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Profile for: Pecotox-Air
1 company in genealogy tree - [ Generate Excel ]

Pecotox-Air  PXAMoldovaChisinau2000-
AOC revoked 21/6/07 but apparently continuing operations. Re-launched in 1/16 as a helicopters operator. Added on EU ban list on 16/4/19 until 25/11/21. 

Directory and Contact records for Pecotox-Air
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Pecotox-Air
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SubFleets for: Pecotox-Air
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Pecotox-AirA300A300-600F     22- 
Pecotox-AirYak-42Yak-42D     22-
Pecotox-AirAn-72An-72 ()     11-
Pecotox-AirAn-72An-72-100     33-
Pecotox-AirAn-74/148An-74TK     11-
Pecotox-AirIl-18Il-18D     11-
Pecotox-AirAn-12An-12A     11-
Pecotox-AirAn-12An-12B     11-
Pecotox-AirAn-12An-12BP     11-
Pecotox-AirAn-32An-32A     11-
Pecotox-AirAn-32An-32B     22-
Pecotox-AirAn-26An-26 ()     33-
Pecotox-AirAn-24An-24RV  4 437-
 TOTAL:  4 42226-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Pecotox-Air
Airframes 1-26 of 26 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
ER-ICBIl‑18D1880106031060317/01/1968MKODNPecotox-Air ex RA‑74296 @ Tretyakovo Air Transport CoTo (Grixona Grixona)Stored    
ER-AZXAn‑24RV47309804980419/09/1974UKKTPecotox-Air ex RA‑46687 @ Astrakhan ALStored ((in SkyLink c/s) at KIV)Stored at KIV    
ER-AZLAn‑24RV47309406940610/07/1974UKKTPecotox-Air ex RA‑46668 @ Kuban ALTo (Daallo Airlines S9-KAS)Destroyed13/01/2009   
ER-AZNAn‑24RV37308801880109/07/1973UKKTPecotox-Air  ex RA‑46624 @ Kuban ALTo (Valan Air Company Valan)Stored    
ER-AZNAn‑24RV37308801880109/07/1973UKKTPecotox-Air ex RA‑46624 @ UTAGEStored ((exported to Sao Tomé) at KIV)Stored at KIV    
ER-AZMAn‑24RV27308007800713/09/1972UKKTPecotox-Air ex RA‑46479 @ Adygheya AviaTo (Yakutia Airlines RA-46479)Active    
ER-AZBAn‑24RV27307507750726/01/1972UKKTPecotox-Air ex RA‑47690 @ Adygheya AviaStored ((in Aéro-Service c/s) at TMS)Stored at TMS no titles  
ER-AZPAn‑24RV17307002700231/05/1971UKKTPecotox-Air ex RA‑47810 @ KolymaAviaStored ( at KIV)Stored at KIV no titles  
ER-AVGAn‑72‑10036572095909141007/1992UKHVPecotox-Air ex ES‑NOH @ EnimexTo (Força Aérea Nacional Angolana D2-MBX)Active no titles  
ER-AULAn‑74TK‑10036547095905140713/05/1992UKHVPecotox-Air ex YL‑RAF @ RAF-AviaTo (Cavok Air UR-CKC)Destroyed29/07/2017   
ER-AVDAn‑72‑1003657208078680731/05/1989UKHVPecotox-Air ex ES‑NOG @ EnimexTo (Força Aérea Nacional Angolana D2-MBS)Active no titles  
ER-AVEAn‑72‑1003657208078080428/07/1989UKHVPecotox-Air ex ES‑NOK @ EnimexTo (Força Aérea Nacional Angolana D2-MBW)Active no titles  
ER-YCEYak‑42D45204242070187182003RTWPecotox-Air ex 9L‑LDP @ AeroliftTo (Fars Air Qeshm EP-QFA)Damaged    
ER-AFZAn‑72 ()3657207069870928/12/1988UKHVPecotox-Air ex Moldova 72933 @ Moldovan AFTo (Aerom Aerom)Active no titles  
ER-YCFYak‑42D4520423403019  RTWPecotox-Air ex 9L‑LDS @ AeroliftTo (Fars Air Qeshm EP-QFB)Stored    
ER-AXMAn‑12A2340806 30/12/1962 Pecotox-Airex LZ‑SFN @ Air SofiaTo (Air Sofia LZ-SFN)Active    
ER-AXDAn‑12B9346602 03/10/1969 Pecotox-Air ex EX‑12960 @ Inter Transavia CargoDestroyed ((wreck remains) at ASM)Destroyed at ASM11/05/2003no titles  
ER-AXGAn‑12BK347407 1970 Pecotox-Air leased from Tiramavia(Leased & Returned)Stored    
ER-AWVAn‑26 ()4104 21/07/1976UKKTPecotox-Air ex D2‑FDA @ Private users in AngolaTo (TRAST Aero Atlantic S9-KAV)Stored no titles, red tiger c/s  
ER-AZAAn‑26 ()5509 19/08/1977UKKTPecotox-Air ex RA‑26227 @ Rzhevka Air EnterpriseTo (Air Glona EK-26227)Stored    
ER-AZVAn‑26 ()13306 30/11/1983UKKTPecotox-Airex YR‑ADI @ RomaviaTo (Budapest Aircraft Service HA-TCZ)Active no titles  
ER-AWYAn‑32A2103 31/07/1989UKKTPecotox-Air ex RA‑48972 @ UMPOTo (Grodno Aviakompania EW-262TK)Stored no titles  
ER-JILA300B4‑605R(F)626 03/12/1991TLSPecotox-Airex A6‑JIL @ Unique AirTo (AeroUnion XA-LPL)Stored15/06/2009 
ER-AZIAn‑32B2805 29/05/1992UKKTPecotox-Air ex UR‑48055 @ Trans-Kiev ALTo ? (El Magal Aviation Services ST-GSM)Stored no titles  
ER-JIMA300B4‑605R(F)643 09/06/1992TLSPecotox-Airex A6‑JIM @ Unique AirTo (AeroUnion XA-UYR)Active01/04/2009no titles
ER-AWLAn‑32B3110 21/09/1992UKKTPecotox-Air ex S9‑GRJ @ Express Int'l Cargo CorpTo (Air Taxi Sudan ST-TKO)Active    

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