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Profile for: Invicta International Airlines
2 companies in genealogy tree - [ Generate Excel ]

Invicta International Airlines IM United KingdomManston1971-1981
Ceased ops temporarily in 1975 and 1981.
Invicta Airlines   United KingdomManston1964-1971
Formed by Hugh Kennard. Unsuccesful merger attempt with British Midland in 1970.

Directory and Contact records for Invicta International Airlines
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Invicta International Airlines
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SubFleets for: Invicta International Airlines
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Invicta Int'l ALB.720B.720-020B     33- 
Invicta Int'l ALVanguardVanguard 950     1313-
Invicta Int'l ALBritannia (Bristol 175)Britannia 300     11-
Invicta Int'l ALBritannia (Bristol 175)Britannia 300F     33-
Invicta Int'l ALViscountViscount 742D     22-
Invicta Int'l ALViscountViscount 810     11-
Invicta Int'l ALDC-4C-54A (DC-4)     22-
Invicta Int'l ALDC-4C-54B (DC-4)     11-
Invicta Int'l ALDC-4C-54D (DC-4)     11-
Invicta Int'l ALDC-4C-54G (DC-4)     11-
Invicta Int'l ALDC-4DC-4 (civil C-54)     22-
 TOTAL:     3030-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Invicta International Airlines
Airframes 1-30 of 30 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
G-B.720‑023B1801615025/07/1960RNTInvicta Int'l AL ex N7530A @ American AL-- Acquisition cancelled(n/a)Scrapped1992    
G-BCBAB.720‑023B1801414324/06/1960RNTInvicta Int'l ALex N7528A @ American ALTo (Tempair International Airlines Tempair)Scrapped31/01/1986   
G-BCBBB.720‑023B1801312013/04/1960RNTInvicta Int'l ALex N7527A @ American ALTo (Somali Airlines 6O-SAU)Preserved1998   
G-AOVFBritannia 312F13237 18/12/1957FZOInvicta Int'l AL    Preserved ((Cosford Aerospace Museum, BOAC c/s repainted 8-9/07 to RAF c/s as XM497) at EGWC)Preserved at EGWC    
G-AOVTBritannia 31213427 17/12/1958FZOInvicta Int'l AL   leased from Monarch AL(Leased & Returned)Preserved    
G-AOVSBritannia 312F13430 05/09/1958FZOInvicta Int'l AL   leased from IAS Cargo AL(Leased & Returned)Derelict    
G-ASPNC‑54A‑DC (DC‑4)10337  01/07/1944MDWInvicta Int'l AL   ex HZ‑AAG @ SaudiaTo (Wenela Air Services ZS-IRE)Scrapped    
G-APIDC‑54A‑DC (DC‑4)10408  20/09/1944MDWInvicta Int'l AL ex N75337 @ California Eastern AvnTo (Spantax Spantax)Scrapped08/1967   
G-ASENDC‑4 (civil C‑54)10412  24/09/1944SMOInvicta Int'l AL ex TF‑FIM @ IcelandairTo (bmi British Midland BMA)Scrapped    
G-ASENDC‑4 (civil C‑54)10412 24/09/1944SMOInvicta Int'l AL ex TF‑FIM @ IcelandairTo (Wenela Air Services ZS-IJT)Scrapped    
G-ASPMC‑54B‑DC (DC‑4)10543  27/01/1945MDWInvicta Int'l AL   ex HZ‑AAI @ SaudiaTo (Wenela Air Services ZS-IRK)Scrapped    
G-ASZTC‑54D‑DC (DC‑4)10640  26/03/1945MDWInvicta Int'l ALex 9J‑RBL @ AffretairTo (Aéro-Service TN-ABC)Destroyed07/01/1987   
G-ARWKC‑54G‑DO (DC‑4)35936  12/06/1945SMOInvicta Int'l AL  ex N904 @ Alaska ALTo (Transportflug D-ADAD)Scrapped    
G-AOCBViscount 755D92 24/05/1956EGLBInvicta Int'l AL ex VR‑BBL @ Eagle AW BermudaTo (bmi British Midland BMA)Scrapped16/04/1970temp."Victa" titles in 10/68 for London Weekend TV series "The Gold Robbers"  
G-AOCCViscount 755D93 16/06/1956EGLBInvicta Int'l AL ex VR‑BBM @ Eagle AW BermudaTo (bmi British Midland BMA)Scrapped21/04/1969   
G-ANCFBritannia 308F12922 03/01/1958FZOInvicta Int'l AL ex 5Y‑AZP @ African Cargo AWPreserved (Britannia Preservation Trust/Jetstream Club (arrived LPL 7/3/07 and to be re-assembled in British Eagle c/s; earlier dis-assembled at Manston then to Weybridge, Banwel (Avon) 27/3/93, Kemble 1996) at LPL)Preserved at LPL    
G-AWXIViscount 814339 01/12/1958EGLBInvicta Int'l AL leased from bmi British Midland-- Acquisition cancelled(n/a)Destroyed22/01/1970   
G-AXOYVanguard 952727 21/05/1960EGLBInvicta Int'l AL ex TF‑JEJ @ Thor ACTo (EAS Europe Airlines F-BXOH)Scrapped04/1983   
G-AXOYVanguard 952727 21/05/1960EGLBInvicta Int'l ALleased from Air HoldingsTo (EAS Europe Airlines F-BXOH)Scrapped04/1983   
G-AZREVanguard 952729 19/11/1960EGLBInvicta Int'l AL ex CF‑TKF @ Air CanadaTo (EAS Europe Airlines F-BXOF)Scrapped20/10/1987   
G-AZREVanguard 952729 19/11/1960EGLBInvicta Int'l ALleased from Air Holdings(Leased & Returned)Scrapped20/10/1987   
G-AYFNVanguard 952725 25/07/1960EGLBInvicta Int'l ALex SE‑FTK @ Air TraderTo (EAS Europe Airlines F-BXAJ)Scrapped17/07/1979   
G-AXNTVanguard 952737 19/04/1961EGLBInvicta Int'l AL ex CF‑TKN @ Air CanadaTo (EAS Europe Airlines F-BXOO)Scrapped02/1988   
G-AXNTVanguard 952737 19/04/1961EGLBInvicta Int'l ALleased from Air Holdings(Leased & Returned)Scrapped02/1988   
G-AXOOVanguard 952733 19/04/1961EGLBInvicta Int'l ALleased from Air Holdings(Leased & returned)Scrapped04/1976   
G-AXOOVanguard 952733 19/04/1961EGLBInvicta Int'l AL ex PK‑ICC @ Angkasa Civil Air TransportScrapped ((after bulkhead pressure trials by ARB) at MSE)Scrapped at MSE04/1976   
G-BAFKVanguard 952739 30/05/1961EGLBInvicta Int'l AL ex PK‑MVR @ Merpati Nusantara ALTo (EAS Europe Airlines F-BXOG)Scrapped21/12/1979   
G-AXOPVanguard 952745 01/05/1962EGLBInvicta Int'l ALleased from Air Holdings(Leased & returned)Destroyed10/04/1973   
G-AXOPVanguard 952745 01/05/1962EGLBInvicta Int'l AL ex CF‑TKV @ Air CanadaDestroyed (nr Hochwald at BSL)Destroyed at BSL10/04/1973   
G-AZNGVanguard 952744 04/04/1962EGLBInvicta Int'l AL ex PK‑MVC @ Merpati Nusantara ALTo (EAS Europe Airlines F-BVUY)Scrapped11/1985   

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