedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
EW-46498An‑24RV2730830183011972UKKT  Belavia Belarusian AL     ex CCCP‑46498 @ AeroflotStored ((in Malift c/s) at MHP)Stored at MHP       
EW-528PAB.737 MAX 8433447602 RNT2019-06-142021-04-07Belavia Belarusian AL    ex N1779B (Current, Active)Active     
EW-47825An‑24B1730720672061971UKKT 1971-09-24Belavia Belarusian AL     ex CCCP‑47825 @ AeroflotStored ( at MHP)Stored at MHP      
EW-457PAB.737‑8ZM (w)614236213 RNT2016-12-132016-12-20Belavia Belarusian AL      (Current, Active)Active    
EW-456PAB.737‑8ZM (w)614226090 RNT2016-09-172016-09-27Belavia Belarusian AL      (Current, Active)Active    
EW-455PAB.737‑8ZM (w)614216016 RNT2016-07-242016-08-13Belavia Belarusian AL      (Current, Active)Active    
EW-46375An‑24B730600860081970UKKT  Belavia Belarusian AL     ex CCCP‑46375 @ AeroflotStored ( at MHP)Stored at MHP      
EW-65772Tu‑134A‑36247253071979-09-15UKHV 1979-11-15Belavia Belarusian AL     ex CCCP‑65772 @ AeroflotStored ( at MSQ)Stored at MSQ      
EW-65149Tu‑134A6103350041979-01-22UKHV 1979-03-15Belavia Belarusian AL     ex CCCP‑65149 @ AeroflotStored ( at MSQ)Stored at MSQ      
EW-65133Tu‑134A‑36064548061978-09-30UKHV 1978-10-17Belavia Belarusian AL     ex CCCP‑65133 @ AeroflotStored ((with Kazakhstan AL titles) at MSQ)Stored at MSQ      
EW-88161Yak‑40 ()961154646151976-03-19RTW 1976-03-24Belavia Belarusian AL     ex CCCP‑88161 @ AeroflotStored ( at MSQ)Stored at MSQ      
EW-65106Tu‑134A‑36031545031978-03-23UKHV 1978-04-18Belavia Belarusian AL     ex CCCP‑65106 @ AeroflotStored ( at MSQ)Stored at MSQ   converted Tu-134A  
EW-527PAB.737‑82R (w)4087736022011-03-20RNT2011-03-242011-04-12Belavia Belarusian AL    ex TC‑AIP @ Pegasus AL(Current, Active)Active     
EW-366PAB.737‑31S290582946 RNT1997-10-091997-11-04Belavia Belarusian AL     ex YR‑ADB @ Carpatair(Current, Active)Active     
EW-290PAB.737‑5Q8276292834 RNT1996-11-241996-12-05Belavia Belarusian AL   ex N381LF @ ILFCStored ( at MSQ)Stored at MSQ    
EW-250PAB.737‑524263192748 RNT1995-08-181995-08-31Belavia Belarusian AL    ex N427LF @ ILFCStored ( at MSQ)Stored at MSQ     
EW-254PAB.737‑3Q8262942550 RNT1993-11-041993-12-03Belavia Belarusian AL   ex N201LF @ ILFC(Current, Active)Active   World of Tanks c/s from 7/16 
EW-544PAB.737‑8K5 (w)3513925382008-02-14RNT2008-02-272008-03-10Belavia Belarusian AL    ex G‑FDZG @ TUI AW(Current, Active)Active     
EW-404PAB.737‑3L9270612347 RNT1992-07-301992-09-25Belavia Belarusian AL   ex LY‑AZU @ AviaAM LeasingStored ( at VNO)Inactive at VNO     
EW-85703Tu‑154M878 1991-07-31UWWG 1991-09-20Belavia Belarusian AL     ex CCCP‑85703 @ AeroflotStored ( at MSQ)Stored at MSQ     
EW-85741Tu‑154M896 1991-12-UWWG 1992-02-05Belavia Belarusian AL     ex ES‑LTC @ Elk AWStored ( at MSQ)Stored at MSQ     
EW-85815Tu‑154M1010 1995UWWG 1995-08-Belavia Belarusian AL      Stored ( at MSQ)Stored at MSQ2016-10-02    
EW-100PJCRJ 100ER7309  YUL 1999-04-30Belavia Belarusian AL   ex N400MJ @ Mesa ALStored ( at MSQ)Stored at MSQ     
EW-303PJCRJ 200LR7436  YUL 2000-10-23Belavia Belarusian AL   ex OY‑MBI @ CimberStored ( at MSQ)Stored at MSQ     
EW-301PJCRJ 200 (Challenger 850)8057  YUL 2007-06-28Belavia Belarusian AL   ex C‑GWWW @ Chartright AirStored ( at MSQ)Stored at MSQ2020-03-172020-10-27 no titles 
EW-399POERJ‑195LR (190‑200LR)19000667  SJK 2014-04-28Belavia Belarusian AL    ex PR‑EFO (Current, Active)Active     
EW-400POERJ‑195LR (190‑200LR)19000668  SJK 2014-05-07Belavia Belarusian AL    ex PR‑EFQ (Current, Active)Active   World of Tanks c/s from 12/18 
EW-512PORecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
EW-513POERJ‑195LR (190‑200LR)19000754  SJK 2018-05-11Belavia Belarusian AL     ex PR‑ENQ (Current, Active)Active     
EW-514POERJ‑195LR (190‑200LR)19000756  SJK 2018-06-28Belavia Belarusian AL     ex PR‑EOS (Current, Active)Active     

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Safety accidents and incidents events for Belavia Belarusian Airlines
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