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Profile for: Civil
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Civil   Angola  

Directory and Contact records for Civil
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Civil
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SubFleets for: Civil
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all times
Avg Age
Private users in AngolaYak-40Yak-40     11- 
Private users in AngolaC-130L.100-30     11-
Private users in AngolaAn-12An-12B     22-
Private users in AngolaAn-12An-12BP1   145-
Private users in AngolaATR-42ATR-42-300     11-
Private users in AngolaAn-32An-32A     11-
Private users in AngolaAn-32An-32B     11-
Private users in AngolaAn-26An-26 ()     55-
Private users in AngolaAn-24An-24     11-
Private users in AngolaAn-24An-24 ()     11-
 TOTAL:1   11819-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Civil
Airframes 1-19 of 19 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
D2-FBQAn‑24     UKKTPrivate users in Angola   ex Aeroflot @ AeroflotUnknown ()Disposed       
D2-FEBYak‑40     RTWPrivate users in Angola  ex? (Current, Active)Presumed Active      
D2-FEHAn‑24 ()   UKKTPrivate users in Angola  ex? Scrapped ( at LBV)Scrapped at LBV      
D2-FBXAn‑26 ()   UKKTPrivate users in Angola   ex? (Current, Active)Presumed Active      
D2-FBFAn‑26 ()   UKKTPrivate users in Angola   ex? (Current, Active)Presumed Active owner read Air A.. A..    
D2-FBLAn‑26 ()   UKKTPrivate users in Angola   ex? (Current, Active)Presumed Active Aeroflot c/s, no titles    
D2-An‑12BP3341405 08/1963 Private users in Angola ex ER‑ACT @ Private users in MoldovaDestroyed ? ( in [ AO ])Destroyed in [ AO ]      
D2-FRCAn‑12BP3341506 10/1963 Private users in Angola  ex RA‑11338 @ Penza Air EnterpriseTo (KM Airlines 9U-BHN)Destroyed06/07/2006     
D2-FBKAn‑12BP402210 01/1964 Air Mapeko ex RA‑83962 @ Moskovia ALDestroyed (enroute Nzaji-Luanda (missing, also suspected hijacking by diamond smugglers and could have been used until 2004) in [ AO ])Destroyed in [ AO ]26/10/1998no titles    
D2-FRKAn‑12B6344202 15/07/1966 Private users in Angola ex RA‑11019 @ Ural ALDestroyed ((wreck remains) at LBZ)Destroyed at LBZ      
D2-FRIAn‑12BP7345210 1967 Private users in Angola  ex Belarus 10 @ Belarus AF(Current, Active)Active CofA expired in 1997    
D2-FCTAn‑12BP9346504 15/08/1969 Private users in Angola ex TN‑AGK @ Trans Air CongoTo (Civil ER-ACG)Destroyed04/01/2010     
D2-An‑12B2348103 10/02/1972 Private users in Angola ex CCCP‑11121 @ AeroflotDestroyed ((shot-down) at LUO)Destroyed at LUO26/04/1993     
D2-FDAAn‑26 ()4104 21/07/1976UKKTPrivate users in Angola ex RA‑26574 @ Magadan ALTo (Cirus Aero ER-AWV)Stored      
D2-FBRAn‑26 ()7206 27/10/1978UKKTPrivate users in Angola ex RA‑26525 @ Magnitogorsk Air EnterpriseDestroyed (enroute Luanda-Cafunfo (missing) in [ AO ])Destroyed in [ AO ]07/01/2000     
D2-EHDL.100‑304839 03/1980MGEDiamang; Endiama  ex N3847Z @ Lockheed MartinDestroyed (nr Bailundo (shot-down, lst Transafrik/opf UNO) at NOV)Destroyed at NOV02/01/1999     
D2-FENAn‑32A1410 18/01/1988UKKTPrivate users in Angola ex T‑257 @ Força Aérea Nacional AngolanaTo (Força Aérea Nacional Angolana T-257)Active      
D2-FDPAn‑32B1810 19/09/1989UKKTPrivate users in Angola ex ER‑AEI @ Renan AirDestroyed ? ( at CFF)Destroyed at CFF      
D2-ATR‑42‑320259 14/11/1991TLSPrivate users in Angola  ex F‑WWEP -- Acquisition cancelled(n/a)Destroyed08/05/2008     

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Current portfolios for Civil
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Additional information on Civil
New aircraft orders from Civil
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Safety accidents and incidents events for Civil
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