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Profile for: Irtysh Avia
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Irtysh Avia ITIRTQazaqstanUst-Kamenogorsk/Pavlodar1996-2002
Merged into Air Kazakstan in 2002.

Directory and Contact records for Irtysh Avia
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Irtysh Avia
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SubFleets for: Irtysh Avia
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Irtysh AviaYak-42Yak-42D     88- 
Irtysh AviaYak-40Yak-40 ()  1 178-
Irtysh AviaYak-40Yak-40K     33-
Irtysh AviaYak-40Yak-40K(F)     33-
 TOTAL:  1 12122-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Irtysh Avia
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
UN-87202Yak‑40K9812056562021/03/1978RTWIrtysh Avia ex CCCP‑87202 @ AeroflotTo (Air Kazakhstan Air Kazakhstan)Stored Kazakhstan AL c/s   
UN-87934Yak‑40K9740556560509/01/1978RTWIrtysh Avia ex CCCP‑87934 @ AeroflotTo (Air Kazakhstan Air Kazakhstan)Active    
UN-87909Yak‑40K(F)9731454541410/08/1977RTWIrtysh Avia ex CCCP‑87909 @ AeroflotTo (Air Kazakhstan Air Kazakhstan)Scrapped    
UN-88271Yak‑40K(F)97209535309 RTWIrtysh Avia   ex CCCP‑88271 @ AeroflotTo (Air Kazakhstan Air Kazakhstan)Stored Kazakhstan AL c/s  
UN-88249Yak‑40K9640252520203/02/1977RTWIrtysh Avia  ex CCCP‑88249 @ AeroflotTo (Air Kazakhstan Air Kazakhstan)Stored no titles, later based Angola with Angolan flag  
UN-87213Yak‑40K(F)9641050501019/11/1976RTWIrtysh Avia ex CCCP‑87213 @ AeroflotTo (Air Kazakhstan Air Kazakhstan)Stored    
UN-87491Yak‑40 ()96216474716 RTWIrtysh Avia   ex CCCP‑87491 @ AeroflotTo (Air Kazakhstan Air Kazakhstan)Stored    
UN-88154Yak‑40 ()9610846460823/03/1976RTWIrtysh Avia ex CCCP‑88154 @ AeroflotTo (Air Kazakhstan Air Kazakhstan)Scrapped2008   
UN-87498Yak‑40 ()95401464601 RTWIrtysh Avia   ex CCCP‑87498 @ AeroflotTo (Air Kazakhstan Air Kazakhstan)Preserved Aeroflot c/s  
UN-87492Yak‑40 ()95415454515 RTWIrtysh Avia   ex CCCP‑87492 @ AeroflotTo (Air Kazakhstan Air Kazakhstan)Preserved    
UN-87543Yak‑40 ()9530842420811/08/1975RTWIrtysh Avia leased from Kazair West(Leased & Returned)Stored    
UN-87543Yak‑40 ()9530842420811/08/1975RTWIrtysh Avia  ex CCCP‑87543 @ Aeroflot-- Acquisition cancelled(n/a)Stored    
UN-87501Yak‑40 ()9512039392009/04/1975RTWIrtysh Avia ex CCCP‑87501 @ AeroflotStored ( at PWQ)Stored at PWQ    
UN-87274Yak‑40 ()9311027271003/1973RTWIrtysh Avia ex CCCP‑87274 @ AeroflotTo (Air Kazakhstan Air Kazakhstan)Stored2001   
UN-42342Yak‑42D4520421706302100713/03/1987RTWIrtysh Avia  ex LY‑AAP @ FlyLALTo (Aéro-Service EK-42342)Scrapped2017   
UN-42703Yak‑42D452042411669081404/01/1992RTWIrtysh Avia  ex UN‑42407 @ Ulba AviakompaniaTo (Air Kazakhstan Air Kazakhstan)Stored tail logo only  
UN-42407Yak‑42D452042411669081404/01/1992RTWIrtysh Avia leased from Air Kazakhstan(Leased & Returned)Stored    
UN-42730Yak‑42D452042330701771707/09/1993RTWIrtysh Avialeased from Air Kazakhstan(Leased & Returned)Stored    
UN-42338Yak‑42D452042360625660730/09/1986RTWIrtysh Avia ex LY‑AAN @ FlyLALTo (GST Aero Aircompany GST Aero)Stored    
UN-42373Yak‑42D452042391432311112/10/1989RTWIrtysh Avia ex RA‑42373 @ AirVolgaTo (Khozu-Avia UN-42640)Active    
UN-42721Yak‑42D4520423310017  RTWIrtysh Avia   ex UN‑42448 @ Ulba AviakompaniaTo (Air Kazakhstan Air Kazakhstan)Active    
UN-42712Yak‑42D4520424309017  RTWIrtysh Avia   ex UN‑42447 @ Kazakstan ALTo (Air Kazakhstan Air Kazakhstan)Scrapped2013   

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