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Profile for: Force AĆ©rienne Gabonaise
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Force AĆ©rienne Gabonaise  GABGabonLibreville-LĆ©on M'Ba1961-
Formally formed 25/1/72 as ArmĆ©e de l'Air Gabonaise. 

Directory and Contact records for Force AĆ©rienne Gabonaise
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Force AĆ©rienne Gabonaise
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SubFleets for: Force AĆ©rienne Gabonaise
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Force AĆ©rienne GabonaiseB.747B.747-200B(SCD)     11- 
Force AĆ©rienne GabonaiseB.777B.777-200     11-
Force AĆ©rienne GabonaiseDC-8DC-8-50     11-
Force AĆ©rienne GabonaiseDC-8DC-8-70     11-
Force AĆ©rienne GabonaiseCaravelleCaravelle 6R     11-
Force AĆ©rienne GabonaiseF.28F.28-1000     11-
Force AĆ©rienne GabonaiseERJ-135/145ERJ-145   11 1-
Force AĆ©rienne GabonaiseC-130C-130H1   1 145.5 years
Force AĆ©rienne GabonaiseC-130L.100-20  1 1 1-
Force AĆ©rienne GabonaiseC-130L.100-30     22-
Force AĆ©rienne GabonaiseYS-11YS-11A-300     11-
Force AĆ©rienne GabonaiseYS-11YS-11A-600     11-
Force AĆ©rienne GabonaiseATR-42ATR-42M1   1 133.5 years
Force AĆ©rienne GabonaiseN.262N.262C     33-
Force AĆ©rienne GabonaiseDC-6DC-6B     11-
Force AĆ©rienne GabonaiseDC-3C-47 ()     11-
Force AĆ©rienne GabonaiseDC-3C-47 (DC-3)     11-
Force AĆ©rienne GabonaiseDC-3C-47B     33-
 TOTAL:2 114192339.5 years
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Force AĆ©rienne Gabonaise
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
TR-LTZDC‑8‑73CF4605344624/02/1969LGBForce AĆ©rienne Gabonaise ex N8638 @ Seaboard World ALScrapped ( at FNI)Scrapped at FNI11/2004converted DC-8-63CF  
CN-RMEB.747‑2B6B(SCD)2161533806/09/1978PAEForce AĆ©rienne Gabonaiseleased from Royal Air Maroc(Leased & Returned)Preserved2002   
TR-KEADC‑6B4355724828/06/1952LGBForce AĆ©rienne Gabonaise ex TU‑TCH @ Air AfriqueScrapped ( at LBV)Scrapped at LBV VIP  
F-BOLIDC‑8F‑554575422503/05/1965LGBForce AĆ©rienne Gabonaiseleased from UTA(Leased & Returned)Destroyed18/09/1984   
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TR-LWDCaravelle 6R11410316/02/1962TLSForce AĆ©rienne Gabonaise  ex OY‑SBZ @ Sterling AWScrapped (nr Rosia (estate Borgo di Barigianino, along road SS73 to Malignano) at SAY)Scrapped at SAY03/02/2006   
TR-OBOB.777‑236271081719/11/1995PAEForce AĆ©rienne Gabonaise ex N702BA @ Boeing A/c Co-- Acquisition cancelled(n/a)Stored impounded 11/09 by BaySys Technologies for non-payment of $10m  
TR-KLKC‑47 (DC‑3)TBD    Force AĆ©rienne Gabonaise   ex? Part-Out ( at TMS)Derelict at TMS fate tbc  
TR-KBAC‑47‑DL4335    LGBForce AĆ©rienne Gabonaise ex FAF 17836 @ ArmĆ©e de l'Air et de l'EspaceTo (Kinair Cargo 9Q-CNG)Scrapped    
TR-KBCC‑47B‑DK26050   OKCForce AĆ©rienne Gabonaise ex FAF 48789 @ ArmĆ©e de l'Air et de l'EspaceTo (Forces AĆ©riennes du BĆ©nin TY-AAF)Ultimate fate obscure    
TR-KBBC‑47B‑DK25545  31/07/1944OKCForce AĆ©rienne Gabonaise  ex FAF 48284 @ ArmĆ©e de l'Air et de l'EspaceUnknown ()Ultimate fate obscure    
TR-KBDC‑47B‑DK25553  01/08/1944OKCForce AĆ©rienne Gabonaise  ex FAF 348292 @ ArmĆ©e de l'Air et de l'EspacePreserved ((gate guard) at LBV)Preserved at LBV    
TR-KIAYS‑11A‑3182129 01/11/1969NKMForce AĆ©rienne Gabonaise ex To (Pyramid Airlines Charter Services N924)Scrapped07/1993converted YS-11A-309  
TR-KJAN.262C‑6282 15/06/1971BOUForce AĆ©rienne Gabonaise ex F‑WNDC Part-Out ( at LBV)Derelict at LBV    
TR-KJBN.262C‑6290 24/09/1971BOUForce AĆ©rienne Gabonaise  Destroyed (nr at LBV)Destroyed at LBV29/11/1990   
TR-KJCN.262C‑6497 20/06/1972BOUForce AĆ©rienne Gabonaise   Unknown ()Ultimate fate obscure    
TR-KIBYS‑11A‑6212169 26/01/1973NKMForce AĆ©rienne Gabonaise ex TR‑LPN @ TransgabonTo (Reeve Aleutian Airways N169RV)Derelict07/2000   
TR-KKARecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
TR-LTRF.28‑100011104 01/04/1976AMSForce AĆ©rienne Gabonaise  ex PH‑EXU To (Air Gabon Air Gabon)Derelict2004   
TR-KKBL.100‑204710  28/12/1976MGEForce AĆ©rienne Gabonaise  Stored ((trucked 13/12/14 from LBV to Owendo harbour for shipment to Portugal and eventual repair/overhaul) in [ PT ])Stored in [ PT ]    
TR-KKCC‑130H4765 21/12/1977MGEForce AĆ©rienne Gabonaise   (Current, Active)Active    
TR-KKDL.100‑304895 14/07/1981MGEForce AĆ©rienne Gabonaise  To (United Arab Emirates Air Force UAE 1216)Active    
TR-KJDATR‑42M‑300131 04/09/1989TLSForce AĆ©rienne Gabonaise  ex F‑WWEB (Current, Active)Active TR-KGP ntu ?  

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