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Profile for: Veteran Airline
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Veteran AirlineVeteran Avia RVT;VTFArmeniaYerevan-Zvartnots2002-2014
Formed by Armenian (52%) and Russian (48%) investors.

Directory and Contact records for Veteran Airline
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Traffic and Financial data overview for Veteran Airline
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SubFleets for: Veteran Airline
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
Veteran AirlineB.747B.747-200F(SCD)     33- 
Veteran AirlineIl-76Il-76TD     55-
Veteran AirlineAn-72An-72 ()     11-
Veteran AirlineAn-12An-12B     11-
Veteran AirlineAn-12An-12BP     22-
Veteran AirlineAn-32An-32B     11-
Veteran AirlineAn-24An-24RV     11-
 TOTAL:     1414-
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of Veteran Airline
Airframes 1-14 of 14 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
EK-76381Il‑76TD103341859690091993UTTPVeteran Airline ex ST‑ATI @ Tarco AvnTo (Tarco Aviation Tarco Air/Aero Space)Active     
EK-76401Il‑76TD102341239985101992UTTPVeteran Airline ex RA‑76401 @ Moscow AirlineTo (Grixona ER-IAK)Active no titles  
EK-46513An‑24RV3730840984091973UKKTVeteran Airline ex UR‑46513 @ Air UkraineTo (South Airlines South AL)Derelict no titles  
UR-CMCIl‑76TD1013407230810830/07/1991UTTPVeteran Airlineex ER‑IAL @ GrixonaTo (Europe Air Europe Air)Destroyed26/07/2019  
EK-76812Il‑76TD1013407230810830/07/1991UTTPVeteran Airlineex ST‑MGD @ El Magal Avn SvcsTo (Grixona ER-IAL)Destroyed26/07/2019no titles  
EK-76783Il‑76TD93498974750428/02/1990UTTPVeteran Airline ex RA‑76783 @ Moscow AirlineTo (Europe Air UR-COE)Active no titles  
EK-74799B.747‑281F(SCD)2439975026/07/1989PAEVeteran Airlineex N281RF @ Tiger A/c TradingTo (TAE Avia EW-445TQ)Stored21/01/2020 
EK-74723B.747‑281F(SCD)2381368330/06/1987PAEVeteran Airlineex N283RF @ Tiger A/c TradingTo (Rayyan Air AP-BKS)Active  
EK-74798B.747‑281F(SCD)2369866713/12/1986PAEVeteran Airlineex N288RF @ Tiger A/c TradingDestroyed ((lst Saudia) at ABV)Destroyed at ABV04/12/2013 
EK-72102An‑72 ()3657206064060627/08/1988UKHVVeteran Airline leased from Air Armenia(Leased & Returned)Active20/07/2010no titles  
EK-11660An‑12BP5343209 1965 Veteran Airline ex RA‑11660 @ VTATo (Miapet Avia Miapet Avia)Destroyed25/01/2008   
EK-11028An‑12BK7345310 1967 Veteran Airline ex Russia 29 @ Russian AFTo (Azza Transport Company ST-ARV)Destroyed    
EK-11029An‑12B7344908 02/06/1967 Veteran Airlineex RA‑11029 @ Samara ALTo (Air Highnesses EK-12908)Stored no titles  
EK-48026An‑32B3209 19/06/1995UKKTVeteran Airline  To (Sudan Police Air Wing ST-PAW)Active no titles  

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Current portfolios for Veteran Airline
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Additional information on Veteran Airline
New aircraft orders from Veteran Airline
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Safety accidents and incidents events for Veteran Airline
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