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Profile for: Transglobe Airways
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Transglobe Airways   United KingdomLondon-Gatwick1966-1969
Air Links   United KingdomLondon-Gatwick1958-1966
Renamed 14/3/66 to Transglobe Airways.

Directory and Contact records for Transglobe Airways
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Transglobe Airways
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SubFleets for: Transglobe Airways
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Transglobe AWCL-44CL-44-D4     88- 
Transglobe AWBritannia (Bristol 175)Britannia 300     44-
Transglobe AWCL-2/CL-4/CL-5CL-4     66-
Transglobe AWHermesHermes 4     11-
Transglobe AWHermesHermes 5     11-
Transglobe AWDC-3C-47A     22-
Transglobe AWDC-3C-47B     11-
 TOTAL:     2323-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Transglobe Airways
Airframes 1-23 of 23 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
G-APUCC‑47A‑DK12893   OKCTransglobe AW   ex EI‑ACH @ Aer LingusTo (Tyne Tees Airways Tyne Tees)Scrapped       
G-ANCHBritannia 30912924 19/02/1960FZOTransglobe AW   ex 9G‑AAG @ Ghana AWTo (British Eagle International Airlines British Eagle)Scrapped08/1973     
G-ATGDBritannia 31413393 11/01/1958FZOTransglobe AW   ex CF‑CZA @ Canadian AL Int'l / Lignes A√©riennes Canadien Int'lTo (African Safari Airways 5X-UVT)Scrapped12/1971     
G-ATLEBritannia 31413395 13/05/1958FZOTransglobe AW  ex CF‑CZC @ Canadian AL Int'l / Lignes A√©riennes Canadien Int'lScrapped ((fire trainer) at LGW)Scrapped at LGW03/1984     
G-AMKEC‑47B‑DK25928   OKCTransglobe AW   ex KJ897 @ RAFTo (Rhodesian Air Services VP-YUU)Destroyed1969     
G-AMGDC‑47A‑DL9628  01/06/1943LGBTransglobe AWex G‑AJXL @ BEATo (Skyways International Skyways Coach Air)Preserved      
G-ALHCC‑4 Argonaut (CL‑4/DC‑4)145 06/03/1949YCVTransglobe AW ex Rhodesia 601‑N @ AF of ZimbabweScrapped ( at KRH)Scrapped at KRH02/08/1965     
G-ALHHC‑4 Argonaut (CL‑4/DC‑4)154 15/07/1949YCVTransglobe AW ex Rhodesia 602‑O @ AF of ZimbabweScrapped ( at KRH)Scrapped at KRH02/08/1965     
G-ALHIC‑4 Argonaut (CL‑4/DC‑4)155 21/07/1949YCVTransglobe AW ex Rhodesia 603‑P @ AF of ZimbabweScrapped ((fire trainer) at STN)Scrapped at STN20/01/1966     
G-ALHMC‑4 Argonaut (CL‑4/DC‑4)159 15/08/1949YCVTransglobe AW ex VP‑KOJ @ East African AWScrapped ( at CDD)Scrapped at CDD09/03/1966     
G-ALHTC‑4 Argonaut (CL‑4/DC‑4)165 28/09/1949YCVTransglobe AW ex OY‑AAH @ Flying EnterpriseScrapped ( at KRH)Scrapped at KRH09/1965     
G-ALHWC‑4 Argonaut (CL‑4/DC‑4)168 18/10/1949YCVTransglobe AW  ex Rhodesia 600‑M @ AF of ZimbabweScrapped ( at CDD)Scrapped at CDD11/03/1966     
G-ALDLHermes 4A13  09/02/1951EGTLTransglobe AW  Scrapped ( at SEN)Scrapped at SEN08/1962     
G-ALDAHermes 52  17/08/1949EGTLTransglobe AW ex WZ838 @ RAFScrapped ( at LGW)Scrapped at LGW13/12/1964     
G-ANCCBritannia 30212919 24/07/1957FZOTransglobe AW   ex XA‑MED @ AeroM√©xicoScrapped ((IAS) at BQH)Scrapped at BQH      
G-ATZHCL‑44‑D4‑221 17/05/1961YCVTransglobe AWex N452T @ Flying TigersTo (Flying Tigers N452T)Destroyed02/09/1977     
G-AWDKCL‑44‑D4‑123 24/06/1961YCVTransglobe AWex N125SW @ Seaboard World ALTo (Seaboard World Airlines N125SW)Derelict1998     
G-AWUDCL‑44‑D4‑114 13/03/1961YCVTransglobe AW ex N124SW @ Flying TigersTo (Seaboard World Airlines N124SW)Destroyed19/01/1982     
G-ATZICL‑44‑D4‑225 11/07/1961YCVTransglobe AW ex N455T @ Flying Tigers-- Acquisition cancelled(n/a)Destroyed17/02/2002     
G-AWSCCL‑44‑D4‑126 31/08/1961YCVTransglobe AW ex N126SW @ Flying Tigers-- Acquisition cancelled(n/a)Destroyed22/12/1974     
G-AWGSCL‑44‑D4‑127 20/11/1961YCVTransglobe AWex N127SW @ Seaboard World ALTo (Seaboard World Airlines N127SW)Scrapped04/1990     
G-AWGTCL‑44‑D4‑130 07/03/1962YCVTransglobe AWex N123SW @ Seaboard World ALTo (Tradewinds Airways Tradewinds)Destroyed04/11/1980     
G-AWOVCL‑44‑D4‑132 20/06/1962YCVTransglobe AWex N229SW @ Flying TigersTo (Seaboard World Airlines N229SW)Scrapped      

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Current portfolios for Transglobe Airways
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Safety accidents and incidents events for Transglobe Airways
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