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Profile for: ABX Air
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ABX Air GBABXUSA.OhioWilmington2003-
Purchase offer received in 6/07 from AStar Air Cargo for $455m, rejected 24/7/07 and withdrawn. Received strong recommandation from Red Mountain Capital Partners (its second largest shareholder) in 10/07 to negociate a take-over by AStar. Parent company ABX Holdings renamed in 5/08 to Air Transport Services Group. Expected to shrink operations substantiallyfollowing DHL's decision to discontinue US domestic operations (announced 11/11/08, effective 1/09).
Airborne ExpressABX AirGBABXUSA.OhioWilmington1980-2003
Parent company Airborne Freight Corporation renamed ABX Air in 1989, Airborne in 2000. Acquired in 2003 by DHL and split with ground operations transferred to DHL and air operations operated by ABX Air.
Midwest Air CharterMidwest Air ExpressAE USA.OhioWilmington,OH1978-1980
Acquired 1980 by Airborne Freight Corp.

Directory and Contact records for ABX Air
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Traffic and Financial data overview for ABX Air
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SubFleets for: ABX Air
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  Fleet Timeline
all times
Avg Age
ABX AirB.767B.767-200     44- 
ABX AirB.767B.767-200(ER)     66-
ABX AirB.767B.767-200(ER/F)     11-
ABX AirB.767B.767-200(F)841 13294237.7 years
ABX AirB.767B.767-300(ER/F)8   831130.7 years
ABX AirDC-8DC-8-50     11-
ABX AirDC-8DC-8-60     3939-
ABX AirDC-9DC-9-10     44-
ABX AirDC-9DC-9-30     4444-
ABX AirDC-9DC-9-40     3030-
ABX AirCaravelleCaravelle 6R     66-
ABX AirYS-11YS-11A-200     1212-
ABX AirYS-11YS-11A-500     11-
ABX AirCV-240CV-600 Series     33-
 TOTAL:1641 2118320434.2 years
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All-times Fleets of ABX Air
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Airframes Profile for: Fleet list of ABX Air (current & planned only)
Airframes 1-18 of 18 - [ Generate Excel ]

Reg'nTypeMSNs/nEnginesMTOW Config BuiltatOperatorInOutOwnersOriginBecameStatusTerminedRemarksTTTCSelcalHex
N371CMRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers 
N372CMB.767‑338(ER/BDSF)2557545121/08/1992PAEABX Air ex (Current, Active)Active no titles  
N928AXDC‑9‑324739244702/01/1969LGBABX Air ex YU‑AJB @ Adria AWStored ( at ROW)Stored at ROW2009 
N226CYB.767‑383(ER/BDSF)2654441215/01/1992PAEABX Air ex EC‑LKI @ Cygnus Air(Current, Active)Active    
N220CYB.767‑383(ER/BDSF)2472935825/02/1991PAEABX Air ex EC‑LKV @ Cygnus Air(Current, Active)Active opf DHL  
N364CMB.767‑338(ER/BDSF)2453127815/08/1989PAEABX Air ex VH‑OGE @ Australia Asia AL(Current, Active)Active no titles  
N219CYRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
N317CMB.767‑338(ER/BDSF)2431724610/11/1988PAEABX Air ex VH‑OGC @ Qantas(Current, Active)Active    
N362CMB.767‑338(ER/BDSF)2431624210/10/1988PAEABX Air ex VH‑OGB @ Fiji AW(Current, Active)Active     
N752AXB.767‑281(BDSF)2343417114/04/1987PAEABX Airex A9C‑DHK @ DHL Int'l Avn MEStored ( at ILN)Stored at ILN opf DHL until 3/19
N797AXB.767‑281(BDSF)2314712330/10/1985PAEABX Air ex JA8245 @ ANA(Current, Active)Active converted B.767-281 by IAI Tel Aviv 7/04, then opf DHL
N312AAB.767‑223(BDSF)223159422/05/1984PAEABX Air ex C‑GCJO @ CargoJet AW(Current, Active)Active    
N783AXB.767‑281(BDSF)230168011/01/1984PAEABX Air ex JA8485 @ ANA(Current, Active)Active converted B.767-281 by IAI Tel Aviv 22/2-18/6/10 then opf DHL
N651GTRecently updated, data embargoed for non-subscribers
N768AXB.767‑231(BDSF)227865429/04/1983PAEABX Air ex JA8480 @ ANA(Current, Active)Active converted B.767-281 by IAI Tel Aviv 6/12/10-7/5/11 then opf DHL; retro c/s 9/20
N744AXB.767‑232(BDSF)222215323/04/1983PAEABX Air ex N109DL @ Delta AL(Current, Active)Active converted B.767-232 by IAI Tel Aviv 8/06  
N767AXB.767‑231(BDSF)227855107/04/1983PAEABX Air ex JA8479 @ ANA(Current, Active)Active DHL c/s 3/06-5/11; converted B.767-281 by IAI Tel Aviv 16/5-9/11/11
N740AXB.767‑232(BDSF)22213619/02/1982PAEABX Airex N101DA @ Delta AL(Current, Active)Active converted B.767-232 by IAI Tel Aviv 6/06  

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Current portfolios for ABX Air
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Additional information on ABX Air
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Safety accidents and incidents events for ABX Air
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