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Profile for: RAF-Avia
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RAF-Avia MTMTLLatviaRiga1990-
Formed 31/10/90 by Jelgava minibus factory RAF to supply minibus assembly parts from plants within the former USSR. Organized as a joint-stock company in 12/94 (with state participation until 11/99). 

Directory and Contact records for RAF-Avia
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Traffic and Financial data overview for RAF-Avia
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SubFleets for: RAF-Avia
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
RAF-AviaAn-74/148An-74TK     22- 
RAF-AviaATR-72ATR-72-200 (F)1   1 125.1 years
RAF-AviaATR-72ATR-72-500 (ATR-72-212A)1   1 125.4 years
RAF-AviaATR-42ATR-42-300 (F)     11-
RAF-AviaAn-26An-26 ()     44-
RAF-AviaAn-26An-26B     66-
 TOTAL:2   2131525.3 years
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of RAF-Avia
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Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
YL-RAFAn‑74TK‑10036547095905140713/05/1992UKHVRAF-Avia ex RA‑74025 @ AviacorTo (Cabi Air Company UR-CAE)Destroyed29/07/2017      
YL-RAFAn‑74TK‑10036547095905140713/05/1992UKHVRAF-Avia ex UR‑CAE @ Cabi Air CoTo (Cavok Air ER-AUL)Destroyed29/07/2017Eurovision/Angelica Agurbash c/s 4/05 only  
CCCP-29107An‑26 ()6210 03/1978UKKTRAF-Avia ex TY‑AAI @ Forces A√©riennes du B√©ninTo (RAF-Avia YL-RAA)Ultimate fate obscure      
YL-RAAAn‑26 ()6210 03/1978UKKTRAF-Avia ex CCCP‑29107 @ AeroflotTo (Air West EL-WAQ)Ultimate fate obscure later opf DHL    
YL-RAAAn‑26B11206 1981UKKTRAF-Avia ex RA‑26064 @ OmskaviaTo (Air Urga UR-ESD)Stored     
YL-RABAn‑26 ()1701 1973UKKTRAF-Avia ex CCCP‑26009 @ AeroflotTo (FlyCAA 9Q-CIB)Derelict opf DHL    
YL-RACRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
YL-RABAn‑26B10508 17/12/1980UKKTRAF-Avia ex RA‑26032 @ Kurgan Air EnterpriseTo (Valan Air Company ER-AVZ)Active     
YL-RADAn‑26B13909 30/01/1985UKKTRAF-Avia ex RA‑26589 @ TomskaviaTo (Eleron Aviation Company UR-CTH)Stored     
YL-RAJAn‑26B13905 28/12/1984UKKTRAF-Avia ex UR‑DWA @ Aero-Charter UkraineTo (Bright Flight LZ-ABR)Stored     
YL-RAEAn‑26B14004 26/02/1985UKKTRAF-Avia ex RA‑26200 @ AeroflotTo (RAF-Avia YL-RAE)Active     
YL-RAJATR‑42‑300QC317 12/08/1992TLSRAF-Aviaex 2‑WFBA @ Airtrails LeasingTo (Zimex Aviation HB-AMB)Active     
YL-RAKATR‑72‑500(LCD) (ATR‑72‑212A)499 05/06/1997TLSRAF-Avia  ex F‑GVZU @ Airlinair(Current, Active)Active converted ATR-72-500 at MGL 13/4/18-12/19   
YL-RAIATR‑72‑202(F)493 27/08/1996TLSRAF-Avia  ex EC‑GRU @ Canary Fly(Current, Active)Active converted ATR-72-202 by Binter Technic 8/16-6/17; 30-year c/s from 11/20   
YL-RAIAn‑26B9608 29/05/1980UKKTRAF-Avia ex UR‑DWD @ Aero-Charter UkraineTo (Rose Air LZ-ABJ)Active     

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Current portfolios for RAF-Avia
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Additional information on RAF-Avia
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Safety accidents and incidents events for RAF-Avia
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