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Profile for: Scorpion Air
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Scorpion AirSkorpion Air SPNBulgariaSofia1990-2007
Formed by Scorpions Company. Restricted to non-EU operations by Bulgarian government in 1/07; AOC revoked 20/6/07 for commercial transport work (still authorized as flight school). Renamed Air Scorpio.

Directory and Contact records for Scorpion Air
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Scorpion Air
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SubFleets for: Scorpion Air
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Scorpion AirTu-154Tu-154B     11- 
Scorpion AirAn-74/148An-74 ()     11-
Scorpion AirAn-12An-12 ()     11-
Scorpion AirAn-12An-12A     11-
Scorpion AirAn-12An-12B     11-
Scorpion AirAn-12An-12BP     44-
Scorpion AirAn-32An-32B     22-
Scorpion AirAn-26An-26 ()     77-
Scorpion AirAn-24An-24B     33-
Scorpion AirAn-24An-24RV     11-
 TOTAL:     2222-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Scorpion Air
Airframes 1-22 of 22 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
LZ-MNEAn‑24RV37308605860511/05/1973UKKTScorpion Airex UR‑46608 @ State Flight Academy of UkraineTo (State Flight Academy of Ukraine UR-46608)Stored no titles   
LZ-MNIAn‑24B730581058101970UKKTScorpion Air ex Bulgaria 040 @ Bulgarian AFTo (Bulgarian Air Force Bulgaria 040)Scrapped31/08/2007no titles  
LZ-MNDAn‑24B97305307530731/05/1969UKKTScorpion Airex UR‑46311 @ State Flight Academy of UkraineTo (State Flight Academy of Ukraine UR-46311)Derelict23/07/2013   
LZ-MNFRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
LZ-MNMAn‑74 ()36547098946170311/03/1994UKHVScorpion Air ex UR‑74053 @ Ukraine Air AllianceTo (Khoriv-Avia UR-BYH)Active no titles  
LZ-MNNAn‑12P901409 12/1960 Scorpion Air ex UR‑11322 @ Antonov Design BureauScrapped ( at SOF)Scrapped at SOF14/09/2011   
LZ-MNQAn‑12BP3341402 08/1963 Scorpion Air ex Russia 70 @ Russian NavyTo (Transaviaservice 4L-PAS)Scrapped06/2016   
RA-11318An‑12 ()401908 1964 Scorpion Air wet-leased/franchised from Moscow AW(Leased & Returned)Destroyed27/12/1998   
LZ-MNPAn‑12BK8345710 1968 Scorpion Air ex UR‑CBH @ Aerovis ALTo (Aero-Charter Ukraine UR-DWG)Scrapped11/01/2013   
LZ-MNKAn‑12BK8345802 1968 Scorpion Air ex Ukraine 53 @ Ukraine AFTo (Aero-Charter Ukraine UR-DWF)Destroyed30/08/2014no titles  
LZ-MNPAn‑12BK9346309 1969 Scorpion Air  ex CCCP‑12113 @ Aeroflot-- Acquisition cancelled(n/a)Derelict    
LZ-VEBAn‑12B1347701 29/01/1971 Scorpion Air leased from Cargo Air(Leased & Returned)Destroyed17/07/2022   
LZ-MNLAn‑26 ()1309 23/08/1972UKKTScorpion Air ex UR‑26233 @ Air UkraineTo (Podillia-Avia UR-26233)Derelict11/01/2013no titles  
LZ-MNSAn‑26 ()2203 1974UKKTScorpion Air ex Hungary 203 @ Hungarian AFTo (Solenta Aviation Gabon TR-LID)Ultimate fate obscure no titles  
LZ-MNTAn‑26 ()2209 1974UKKTScorpion Air ex Hungary 209 @ Hungarian AFTo (Solenta Aviation Gabon TR-LIN)Stored no titles  
LZ-MNOAn‑26 ()5806 1977UKKTScorpion Airex UR‑26199 @ Podillia-AviaTo (Podillia-Avia UR-26199)Active20/07/2010no titles  
UN-85777Tu‑154B‑2262 03/1978UWWGScorpion Air leased from Yuzhnaya Aircompany(Leased & Returned)Scrapped2005   
LZ-MNHAn‑26 ()6407 1978UKKTScorpion Air ex UR‑26504 @ DniproaviaTo (Air West Georgia 4L-BKA)Destroyed2012opf DHL then FexEx/TNT 4/05  
LZ-MNRAn‑26 ()7504 23/12/1978UKKTScorpion Air ex LZ‑NHC @ Air NoveTo (Solenta Aviation Gabon TR-LII)Destroyed06/06/2011no titles  
LZ-CBAAn‑26 ()8007 1979UKKTScorpion Air ex ER‑AFF @ Private users in MoldovaTo (Solenta Aviation Gabon TR-LIE)Stored no titles  
LZ-PVNAn‑32B3006 31/03/1992UKKTScorpion Airex CCCP‑48069 @ AeroflotTo (Aviaci√≥n de la Armada de Mexico MT-319)Active    
LZ-PVMAn‑32B3005 21/07/1992UKKTScorpion Air ex CCCP‑48068 @ AeroflotTo (Aviaci√≥n de la Armada de Mexico MT-318)Stored opf TKM Hamburg-Sofia  

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